No Good Reasons To Buy

For hours, weeks and months the scouts of MSO has been searching the transfer market to find players to strengthen the squad, but even though the current squad are far from strong it hasn’t been possible to find the perfect match – Not even to huge overprice.

“We have searched the market and to be honest we haven’t even been near to make a transfer. We only want the best of the best to join our squad and if we can’t get them we won’t spend money” those were the first words from the former MSO coach Ivo Vacátko when we meetup with him to have a talk about the past present and future of MSO. In resent seasons Vacátko has been a part of the clubs scouting team alongside Kasper Ørbæk and Toke Lundager. The trio has now stopped the searching for new players and has advised coach Joakim Morgansson and club president Pierpaolo Scavo to keep the focus on the current squad and keep developing homegrown players.

“Yes that is our advice to Mr Scavo and coach Morgansson. We have not find any reasons to spend money on other players” He said and tried to explain why that is the decision. “Looking from the outside we know that MSO look kind of weak compared t the clubs we often compare our self to, but it can’t be further from the truth. The fact is that we are getting stronger and stronger. Today we have to most talent squad ever. We have taken giant steps in the last 3 seasons and we will keep doing that for many seasons to come”.

For many season we heard MSO, among many other clubs, talk about club 16 – Clubs that hoped 2016 would be the season where they could compete for the best positions in the Golden Legaue. Now we are in mid 2017 and MSO is still far behind the best. Why should we believe that this is the squad that will make MSO a feared opponent for the first time since the spring of 2013.

“The plan we made back in may 2016 when Boldt was promoted to the main squad. We wanted to make a homegrown squad and stick with that core of players. We have done that and we will keep doing it. When i talk to Morgansson about the squad i often tell him that this is the squad of unknown talents, but sooner or later some of these players will set their mark on the Golden League and in the Danish series too. Look at the squad. Even with Baggio and Bogh in the squad the average age is only 21½”.

The MSO squad is indeed young. That we have seen so many times. What is different this time? “The plan is to get players to play good in many positions so we wont be too vulnerable to injuries in the future. It will also give us multiple tactical advantages as the players grow stronger and more experienced. We still have a long way to go but some players are already looking good. To tell a little about them is difficult but Boldt is a leader and one of the best in the squad. At age 20 he has played 105 matches for the team and he can play most positions on the field. Vadstrup is almost equal to Boldt and they will play many many games together here in Odense. Rahman might end up as our first player in Denmark’s U20 squad. Finally i have to mention Olsen. He is 20 years old and have already played more than 80 matches for the club. Tejs Olsen is a name people will mention a lot in the future” was the final words from Vacátko.