MSOU18 becoming OTF?

There has been quiet around MSO for a long time, but the work by legends has been going on in silence, and now the work starting to show on the field – Especially at Serif Bosnjak’s School Of Excellence and in HTUM Division II. MSO U18 has been losing frequently for seasons, but in the current there has only been one defeat in 8 matches and some sector ratings are at the best in our 34 seasons history for the academy.

12 U18 matches since september 3rd, including 3 friendlies, has giving 8 out of the 20 best attacking ratings for MSO U18 – With 4 of them being the best ever. Fairly good players and top talents in a mix is responsible for the current success and half of the squad with specialities and luckily that include the top talents. It is not a guarantee to succeed but the chance to do something great and make a new positive history is there.

Former MSO players and legendary figures from this blog and the golden league are behind this development. Scavo i academy coach. Bogh, Lundager and Ørbæk do the scouting. Bosnjak, Burch and Baggio make the overall decisions in training and election of training and talents. Players that have done it all on the field in the past. Now their knowledge is being passed on to the next generation.