The Truth Will Set You Free

“Mr. Essenn must be in serious trouble and might need medical treatment or else he must have been misquoted” was the first respond from Odense manager Mr. Hojris after a the announcement from Pig Hunters man in charge, Mr. Essenn. The manager of tomorrows visitors at MS Park has been talking trash and is obviously trying to hide the fact that his team has no chance of getting points in Odense tomorrow.

“I thought he was a man and that we had found a good and compatible opponent tomorrow, but just like their youth coach, their manager try to hide behind fine words about training and talk about trash about our dreams and then they go hide again. The truth will set you free mate and all the other stuff just makes me laugh. You don’t believe in us taking the title, then come do something about it” Mr. Hojris said earlier this morning.

Unlike Odense, Pig Hunter lost the energy last season and failed to take the championship in Oceania’s V.95 as they slipped and lost to Rosemeadow Royals, who has moved on to greater challenges just like Odense and Mr. Hojris thinks that Mr. Essenn and his club is much troubled by that. “They are still stocked in the same treadmill and we, like many other great teams has moved towards betetr competition and exiting games each week. We are a top contender in Denmark’s V.245 and i think they can’t stand that we backup our word of confidence with good results. Looking at their league and results this season…. come on! They beat MIASG and Road-Kill for the 32. season in a row and still not going nowhere but that is obviously a huge accomplishment for them but we look at it with different eyes. Come tomorrow Mr. Essenn and try to challenges us if you can or even care. The truth will set you free mate. Face the facts – Your team will be defeated no matter what you do”.

Comments about Odense comparing Wednesday’s game to the youth encounter between the two clubs is just another sign of the Aussies lack of confidence if you ask Mr. Hojris. “Peak-a-boo, where are they this season? Running away hiding and talk about coming back to take us down. Trash talk nothing else and i want to send a message to Mr. Essenn and his team. One i hope they can understand…. Points takes you to the top and if you wants some try to come get some!”. was the final words from a very irritated manager in Odense.