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Full Power On B2B Project

Readers of Hattrick United Press was not surprised by the press conference held at MS Park this morning, after Pierpaolo Scavo’s exit as Hattrick United Press editor yesterday. It was also announced then, that he was coming back to MS Odense. Now he is back to fulfill a long time dream as the head of MS Odense.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming to this press conference here at MS Park. I am happy to announce that i am the new President of MS Odense. Mr Peroni wanted to step down as the man in charge after a very successful period in Odense. The structure and work he has made for this club is describable and we owe him a lot for this. I will sit down and talk with Peroni in the next couple of weeks and try to find another position in the club with him – Both MS Odense and Mr Peroni wants to continue working together. We just have to find the perfect solution for both parts first. My part in this is to continue the fine work made here so far and also to make it evolve and take MS Odense one step higher. I will do that my setting full power on the Box2Box program and also make the homegrown team wish come true for MS Odense. I am proud to back, where my career really took of. MS Odense is a fantastic club and we are going to make big things together” said the new President of MS Odense.

Pierpaolo Scavo wasn’t the only one attending the conference earlier today. “Some of you might recognize Søren Olesen from the Golden League council election. I have asked Søren if he would help me developing Odense to an even better team. A team with local players. Players the fans can identify them self with. Odense players in both heart, mind, soul and the spirit. Fortunately he has accepted the challenge and Søren Olesen is now the head of Odense Academy Center” said President Scavo and let Olesen get the word.

“Thank you very much Mr President. I am pleased to be here today and look very much forward to find the best possible talents in Odense and it’s suburbs. Earlier today i have rearranged and hired new scouts and ordered them to go out and find the talents that will make MS Odense even better and also give our academy the chance to send great Odense talents out to other Golden League clubs around the world. I have hired one of our former scouts to be head scout. Lars Lundgren will report to me, when one of his scouts has found a reasonable talent. Lars has 5 scouts and they will get a district, where they have to find the best of the best. Ulf Juul will scout in our most local area North East (Vollsmose), Tor Ludvigsen will scout in North West (Tarup), Viggo Falch will scout in South West (Sanderum), the new appointed Tue Stenstrup will scout in the southern part of the city (Hjallese) and Nicky Bentsen will scout downtown (City) and in the rest of Odense until we find some more scout, then he will only scout downtown. We are very serious about the homegrown project and i think our latest actions show it” said the new head of Odense Academy Center, Søren Olesen.

Scavo wasn’t finished though and had some more for the journalists present. “We have also made some other changes today. Rune Graversen is now official appointed as Assistant Coach of MS Odense. Rune has help Vacatko from time to time and their teamwork has work out well and that is why we have chosen to make Rune the assistant coach for the main squad. Former player agent Peter Ivarsson has also got a new role in the club. Peter is our new Chief Analyst. His job will be to scout and analyse our opponents and report to our team of coaches”. Then then press conference was over and the two new men in charge of MS Odense and Odense Academy Center could get to work and start their projects.


Ploug improve his skills

The season break is often a difficult time for the coaches and teams, when it comes to pops, form and stamina, but there wasn’t any problem in Odense this time. That is the conclusion after MS Odense coach Ivo Vacatko have delivered a training report to the manager.

The over-all form was once again on it’s way up this week and especially the form of cup hero Søren Petersen and the legendary Mr. Golden League Serif Bosnjak was good and there was also positive notes on Michael Pettersson, Regnar Bom and the talented Bjarne Ploug. Especially Ploug did very well and the 17,24 years old defender is already showing why the club has big expectations for his future in the club.

“Bjarne is one of the players we really believe, has a great future in Odense and he is a part of Scavo’s box2box program”

says Hojris, with a reference to the groundbreaking training program made by former MS Odense winger and Hattrick United Press editor Pierpaolo Scavo. The program by the former Italian superstar is used in Both Odense and Raszkow, where Golden League rivals Flaming Wodkas FC also train their players by the idea of Pierpaolo Scavo.

