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Super Trio Strikes Again

It was a fight for top six in HTUM Division II when MSO U18 visited Brazilian Hortinha Contente yesterday. A weak start to the season has been turned around and MSO U18 is halfway through the season fighting for a top position in the division. The reason for success is the talented trio Holst, Loloupe and Davidsson – Three youngsters with attacking talents and lots of goals in between.

The trio has scored 24 of 51 goals in 15 matches and is a major part of MSO U18 being the forth most scoring team in the division. The lack of defence in the Odense lineups is clearly shown in the standing. Odense has conceded more than two goals per match in average. The sixth place is conquered because the team has scored one goal more per match than conceded in average. Holst, Loloupe and Davidsson is the key players behind the success with almost scoring 50% of the goals.

Yesterdays match at Chiqueiro da Beira da Lagoa was a prof of this statistics from the season so far. Holst scored twice, Davidsson and Loloupe once each, in the 5:1 away win against a stronger team. Why? because that trio is as good as it gets. Hopefully they will prove it again next week in the return match at Šerif Bošnjak’s School Of Exellence. A match that seems to be the last at the academy for top scorer Alfred Holst. Eleven goals in fifteen matches is a lot in a very strong division and the performances of Holst has turned into a contract offer for him to join MS Odense. It is expected that the young talent will sign the contract very soon and thereafter he will get his last match for MSO U18 next week.


Daniel Sinding Sign New MSO Contract

Mission Superliga Odense is proud to announce the signing of U18 talent Daniel Sinding. On his 17th birthday is being promoted to the main squad. Sinding, played mostly on the centre midfield, was scouted by MSO legend Kasper Ørbæk back in July and has played 17 matches for our academy. Both on and off the field Sinding is considered the friend of friends because of his personality and he is also one of the most scoring U18 players, with 7 goals in his 17 appearances. Besides being a good talent he is a natural header specialist too and those are some of the reasons for the club presenting Sinding with a contract offer.

“Daniel has proven to be just as though as expected. He also have a very high work rate; Something we look for in the talents we sign. Most of all we are happy to welcome yet another of our own academy talents to our main squad. We believe in their strengths and talents to take us to a higher level as a team” Pierpaolo Scavo from Šerif Bošnjak’s School Of Exellence – MS Odense U18 – told the press at the press meeting at Šerif Bošnjak Arena earlier today.

Sinding gets shirt number 14 and join the squad for tomorrows home game against Albertslund Terror.


We Believe… MSO Want GL XV Trophy

Bogh, Ørbæk & Ebbensgaard – A legendary centre midfield trio in MSO history. A super solid constellation with leadership and skills in both defending and attacking positions too. In 2019 the opponents and followers of MSO will get to know two trios with great potentials and possible legendary status in Odense. The attacking trio is still at the academy; Holst, Loloupe and Davidsson will shock and rock the world of hattrick with their skills. In the main squad you will find the second trio; The midfielders Lorentsen, vice team captain Olsen and team captain Lerche. These six young players are the core of the future MSO. The core to make MSO win more than the last 10½ years.

The club strategy is to to make the first peak of many in 2020 and to become a championship contender in Golden League XV. Lorentsen, Olsen, Lerche, Holst, Loloupe and Davidsson is destined to be the “dual trio” to make that strategy come true. A powerful statement from a club who have won nothing for ages – A club who won the golden league III a long time ago; as the only big achievement in the 10½ years history, but captain Lerche believe in the plan made his club.

“I can understand the fans if they think this strategy, now made officially be the club, seems enormous by the fact that we are rated as one of Denmark weakest clubs at the moment, but the talent is undeniable. We have an average age of 18,18 and still we are even contenders to take our first series trophy in five seasons. The talent of Holst, Loloupe and Davidsson are ridiculously high for our standard; With these three being added to our squad later this season, we will be stronger than we are today; from the first day they arrive. That is why we, as a club, believe in our strategy. It isn’t an over the top strategy. It is very realistic” Kennet Lerche told us after arriving at Bujumbura Arena, before today’s derby against Team Burundi.

Burundi won the series last season, but failed to win the qualifying match and promotion. The loss came only one week after a 10-man 1-2 loss to Odense at Bujumbura Arena. The MSO scores from that match left the club earlier today, as MSO decided to put the faith in a homegrown strategy. “We have done that before, but we have tried different things to boost the squad, but it isn’t enough to make us back away from the strategy of a squad with players from our academy. Our academy is a special place and one to have produced a lot of good players like Vadstrup and Bogh among many other. We believe…” Lerche said.

Lerche and MSO can prove everyone what they are made of with a win at Bujumbura Arena today