MS Cup: Great game against Los Svaerke

When you talk about the best of MS Cup you have to talk about Los Svaerke Logos il tempo gigante. Los Svaerke has a fine MSC record and have proven many times in the Danish Cup, that they are a team made for good cup runs. The first meeting between the two teams was believed to be one of the toughest games in the history of MS Odense and after the first 30 minutes of play Odense was on the way to the biggest defeat of all time.

MS Odense was 5-1 down after 29 minutes of play on Gladiators Ultimatum, and there were nothing the guests could do about – Every fan on the stadium all most felt sorry for the young MS Odense keeper Dilberović. He was overpowered by the furious and endless attacks from the powerful home team. Only fine play between Overskov and Papon was the only positive thing from Odense at that time of the match, but from there and on it went much better. After the break Overskov scored the only goal and Dilberović made a world class save and things like this made the game look pretty good after 90 minutes of play.

“We played a pretty fine game and maybe the result was a bit unfair on us after we have seen the stats after the match” Manager MS-Hojris told the press after the match. “I think we showed that we are on the way to something bigger and better than we are used to. Next week we will play to defend our third spot in the group and playing at home we have a fine chance to do it and end our best MS Cup run ever with another fine result”. MS Odense has no chance to make it to the semifinals now, but have one last match to play “Baggio vs. Vorgaard” is one week away. Plans on MS Odense re-entering The Golden League is underway too and the club is expected to make their return in 2 weeks time. MS Odense and FCOB Kamenice is in talks about a clash, but they haven’t come to an agreement yet. The talk between the two clubs will continue in the weeks to come.


Los Svaerke – MS Odense

    1 – 0 Christoffer Lagesen 11′
    2 – 0 Christoffer Lagesen 23′
    3 – 0 Stephan Barthelmes 26′
    4 – 0 Maik Borndiek 27′
    4 – 1 Yann Papon 28′
    5 – 1 Aksel Kaiser 29′
    5 – 2 Flemming Overskov 53′

MSO starting XI:


Skytte, Ivarsson, Lamhauge, Kristensen
Papon, Mpatistas, Boelhouwer, Zamarromalo, Overskov