Psycho: Bite Me

The last few days the Golden League has been filled with big mouths and dreams. Many of the 30+ teams managers has proclaimed that they will win the Golden Leagues season 3 or beat the hell out of MS Odense. Sami ‘Psycho’ Arsal have a wish for the future opponents of MS Odense and any other team in group A – That they all will show that they can act as well as they can talk.

“Boy have many managers been loud lately. Everybody wants to win the Golden League. Everybody wants to beat the teams in group A. Everybody is so god damn good. Well it is time for many teams to show that their actions is as at least as equal as their words coming out of their big mouths. Everybody can’t win and everybody can certainly not just run over the teams in group A and i can promise you, that a game against MS Odense won’t be a walkover for anyone. We are here to fight for our life in the Golden League and fight we will.

Tomorrow we show what we are capable of doing in this season of the Golden League. Tomorrow we will show our fellows of group A how to take care of Bellevue Barrage. Tomorrow we will show the all teams that if they want to get some points at MS Park. They have to work hard or else they will serve some hard times in Odense. We fear no one and we can stand up to everyone. Myself – I’ll take a red card if necessary and has this saying. If you want some. Come get some. If you don’t like me. Bite me!. Come tomorrow and you will se that we can backup our words by our actions on the field” says Sami before the home game against Bellevue Barrage. The match will be the first against the two clubs senior squads.