Full Power On B2B Project

Readers of Hattrick United Press was not surprised by the press conference held at MS Park this morning, after Pierpaolo Scavo’s exit as Hattrick United Press editor yesterday. It was also announced then, that he was coming back to MS Odense. Now he is back to fulfill a long time dream as the head of MS Odense.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming to this press conference here at MS Park. I am happy to announce that i am the new President of MS Odense. Mr Peroni wanted to step down as the man in charge after a very successful period in Odense. The structure and work he has made for this club is describable and we owe him a lot for this. I will sit down and talk with Peroni in the next couple of weeks and try to find another position in the club with him – Both MS Odense and Mr Peroni wants to continue working together. We just have to find the perfect solution for both parts first. My part in this is to continue the fine work made here so far and also to make it evolve and take MS Odense one step higher. I will do that my setting full power on the Box2Box program and also make the homegrown team wish come true for MS Odense. I am proud to back, where my career really took of. MS Odense is a fantastic club and we are going to make big things together” said the new President of MS Odense.

Pierpaolo Scavo wasn’t the only one attending the conference earlier today. “Some of you might recognize Søren Olesen from the Golden League council election. I have asked Søren if he would help me developing Odense to an even better team. A team with local players. Players the fans can identify them self with. Odense players in both heart, mind, soul and the spirit. Fortunately he has accepted the challenge and Søren Olesen is now the head of Odense Academy Center” said President Scavo and let Olesen get the word.

“Thank you very much Mr President. I am pleased to be here today and look very much forward to find the best possible talents in Odense and it’s suburbs. Earlier today i have rearranged and hired new scouts and ordered them to go out and find the talents that will make MS Odense even better and also give our academy the chance to send great Odense talents out to other Golden League clubs around the world. I have hired one of our former scouts to be head scout. Lars Lundgren will report to me, when one of his scouts has found a reasonable talent. Lars has 5 scouts and they will get a district, where they have to find the best of the best. Ulf Juul will scout in our most local area North East (Vollsmose), Tor Ludvigsen will scout in North West (Tarup), Viggo Falch will scout in South West (Sanderum), the new appointed Tue Stenstrup will scout in the southern part of the city (Hjallese) and Nicky Bentsen will scout downtown (City) and in the rest of Odense until we find some more scout, then he will only scout downtown. We are very serious about the homegrown project and i think our latest actions show it” said the new head of Odense Academy Center, Søren Olesen.

Scavo wasn’t finished though and had some more for the journalists present. “We have also made some other changes today. Rune Graversen is now official appointed as Assistant Coach of MS Odense. Rune has help Vacatko from time to time and their teamwork has work out well and that is why we have chosen to make Rune the assistant coach for the main squad. Former player agent Peter Ivarsson has also got a new role in the club. Peter is our new Chief Analyst. His job will be to scout and analyse our opponents and report to our team of coaches”. Then then press conference was over and the two new men in charge of MS Odense and Odense Academy Center could get to work and start their projects.