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2019: Make MSO Strong Again

On new years day MSO was surprisingly very active on incoming transfers.

For the first time in months MSO has brought in players to strengthen the squad. Five players transferred to Odense yesterday and sources let MSO blog know that more can happen in the coming hours.

For a couple of seasons there has been some transfer activities, but the main strategy from MSO was to make a strong homegrown team with talents from MSO U18, also known as Šerif Bošnjak’s School Of Exellence. Yesterday the club surprised the fans as five players made the transfer to Odense. The first transfer happened on New Years eve. It was Swiss goalkeeper Lukas Brocke, whom made the transfer from New Zealand club Mookey in a 7,6 million $ transfer. Brocke, age 20, was yesterday joined by Martín Gamarra from Venezuela. Gamarra transfered from Icelandic third division team 1.FC Basel United for a price of 6,6 million $. because of those transfer former MSO U18 goalkeeper Stokholm has decided to leave the club and stop his professional career.

Former U18 talents Amby and Akselsen has joined the path of Stokholm later yesterday as MSO continued the activity on the transfer market. Romanian Marian Panga joined MSO in a 3,4 million $ transfer from Swiss club Josefine Mutzenbacher and he was joined by the Palestinian defender Khoury Hmoud, whom moved from Perspoolis in Iran for the price of 3 million $.

MSO had these comments to the defensive transfers.

“We said goodbye to 3 beloved talents and 4 incoming transfers has replaced them. We have strengthen our squad significantly by this move and show that we want to be taken seriously again in 2019 after a few seasons being in yet another re-building stage. We want to make MSO strong and use 2019 to make it happen.

We know it wont happen over night and we will still struggle most of the year to get wins against other weak opponents, but the foundation for something better and stronger is being made as of now”.

– Paolo Baggio, MSO Legend

The four transfer was not the end of the heavy activity in Odense. Late last night the club negotiated a 4,1 million $ deal with Israel fourth division club The Stars Of Roi and has signed their Mexican playmaking talent Javier Sotolongo. Sotolongo made the transfer on his 20th birthday and the unpredictable player is seen as an extremely talented young player with a great future in line. MSO and golden league legend Šerif Bošnjak had these word on the arrival of Sotolongo.

“The history of talented attacking player in Odense is endless, but it has been a while since we have had well recognised strikers in the club. Abu-Aziz, Wiesenthal, Papon, Lundager, Silander and myself are names from a long gone past in the MSO and golden league history. Now we have some of the future greats in the club. Alfred Holst has played a few matches so far and Loloupe and Dividsson will join other homegrown talents like Sinding and Brøndum.

We came to the conclusion that we need something more. backup if we are hit by suspensions or injuries, and also to have players to play multiple positions if we need to change training or readjust things shortly. Sotolongo is such a player and is expected to be here for a long time”.

– Šerif Bošnjak, former Golden league top scorer

MSO declare that the club is still scouting players to strengthen the squad and make 2019 the year of MS Odense. Šerif Bošnjak is quoted for saying “We want to find one or two players more like Sotolongo”.


Often Imitated Never Duplicated

February 28th 2018 was the end date of a fantastic journey started September 11th 2011. Goldenboy Paolo Baggio has to retire because of injury in the golden league XI debut against FC Prague Slivers – A more than worthy last opponent for a player with a great career and a celebrity like status. 38 years and 21 seasons after the road to Scotland U20 started. HTU Awards, NT glory and Hattrick Masters; Baggio did it all and only his Masters match was not reached with his favourite club MS Odense.

Many great matches has been played by Goldenboy but the most memorable was played July 25th 2012 at Ecaterina Teodoroiu. The home team FC X-Team was the host of the Golden League match where Baggio scored his first goal of the total nine he reached. A classic moment in Golden League as well as Baggio career. The HTU Awards won and the battle of the top goalkeepers against Charles ‘Charlie Boy’ Colbourne is also unforgettable and part of both players, and a federation, legacy. Only the perfect ending with a Charlie Boy versus Goldenboy farewell match is missing. Who was the best? Charlie Boy might have won that competition but the headline fits Baggio, because there have been many great goalkeepers in Golden League through the years, but not as Baggio – Often Imitated Never Duplicated.

Paolo Baggio has entered MS Odense Hall Of Fame, but has also joined the MSO staff. The club is proud to be able to set such a strong lineup of legends behind coach Joakim Morgansson. We are delighted to present Šerif ‘Mr GL’ Bošnjak and Goldenboy Paolo Baggio as an assistant coach duo alongside Alfred Burch and Kenneth Ebbensgaard as medic and form coach.

So even though a big career end now, you have not heard the last of Goldenboy Paolo Baggio


Huge Talent To Replace The Legend

September 8th 2011 might be the most important day in MSO history. That was the day one of our scouts found a talented Scottish goalkeeper named Paolo Baggio. Twenty seasons later Baggio can look back on a successful career with 75 international matches with Scotland U20, Scotland NT and a Hattrick Masters appearance. In addition multiple HTU Awards, Golden League moments and record breaking transfers has been linked with his name and career.

At age 38 Baggio ain’t the future of MSO on the field, even though he will continue to be a top figure after his future Hall Of Fame induction. Therefor MSO ha been searching for a successor of the most legendary player to ever represent MSO and today the transfer was made. Cameroon U20 goalkeeper Clinton Kenmogne was signed and is now the most expensive incoming transfer for MSO ever as MSO has payed 15.000.000£ to Kenmogne’s motherclub Rayonero B to release him – It is a lot of money fro one player but this is one with an impressive 44 U20 matches and even though he is still under 21 he has magnificent experience. Players like that cost a lot and for MSO to keep doing better and better, players like Kenmogne is necessary in addition to the many homegrown players in the squad.

We are happy to welcome Clinton Kenmogne to the MSO family and we know that this is the guy we need for future plans