MSO return to Golden League

MSO Odense return to the Golden League next week, when the Mighty Karak Chai FC from India visit MS Park. An uneven match up if you ask most people, but Alfred Postovoi refuse to give up before the game has been played.

Sher ‘Khan’ Khar, Chintan Kumar and Rameez Zaman versus Guruskanthan Mukkamalla, Akim Manapov and Alfred Postovoi. A senario like that can become reality, when MSO re-enter the Golden League with a match against the powerful Mighty Karak Chai FC. The visitors from India is huge favorites going into the match, but MSOs defensive midfielder Alfred Postovoi want his teammates to fight hard and gain some respect among future Golden League opponents.

“Karak Chai is a great team and they have a strong experienced squad, with some good homegrown talents. We are a young squad with me as one of the leading players. Seen from outside this club we must be huge underdogs going into this game” Postovoi told the press Saturday afternoon. At age 17, Alfred Postovoi is, like he explained, one of the leading players of Mission Superliga Odense. Naturally that gives Mighty Karak Chai FC a huge advantage in the upcoming Golden League encounter. But the way to success is not only a win fro MSO. It is many other things too.

“Our way to success is not by winning matches at this point in time. We know we wont make it to the Golden League Masters this season. We wont be a top 4 team in our league either.What we can win is important experience and we can be matched seriously for 90 minutes against an opponent like this. IN 2016 we want MSO to be a serious competitor once again and Mighty Karak Chai will be one of the opponents we have to defeat to be a top contender in the Golden League. Fortunately we have a chance to take a closer look at them next week. At this point we cant win but we will in a couple of seasons” Postovoi said.

MSO is without a chance to advance to this seasons Golden League Masters.