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Six years with ‘The Next Big Thing’

September 14, 2011
9/11 – A day most will remember for the rest of our life. It was also a historic day for MS Odense. In a much more positive days though and it has become even more defining that i could ever imagine. MSO was searching for a big talent. One who could change the club forever. One with a good chance to play for U20 – the first MSO player to ever reach U20/NT.

‘The hoss’ hatchet men’ from Scotland, managed by, the current U20 manager at the time, the Hoss was selling an eye catching young goalkeeper talent. At age 17,16 the young goalkeeper transferred to Odense on the day most of us just refer to as 9/11 today. 800000$ was the price and Scotland U20 was the main aim for MSO and a very young Paolo Baggio. The hopes and dreams for Baggio was sky high and in no time he got the nickname ‘The Next Big Thing’.

The inspiration that made the transfer was mutual for both MSO and Baggio. The idea was to make Baggio as good as Truls Vorgaard – Vorgaard was one of the best, probably the best, U20 goalkeeper in the world back then. Huge ambitions for both Baggio and MSO. He couldn’t match Vorgaard but he made his own legacy by getting 28 matches for Scotland U20, 46 matches for NT and one match in HT Masters. He has been honoured with HTU- and MS Awards and have a lifelong ongoing feud with Rochdale United’s Charles ‘Charlie Boy’ Colbourne. Six years ago there was a little hope and some dreams, but it was never expected to be anything compared to this. The money earned and spend for his transfers in and out of MSO tells the story of a great goalkeeper too – Just take a look at the end of this post. Where historic top 20’s for MSO can be seen

‘The Next Big Thing’ Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio is still active and hopefully he will play a handful of seasons more – only injuries can stop him. three weeks from now Baggio will celebrate his 37th birthday, but is far from done. Today he played match number 201 for MSO and got clean sheet number 81. To mention his two goals scored against FC X-Team and Langer House back in 2012 will be to cruel…. well 😉

MSO is on their way to the best level in the 30 season long history. Baggio started it all six years ago and now he lead the talents to ever better times and greater moments. Even more important is the history in the making. the one i will look back at six years from know 😉

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A Club Built On Good Values

Mission Superliga Odense is back!

After a season where the club has done well according to the plan that was made 1½ season ago, the club has decided to change the name back to MS Odense before the start of next season. “We have done well this season implanting good talents and training schemes, but the name OB1887 has never got a breakthrough among our fans, so it is only natural that we go back to what they know us for, and a name that has a trademark for the club. Our club has a strong history under the name MS Odense. We want to continue and built on that legacy. Also our youth teams has never left the MSO trademark behind – It is who we are” President Scavo told the press at at press conference earlier today. With him he had MSO coach Joakim Morgansson and one of his assistants, the legendary Šerif ‘Mr GL’ Bošnjak

Coach Morgansson had these comments to the season that comes to a close now. “We are building a strong homegrown squad supported by Paolo as the main star. We are both happy and lucky to have got such a huge part of our history back to the club to support the many young talents we have. Unfortunately Paolo got inured in our last series match. We expect him to be ready for new season, but no matter what, he wont play until he is 100% fit.

I will also like to make a few comments on some of our talents. Jim Jansen has had a tremendously good debut season as a pro. He has developed well and he is an important brick in the puzzle making a strong squad out of these players. Regarding Robin Vadstrup; We still see him as maybe the brightest star of them all. His quickness and flair for scoring goals are of the highest standard. I would also like to give some credit to Torben Kjøller and Ivar Krabbe from MSO U18. Two talented youngster we expect to sign contracts with next season”.

The journalists present at Šerif Bošnjak Arena was curious about why the coach didn’t mention his team captain Vagn Boldt. He has been one of the most important players all season, and he has also been the victim of harassment from Raszkow Jazz talent Bochnia. Mr golden league Šerif Bošnjak was the man to answer many questions regarding Boldt. “From time to time MS Odense has had some players who was more interested in being stars in the news instead of on the field, so we know that it can be a challenge for a club like Raszkow Jazz to control such a player like Bochnia” Šerif Bošnjak said and continued. “I am sure that Mr Peroni and Mr Arsal can give the young man some advice on how to behave. MSO is a club build on good values and we are very happy with what we have seen from Vagn Boldt this season. I have had a talk with him about not talking to the press in matters like these. He is our team captain and he must be a good example for his teammates, both the one he has today and the ones to come in the future. I have told him that he can give his answer buy leading his team to victory in a series of matches we expect to play against the Jazz very soon. It is on the field we would like to see a strong and powerful statement from Vagn” said Mr Bošnjak.


Odins New Vikings

The process has been on for almost a season and it will continue in global season 58. The rebirth of Mission Superliga Odense is on. A long time ago, Odense was a known as a sanctuary for worshippers of the Nordic god, Odin. Now Odense want to give Odin some new vikings with one mission only – To go and conquer the impossible!

Even though the project is still young, the long time club president of MS Odense Pierpaolo Scavo, is ready to talk about the long term process, to restart a team almost from scratch. 10 players with an age of only 17 years and some few days was brought to Odense to make a joint adventure towards and into 2016. An adventure to capture one of the most valuable trophies under HFA – The golden league trophy!

Almost one season has gone since the start of the project, and even though it hasn’t been successful on the field, MSO will continue to do what they did in the past season. “If you looked at the results it might not seem like a successful season for us, but it was” Scavo said, when we caught up with him earlier today. With 9 defeats, 3 drawn matches and only 2 league wins in one season. How can a dedicated manager like Scavo be please with the situation? “We expected nothing. Nothing at all, and that is why we are satisfied. We are by far the worst team in the league at the moment. But the squad is young. Very talented. It is a squad with a great future. We have no reason to be unhappy. We have scored 14 goals this season and we only have 17 defenders in the lineup. We should be celebrating. We have been the underdogs all season and we have won 4 and had 3 draws this season. much better than expected” he said.

The new season kickoff next week and it seems like the 7 league opponents will be the same once again. That don’t mean a thing to Scavo. “We can almost only disappoint next season because of the points we got this season, but we will continue the road to 2016 with out being shaken by bad results. Only injuries will make us consider changes. We have a very good group of talents and have decided not to spend big money on player without a long future in the club. That give us many defeats, but it also lower salaries and we can keep our money to pay the talents more when they get better. We do not need to win the golden league at this time. We do not need to promote to a higher league level and we have a plan and we intend to follow it all the way to the end”.

Now even though Odense might lose a lot, it doesn’t mean that you should stop following the rise of an old giant. “We have 10 good talents and a few of them is extraordinary talents. Guruskanthan Mukkamalla has done well so far. He is the team captain and has some very good and different skills. That goes for Alfred Postovoi too and Ali Kathem is a candidate for Kuwait U20. MSO will rise again and you haven’t seen the best from us yet”.