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MSO arrived in Prague

MS Odense has arrived in the beautiful city of Prague and the players has just checked in at The Golden Gate Hotel and are ready for the press conference before tomorrows big Golden League game against Horus Falcons.

Pr-Manager Tudor Petricã: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this session that will tell about our thoughts and about our squad for the game against Horus Falcons tomorrow. Yannis I think you should takeover from here”.

Coach Yannis Kotakis: ” Thank you. Let me start off by giving you the names of the squad we have brought down here. Jonasson, Skytte, Kristensen, Lamhauge, Byskov, Papon, Abu-Aziz, Lundager, Bin-Aziz, Rhoden, Hansen, Overskov, Thordal, Wiesenthal, Ivarsson & Duetsch thats the 16 players we think would do everything to take the win and 3 points home to Denmark. Let me make one thing clear. We don’t thinks this will be an easy match, we are going up against a great team, but we are not that bad our self. We have many options when i comes to tactics and formations but i will give this much – Papon, Hansen & Duetsch will debut as Odense players tomorrow, and we are sure that they will contribute in a very positive way.”

Q – Prague Post: “What do you think about your opponent?”.

Coach Yannis Kotakis: “I think it is a powerful team. We know that they have 2 danish talent in Mads & Loke. They have some great players on the midfield and in the attack. If i should mention a week spot i would be their defense and in the goal, but i rather talk about us instead”.

Q – Prague Post: “Ivarsson played a great game in Poland last week. Do you expect the same from him again this week?”.

Coach Yannis Kotakis: “Well he is a very experienced player and are one of the most valuable player for us”.

Q – Lidové noviny: “Do you think you have what it takes to stop Kolbenschmidt & Kykal?”.

Coach Yannis Kotakis: “Let me ask you a question. Do you think Horus can stop our strikers? I can assure you that we will be ready to stop anyone who tries to get near our goal”.

Q – Lidové noviny: “Bogh is not in the squad – Why?”.

Coach Yannis Kotakis: “I think he could use some time off after the red card he got on sunday. There is nothing dramatic about him being home at this time”.

Q – Mladá fronta Dnes: “Can we ask Papon a quistion?”

Yann Papon: “Yes you can”.

Q – Mladá fronta Dnes: “Your transfer from FC Veto to Odense – Why?”.

Yann Papon: “Sometimes you need a new challenge and I think Odense have a great team with many talented players and I also wanted to work with Kotakis before my career ends”.

Q – Právo: “Papon will you score against Falcons tomorrow?”

Yann Papon: “Absolutely”.

Q – Právo: “Any comments on Odense BKs Champions League match against Villareal CF at Odense Stadium tomorrow?”.

Yann Papon: “It will be a very difficult game for Odense but I think they have a chance if they preform on top. I think that players like Djemba Djemba and Hans Henrik Andreasen is the key to victory. I am sure that we all wish them the best of luck on this difficult challenge”.

Pr-Manager Tudor Petricã: “Thank you all for attending and remember to follow Horus Falcons – MS Odense tomorrow at 14:00 CET and Odense BK – Villareal CF at 20:45 CET”.




Let me start this post RL. Panathinaikos – Odense 3-4, what joy, and an incredible good effort. Take a look at the goals from the games in Athens.


MS Odense will try to replicate the stunning effort in today’s cup match against FC Netroma. We have an incredibly difficult task ahead of us today. The match is played on MS Park at 16:30

Ideas and comments on MSO – NFC coming up later


Odense back on track.

The cup match against SuperMule was a close encounter with few opportunities for both teams and therefore the winner was determined by penalty shootout. Both teams went into battle with thoughts on defensive play and two penalties was needed to make 1-1 after 90 minutes. Kim Kristensen made ​​it 1-0 after 49 minutes and in a game without big chances MS Odense were right on track for the 4th round of the cup. The referee wanted some different and after 77 minutes he gave visitors a golden opportunity to get back into matches with a chance from the spot. Cliff Sejrsen did what he had to do and the match went to extra time.

The only chance of scoring in open play went to MS Odense on the 94th minutes when Flemming Overskov had the opportunity to score a golden goal, but Elias Rytter had no trouble getting control of the shoot. In the penalty shootout MS Odense showed no mercy, only Peter Ivarsson failed to score and when the experienced MSO keeper Mikael Jonasson took all shoots from the SuperMule, MSO players could finally celebrate a victory against a reasonable opponent. The club is for the first time in fourth round and although the match is difficult we will hunt opportunity for yet another advancement, but Netroma FC is a very strong opponent, and only an underestimation or an unreasonable GE can send victory to Odense.

RL: Odense still got a chance to go into the Champions League after a fine 1-1 against Panathinaikos 😉 http://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/season=2012/matches/round=2000261/match=2007533/postmatch/report/index.html

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