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No Good Reasons To Buy

For hours, weeks and months the scouts of MSO has been searching the transfer market to find players to strengthen the squad, but even though the current squad are far from strong it hasn’t been possible to find the perfect match – Not even to huge overprice.

“We have searched the market and to be honest we haven’t even been near to make a transfer. We only want the best of the best to join our squad and if we can’t get them we won’t spend money” those were the first words from the former MSO coach Ivo Vacátko when we meetup with him to have a talk about the past present and future of MSO. In resent seasons Vacátko has been a part of the clubs scouting team alongside Kasper Ørbæk and Toke Lundager. The trio has now stopped the searching for new players and has advised coach Joakim Morgansson and club president Pierpaolo Scavo to keep the focus on the current squad and keep developing homegrown players.

“Yes that is our advice to Mr Scavo and coach Morgansson. We have not find any reasons to spend money on other players” He said and tried to explain why that is the decision. “Looking from the outside we know that MSO look kind of weak compared t the clubs we often compare our self to, but it can’t be further from the truth. The fact is that we are getting stronger and stronger. Today we have to most talent squad ever. We have taken giant steps in the last 3 seasons and we will keep doing that for many seasons to come”.

For many season we heard MSO, among many other clubs, talk about club 16 – Clubs that hoped 2016 would be the season where they could compete for the best positions in the Golden Legaue. Now we are in mid 2017 and MSO is still far behind the best. Why should we believe that this is the squad that will make MSO a feared opponent for the first time since the spring of 2013.

“The plan we made back in may 2016 when Boldt was promoted to the main squad. We wanted to make a homegrown squad and stick with that core of players. We have done that and we will keep doing it. When i talk to Morgansson about the squad i often tell him that this is the squad of unknown talents, but sooner or later some of these players will set their mark on the Golden League and in the Danish series too. Look at the squad. Even with Baggio and Bogh in the squad the average age is only 21½”.

The MSO squad is indeed young. That we have seen so many times. What is different this time? “The plan is to get players to play good in many positions so we wont be too vulnerable to injuries in the future. It will also give us multiple tactical advantages as the players grow stronger and more experienced. We still have a long way to go but some players are already looking good. To tell a little about them is difficult but Boldt is a leader and one of the best in the squad. At age 20 he has played 105 matches for the team and he can play most positions on the field. Vadstrup is almost equal to Boldt and they will play many many games together here in Odense. Rahman might end up as our first player in Denmark’s U20 squad. Finally i have to mention Olsen. He is 20 years old and have already played more than 80 matches for the club. Tejs Olsen is a name people will mention a lot in the future” was the final words from Vacátko.


Is It Time For Ogier The Dane To Wake Up?

“He is said to dwell in the castle of Kronborg, his beard grown down to the floor. He will sleep there until some day when the country of Denmark is in peril, at which time he will rise up and save the nation”.

It’s been a long time since this blog was active. It’s been a long time since the great blog wars was terrorising the world of the golden league and hattrick united. It’s been a while… Lets not hope it is time for Ogier to wake up!

For over a year there have been peace between clubs whom in the past had strong club presidents and golden league council candidates that fought to get the last important words. Today it is a different time in Odense. Mission Superliga Odense is in the past and now the club is named OB 1887. A season ago the chairman of the board Pierpaolo Scavo decided to make a big turn around within the club. His club is done with buying talents and expensive players. Today it is up to club legend Paolo Baggio and 3 handful of homegrown talents to once again make the club anything else than a walkover in the national series as well as in the prestigious golden league tournament. Gone is the big words and promises of making a golden league title contender. Now it is only a matter of pride and getting local talents as good as they can get.

“We think we got a good pool of players at the moment. They have some forces in the attacking part of the game, and with Baggio back home we feel we have the right combination to secure a good future for the club” Scavo said, when asked about how OB 1887 is as a team today. About the situation with newer statements from long time rivals Raszkow Jazz, the OB 1887 president is is very clear in his remarks. “We here in Odense has a very positive vibe around the club as of lately and we will continue to make that spirit grow. We are proud of the fact that the things we have done in the past season has been working so well, that other clubs is following our work closely and that some clubs have decided to go down the same path as we have done. We believe that we have chosen the right path. To develop local talents from Odense and be proud of where they will take us” he said and added. “We know that OB 1887 will for always been one of the smaller clubs in the golden league, but we will be a proud small club and be ready to play teams as Raszkow Jazz, Ghungharu FC and other minor clubs, but we will also be ready to play against all the giants. We will do it with our heads held high and to prove that local talents can make it big once in a while”.


From A Duck To A Swan

Christoffer Lyngsø

He is only 17 years old but still the former MSO Younglings captain Christoffer Lyngsø is now the captain of a team of young talents and the infamous Sami Arsal. MSO blog has had a talk with Lyngsø about the start to the season and what we can expect from the team this season. This is the first of many articles about how to turn the ugly duckling, MS Odense , into a beautiful swan. A swan that want to fly away with the Golden League 8 trophy in 2016.

“We know when we have a chance. Then we must grab it and get some confidence and some points” he started and continued “We must be realistic though and know that there will only be a few wins this season. It is natural with a squad like ours, but the potential of this squad is looking good and with some luck we might start to get some good wins in the spring of 2015” he said. Young Christoffer is captain of a team without strikers and defender but they work hard to change things he said.

“We have a good goalkeeper in Alfredo Stacul. He might not be a Charlie- or a Golden-boy but he is young and he is very talented. We also have many good young talented midfielders. Hana, Sami and Andrea is among the top players at the moment but Sanda, Salin and myself also has a lot to offer to the team and i am proud that mister Bosnjak has chosen me as team captain” He said and praised his teammates for showing good team spirit in the cup games Wednesday afternoon. “We took a big beating Sunday against Vollsmose and we needed to work even harder in the game against TheConners. We did and we won. The win came late but we won. Sami was the man of the match. He assisted me when i scored the first goal and he was cool and relaxed when he hammered the penalty shoot into the net only minutes later” he said.

The club got a new logo this week thanks to vgrille. The symbolize the ugly duckling turning into a swan. The logo combine the work coach Bosnjak has to do with the squad at the moment and it is also to tell that the club comes from the same city as poet and fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, born in Odense in 1805. Captain Lyngsø like the new logo. “There is a lot of story in that logo. To make a good future we must have a good past. Hans Christian Andersen is a part of our past here in Odense. One we are proud of. Today Sami helps Sanda, Salin myself and many others to build a past that is so important to get a good future. The club has always had big ambitions, they still do. Sami has them, Stacul has them, Hana has them and mister Bosnjak still has them too. We want more than the club has been able to do in the past. We want to become a part of a proud history alongside other local talents in the future. To be able to do it, we have to make a real strong foundation. That is what we have started and what we will finish together”.