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Six years with ‘The Next Big Thing’

September 14, 2011
9/11 – A day most will remember for the rest of our life. It was also a historic day for MS Odense. In a much more positive days though and it has become even more defining that i could ever imagine. MSO was searching for a big talent. One who could change the club forever. One with a good chance to play for U20 – the first MSO player to ever reach U20/NT.

‘The hoss’ hatchet men’ from Scotland, managed by, the current U20 manager at the time, the Hoss was selling an eye catching young goalkeeper talent. At age 17,16 the young goalkeeper transferred to Odense on the day most of us just refer to as 9/11 today. 800000$ was the price and Scotland U20 was the main aim for MSO and a very young Paolo Baggio. The hopes and dreams for Baggio was sky high and in no time he got the nickname ‘The Next Big Thing’.

The inspiration that made the transfer was mutual for both MSO and Baggio. The idea was to make Baggio as good as Truls Vorgaard – Vorgaard was one of the best, probably the best, U20 goalkeeper in the world back then. Huge ambitions for both Baggio and MSO. He couldn’t match Vorgaard but he made his own legacy by getting 28 matches for Scotland U20, 46 matches for NT and one match in HT Masters. He has been honoured with HTU- and MS Awards and have a lifelong ongoing feud with Rochdale United’s Charles ‘Charlie Boy’ Colbourne. Six years ago there was a little hope and some dreams, but it was never expected to be anything compared to this. The money earned and spend for his transfers in and out of MSO tells the story of a great goalkeeper too – Just take a look at the end of this post. Where historic top 20’s for MSO can be seen

‘The Next Big Thing’ Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio is still active and hopefully he will play a handful of seasons more – only injuries can stop him. three weeks from now Baggio will celebrate his 37th birthday, but is far from done. Today he played match number 201 for MSO and got clean sheet number 81. To mention his two goals scored against FC X-Team and Langer House back in 2012 will be to cruel…. well 😉

MSO is on their way to the best level in the 30 season long history. Baggio started it all six years ago and now he lead the talents to ever better times and greater moments. Even more important is the history in the making. the one i will look back at six years from know 😉

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A Sign From The HT Gods?

Was it a sign from the HT gods? The draw against Los Mejores Futbol Club in the Dean ‘The Guv’nor’ Yates Testimonial Tournament.

MSO once again has a young squad. after only 14 days in the club Godot Federer and Alishaer Bo’riyev went home for Christmas and they wont return to Odense. Rumors swirling around high salaries, poor scouting and lousy planning by coach Bosnjak and president Scavo but the club as no official statement regarding those rumors. No matter what the sporting management can’t complain about the big effort made by the players on boxing day.

Los mejores Futbol Club was the opponent in the last group game of the Dean ‘The Guv’nor’ Yates Testimonial Tournament. Both teams had lost the previous games to FC X-Team and Horus Falcons so there was a lot of honor on the line as none of the teams wanted to leave the tournament with 3 losses. None of them did…

MSO was in the new green Carlsberg outfit and as all of you know. Green is the color of luck and MSO was hit by luck when Kay Lundt found a way through the Brazilian defense and scored the first goal of the game, with only 12 minutes to go. Los Mejores refused to loose though and 5 minutes after Lundt’s finest moment, João Roberto Caçapava scored and the match ended 1:1

“We were lucky and maybe it was a sign from the HT gods. Maybe we don’t need a lot of stars. Maybe we need to let the talents grow and accept to become stronger as time goes by instead of thinking here and now all the time” Sami Arsal said after the match.


Arsal: I had fun the last time i was here

He has been absent for six seasons, but now the golden leagues mad midfielder Sami Arsal is back and ready to compete in the golden league one more time. Sami Arsal, also known as Psycho, signed a contract with Mission Superliga Odense friday afternoon and Sunday he will make his comeback in a blue and white MSO shirt, when his team meet Vollsmose FB. Friday he meet the press alongside MSO President Pierpaolo Scavo.

“Thank you for joining us today for this special occasion. As you all know, tonight is the world premiere of “Psycho-Nator II – The Devils Favorite Demon Is Back”. Sami is the star of that movie and we are happy to have a star of that caliber representing our club. You all know that Sami is not only a movie star. He is also a fighter on the field. A mastermind on the field and he know his ways with the yo all. We are aware that some players, managers and club is having a hard time getting along with Sami, but that is not a problem for us. He is a pro and that is why we decided to pay 2 million £ to get him back home. Let me start by saying that it wasn’t easy. His agent has told me that The Flaming Wodkas FC, Football Club Tranquebar and Los Mejores Fútbol Club was eager to get him to sign a contract with them. We are happy that he chose us. We never doubted for a minute. We had some good talks with the agent and Sami from the start. All of you know that we have a very young squad at the moment and a young squad need guidelines and leadership. We believe that Sami is the best one to lead the team and we also believe that he can help MSO back to the greatness we had in the past. So it with great joy i say welcome back to Odense to Sami” Mr Scavo said at MS Park earlier today and thereafter it was time for the press to get some answers.

“Sami welcome back to Odense. How does it feel to be back”

“How it feels? Fantastic. I had fun the last time i was here. Odense and Razskow is where i grew as a man, as a player. My stay here in Odense was kind of short. Only 53 games played but i had my times with you, the golden league society and with a few people here and there. You think i was saying bad things? Nana Amankwah didn’t hold him self back when he called me an awful player did he? But hey i am over it. You can tell Nana i will buy him a drink anytime. By the way where is he today? Oh yes sorry.. he is retired isn’t he. Well some stay here longer than others”

“Did you talk to Peroni about going the Faroe Islands”

“Yes i did. Aldopaolo and i are good friend so i had a talk with him. It wasn’t to be this time. Maybe later in my career. Who knows. The best option for me right now is to be here in Odense and i have things to do and future dreams to fulfill”.

“Was it tempting to go to Brazil and play for Los Mejores FC”

“Yes i thought about it. It would be nice to play there even though the past between us isn’t good. They have a good team and a good coach. They play i V.series and we wont do that for a couple of seasons here in Odense but the choice was easy. The Flaming Wodkas FC couldn’t raise the finances to pay my salary and the Hattrick Football Association wouldn’t allow me to represent FC Tranquebar so when Pierpaolo called me. I didn’t need to think twice. I think i would have chosen to come back to Odense no matter what”.

“Odense has a very young squad and with you being 28 you are much older than the rest. What do you think about that”

“Bosnjak is almost 43 so i am not that old i think, but yes all the others are under 21. The club has made an interesting choice to assemble such a young and small squad. I was once one of the younger guys here and i had a lot of great players to learn from. Today i am the one they should learn from. My talent was like the talent they have today and maybe they get a chance to evolve and experience what i have in my career and maybe even more. I am here to try and help them. To learn them to reach out for the stars and maybe, just maybe, one day they can touch one of those stars and become one”.

“What are your main aims for this season”

“To do as well as possible. To train hard every week and establish the team with a good strong and still young foundation. We need to become strong and be willing to do everything to succeed. We need the experience as a team and we will get that every single day. Finally we has started the road to the golden league season 8 final. We want to be there and we want to win it. That is my main reason to come here. The club and i share the same visions for the future and we both want to make a difference in the golden league once again”.

Sami will once again wear shirt number 6