“We trained Horus Falcons’ EC10 Edi Celaj by that program and now other players will benefit from the knowledge of Pierpaolo”

said Højris. Sources close to Odense believes that Bjarne Ploug, Ralf Melgaard, Regnar Bom and MS Odense U18 captain Stig Djurhuus is the key players in the box2box program.


The coming week has 3 big matches on the menu for MS Odense. Tonight Stig Djurhuus plays his last game for the boys at Odense Academy Center, when MS Odense U18 welcomes the young gold rushers, FC Runenberg Juniors. It will be the first encounter between the 2 Golden League rivals 2 academies. Sunday afternoon the season first league game will be played at MS Park, when MS Odense welcomes Alpe Boys from Copenhagen. Bookmakers believes that MS Odense is are slight favorites going into Sunday’s game between the two top contenders of Denmark’s VI.949.

The 3 encounter of the coming week is the 2nd round Danish Cup battle between Odense and Prügelknabe from West Jutland.

“Prügelknabe has an even better defense, than the team we beat in the first round and Burch/Petersen will once again be matched on a high level. We do believe that we have a slight advantage this time, opposite the first round match against Iron Hammers, because we play at home this time. The outcome of Sunday’s games will be vital for both teams though and we need to beat Prügelknabe to get the perfect setup to make it through to the 3rd round”

is the analysis by Odense manager Hojris.


The Celaj’s Reunite

October 13 2011 a star was born when Polish Renaissance FC bought a young Albanian player by the name of Edi. The talent of young Edi was quite obvious and even though he didn’t score the goals as expected, Edi Celai quickly became a household name among Golden League managers, scouts and presidents.

Edi became the most talked about player on the blogs and was constantly linked to other teams, and especially Horus Falcons, after only a months time in RFC. In November 2011 Edi got caught by paparazzi’s and pictures of the 17 years old player in Prague was shown to the world by HU-PRESS, but a few weeks later it became official, that it was all a part of a story to secure the future of Reniassance FC and President Peroni as they was under pressure from the local mafia.

Edi’s home was in Poland and after all the fame and more infamous moments, it was time to climb the ladder as a star player for the future – On December 14th 2011 RFC released this statement:

Fans of Renaissance FC received news this Wednesday afternoon that their petition to have the nickname EC10 officially recognized by Hattrick has come true. Thanks to publicity on HU Press, the young Albanian now proudly displays his nickname on his official player pages and has launched his own brand of EC10 merchandise. Already, sales of his number 10 shirt have doubled in a few hours as the fans prepare for tonight’s friendly game against FC Team of Destruction.

Speaking of the confirmation, Edi said:

“I am overjoyed. It’s a real bonus for myself to boost my identity within the game. I now need to establish myself as a 1st team choice with my performances in every match. My goal obviously, is to help this club win many trophies and get it’s first ever Golden League victory.”

The nick did something to Edi and his play on the field. One month later he scored his first goal as a senior and also voted man of the match. In the following months, young Edi continued to develop his skills in RFC, but on April 20th 2012, trouble was coming to Razskow – This time it was money problems. The board of MS Odense reacted to the rumors about Edi getting a transfer and headed for Poland to discus the price to secure the phenom EC10. The two clubs agreed that 150.000€ would be a fair price and Edi was set to go to Denmark, but still RFC managed to get involved in his life…

Introducing C7
On April 29th, Renaissance FC announced that they had signed a contract with Edi’s elder brother Geldon. The 4 years older brother of EC10 is also a very talented player and he has, just like Edi, played almost every game since his arrival to the club. Geldon Celaj is a powerful player, but just like Edi, he has trouble scoring in Poland, while Edi has started this season very well on that account. Tomorrow the Celaj’s will reunite on the field but on opposite teams – Who will take the victory? Edi is short on words with the excuse that he wants to talk by actions, but he admits that it is a very special match…

“Geldon is my idol and a great player. I haven’t seen him for years and it’s gonna be very special to meet him on the field tomorrow. I know that he, just like I, wants to win this game and I’m sure that it will be a memorable game”.