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The prediction for the season was nothing but defeats, but MSO fought bravely all season and got 1 victory and 4 draws in the league. Those results gave the club a 7th place in one of Denmark’s best VI.series. The club is very satisfied with anything else than the bottom position at this point in time, so the season can be considered as a success.

The club ain’t fooled by the 7 points achieved this season. MSO is still without notable stats on the midfield and that goes for the attack too. Therefor the club has only scored 4 goals in 28 appearances. Christoffer Lyngsø has scored 2 of the goals. Alex Bahnsen one and our only newcomer this season, goalkeeper Mouhsine Boujemaa, scored a goal in his debut for the club, only a few days ago – Some might consider it as a rough season, when a goalkeeper is number 2 on the top scorers list. The sporting management of MSO didn’t expect any goals this season, so again it is a success.

MSO had an esy season on the transfer market. Mouhsine Boujemaa made a 1.8 million$ transfer from Fantalastra in Italy to Odense. The 20 years old goalkeeper from Morocco will fulfill the defensive lineup and has already given a test on where the MSO defense is, with help from the other 9 trainees. Moushine is already getting training and is set to become a very powerful goalkeeper. He is already good, but will get a lot better next season. It is save to say that MSO has found the successor of Paolo Baggio and Emin Allahverdiyev.

MSO still has 10 trainees going into the next season. 9 of them has been in the club for 1½ season. Coming to the club at age 17,0 to 17,10 with acceptable to solid defensive skills – They have all reached brilliant to magnificent at this point in time. The aim is to make a team to be able to compete for GL trophies and higher league positions in Denmark. Therefor the training scheme the club has worked on for 1½ season continue and we expect so provide some serious defensive ratings at the end of next season. By then we will decide what to do, to be ready to be a competitor other must take seriously in GL8 2016.

Staying with the current training scheme will make next season yet another walkover for MSO. We wont expect wins and goals. We have higher expectations though. The defense has become strong and in the last series match of the season we held a excellent midfield away from scoring for 85 minutes before we had to capitalize to a corner+head goal. Even though we can’t score goals our self, we expect to keep many from scoring next season. Hopefully it will give us less defeats than this season. That is the aim of success for the coming season alongside not finishing last in the league.

To our many opponents, friends and followers. We would like to thank you for the good matches we have played this season, for the support and for your advice’s regarding the MSO turnaround we started last season.


The Unpredictable Carlos Hindsberg

It is only a few weeks ago that Jack Møllebjerg was promoted form the academy to the main squad, and became a part of coach Bosnjaks training program. This week the home grown talent will joined by one of the greatest talents from the academy ever. May 5th Carlos Hindsberg will celebrate his 17th birthday and he will also become a member of the main squad.

“We have signed a contract with Carlos today. He is a very good talent. A talent we will like to see grow and help our club back to greatness. He is unpredictable as a player. He has some decent skills in both the defensive and attacking part of his game. He favorite position is wingback and we believe we can make him even stronger in that position. He will join our defensive training program, but it is a wish for both the club and Carlos, that his future is as a winger” coach Bosnjak said when the contract was signed at MS Park earlier today.

Carlos Hindsberg had not much to say about himself, but he is proud to have signed the contract. “I just wanna do my best and i have dreams. I will keep them for myself though. What i will say is that i am happy to have signed the contract and i am happy to follow the footsteps of club legends like Arsal, Çelaj, Baggio, Ørbæk, Ebbensgaard and Abu-Aziz. Player who has done great for this club. If i can be just half as good as them, my career will be successful”.

Hindsberg will play in this weeks Golden League match against Rabid Rabbits.


From A Duck To A Swan

Christoffer Lyngsø

He is only 17 years old but still the former MSO Younglings captain Christoffer Lyngsø is now the captain of a team of young talents and the infamous Sami Arsal. MSO blog has had a talk with Lyngsø about the start to the season and what we can expect from the team this season. This is the first of many articles about how to turn the ugly duckling, MS Odense , into a beautiful swan. A swan that want to fly away with the Golden League 8 trophy in 2016.

“We know when we have a chance. Then we must grab it and get some confidence and some points” he started and continued “We must be realistic though and know that there will only be a few wins this season. It is natural with a squad like ours, but the potential of this squad is looking good and with some luck we might start to get some good wins in the spring of 2015” he said. Young Christoffer is captain of a team without strikers and defender but they work hard to change things he said.

“We have a good goalkeeper in Alfredo Stacul. He might not be a Charlie- or a Golden-boy but he is young and he is very talented. We also have many good young talented midfielders. Hana, Sami and Andrea is among the top players at the moment but Sanda, Salin and myself also has a lot to offer to the team and i am proud that mister Bosnjak has chosen me as team captain” He said and praised his teammates for showing good team spirit in the cup games Wednesday afternoon. “We took a big beating Sunday against Vollsmose and we needed to work even harder in the game against TheConners. We did and we won. The win came late but we won. Sami was the man of the match. He assisted me when i scored the first goal and he was cool and relaxed when he hammered the penalty shoot into the net only minutes later” he said.

The club got a new logo this week thanks to vgrille. The symbolize the ugly duckling turning into a swan. The logo combine the work coach Bosnjak has to do with the squad at the moment and it is also to tell that the club comes from the same city as poet and fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, born in Odense in 1805. Captain Lyngsø like the new logo. “There is a lot of story in that logo. To make a good future we must have a good past. Hans Christian Andersen is a part of our past here in Odense. One we are proud of. Today Sami helps Sanda, Salin myself and many others to build a past that is so important to get a good future. The club has always had big ambitions, they still do. Sami has them, Stacul has them, Hana has them and mister Bosnjak still has them too. We want more than the club has been able to do in the past. We want to become a part of a proud history alongside other local talents in the future. To be able to do it, we have to make a real strong foundation. That is what we have started and what we will finish together”.