The headline is kind of wild cause this is a post about the kits and logos of MS Odense since the club was founded on march 31th 2008 and just like my manager skills, just faster, the shirts and pins has developed trough the years. The name changing from FC Stjernestøv (FC Stardust) to Stardust Football Club 2008, to AC SunTop and then MS Odense, over 12 seasons, has allowed me to play with logos and kits, with out being very good at it. Anyway it is a fun part of the game for me and it is a important part in my try to make my club and players come alive.

I always enjoyed working with logos and kits. It’s the personality of MS Odense and without it the club wouldn’t be. I have also always thought that if you can make it, make something else – Meaning that when my designing skills can’t make what i want i have to find something totally different and therefore my kits and logos was very colorful so they could stand out from the rest, than they have been nice, great etc. Most of my kits and logos only last a season because of achievements and / or the ideas and designs is coming closer and closer to what i had in mind when the team was founded.

I’m a huge fan of the, real life, top club in Odense – Odense Boldklub and most of the time my colors has been white and blue just like theirs and also fan pictures and stadium pictures i have used on this blog id from the local stadium in Odense, Tre-For Park. My new kits and logo, for season 48, is of course inspired by Odense Boldklub and I’m very satisfeid with the logo witch is close to the real one, but still MS Odense.

I have not reached the White and blue kits, with vertical stripes, of Odense Boldklub and MS Odense yet. They simply haven’t been “good enough” so far, but from the beginning of my time in HT, it has been mostly white/blue or white/green and like in the away kit from season 42 i have been experimenting with red/black or red/yellow in short time periods. I think that the new kit looks fine and the kits are still improving – Maybe i will reach my goal next season. Two things that is very important with mykits is the player name and the commercials. The last thing is hard to make but Tuborg, a danish beer made by Carlsberg, and Volvo has been on the kits earlier. This coming season the spot is taking by HU-Press witch i have a lot of fun making, so it feels only natural. The players who has been on the kits is some of the best homegrown players, bought talents or the best of the best when it comes to players in MS Odense. Own talents like Bogh, Byskov, Ørbæk and Shua ahs had their names on them, Pateulia and of course Paolo Baggio. Also plaers like the former captain and top-scorer Silander, Abu-Aziz and Hymovic has had their names on there and now the time has come to keep remembering Dimosthenis Mpatistas, who is the best midfielder in MS Odense ever, even though Bonsignore get a lot more attention on this blog. The need of good striker is known to everyone and it the name on the new away kit is Jelko Indihar, one of the best strikers in the club ever, and with his skills by far the youngest (only 24).

I haven’t saved much of my logos from the past and it irritates me a bit, but my goal to make something close to Odense Boldklub’s and still show something of MS Odense too is getting nearer and I’m , as said earlier, very satisfied with the new logo. It looks a like, is classic and still has a lot of MS Odense in it, also if not looking at the text. I can’t remember when i used each logo and there has been a lot more of them, but i think it is obvious to see that when you get the programs to make things the standard is totally different.