Super Trio Strikes Again

It was a fight for top six in HTUM Division II when MSO U18 visited Brazilian Hortinha Contente yesterday. A weak start to the season has been turned around and MSO U18 is halfway through the season fighting for a top position in the division. The reason for success is the talented trio Holst, Loloupe and Davidsson – Three youngsters with attacking talents and lots of goals in between.

The trio has scored 24 of 51 goals in 15 matches and is a major part of MSO U18 being the forth most scoring team in the division. The lack of defence in the Odense lineups is clearly shown in the standing. Odense has conceded more than two goals per match in average. The sixth place is conquered because the team has scored one goal more per match than conceded in average. Holst, Loloupe and Davidsson is the key players behind the success with almost scoring 50% of the goals.

Yesterdays match at Chiqueiro da Beira da Lagoa was a prof of this statistics from the season so far. Holst scored twice, Davidsson and Loloupe once each, in the 5:1 away win against a stronger team. Why? because that trio is as good as it gets. Hopefully they will prove it again next week in the return match at Šerif Bošnjak’s School Of Exellence. A match that seems to be the last at the academy for top scorer Alfred Holst. Eleven goals in fifteen matches is a lot in a very strong division and the performances of Holst has turned into a contract offer for him to join MS Odense. It is expected that the young talent will sign the contract very soon and thereafter he will get his last match for MSO U18 next week.