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The Great Wall Of Odense

2 weeks has gone since Goldenboy Paolo Baggio made his return to Odense after 5 seasons back home in Scotland. The return of the prodigal son has given the opportunity to play a different role in the golden league as well as in the danish league and cup. Hattrick News Odense has had a talk with Odense president Scavo about what seems to be a return to something recognizable. A strong experienced squad with Baggio as the main player in the squad. Something the club also did when they bought a 17 years old Paolo Baggio 8 seasons ago. “We paid a lot of money to get Baggio back to Odense. The goldenboy himself coast most of our money and then we had to get some players to help us and Baggio to reach the aims we have for both the club and Baggio in the future” Scavo said and continued. “We know the way of the game when we are out on a long-term mission like this. We tried it the first time Baggio was here and we will try again. What i am talking about is the hope for Baggio to become a part of Scotland NT. Both Baggio and MSO know that it is a long shot and there is no guarantees. It is a wish all 3 parts has and we know what to do to try and make it happen” Scavo said.

Goldenboy’s return to MS Park cost the club over 7 million dollars and another 2½ millions to make a fairly strong squad based on training Baggio and also be a serious opponent for the many clubs they play against. “When Baggio was here last time., We took him to the U20 level and our teams foundation was with a strong experienced midfield and attack. This time we have set our focus on the defense. A very strong defense that is. A defense we like to call the great wall of Odense. Baggio and a handful of experienced defenders is our big defensive line with defensive stats at a level we never have reach in the club before. You can also call our new defense and Baggio for a bulwark. They will be ready to resist even the biggest ships for most of the games. We have seen that recently with the games against FC Prague Silvers and Polomit. Yes we have lost the games but they are teams much better than us. But we have fought hard in both games and our opponents has to give their best to get the wins. We expect all teams to have to do so. Even Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno and AFC Wirschtlstand – 2 Other very strong teams we expect to collide with soon” Scavo said.

Tomorrow will see Odense in a league match with little interest of the Odense club president. “Right now we will get Baggio in a perfect shape and try and get him closer to Scotland NT. At the start of next season will will also focus on getting some more wins than this season. A season that might have been the poorest in 15 seasons or so. When looking at winning streaks. Streaks who has been nowhere near Odense this season. That will chance next season. We believe and are positive about the great wall of Odense will earn us many points next season” was the last words form mr Scavo.


San Millán Díez & Co was much better

Yes let us just be honest. FC X-Team was much better than us today and the match in Odense is only a cosmetic thing” said Odense coach Serif Bosnjak after his team was hammered by Iasi’s local heroes. FC X-Team won 4:0 in front of 2880 spectators at Ecaterina Teodoroiu. The home team was in control from the first minute and they almost humiliated Odense in a very one sided game. Schuldt, Makepeace and Ørbæk was missing in the starting eleven and that made Odense look like a toothless tiger with nails and an easy target for a defensively strong home team.

“We had a wish to bring some young talents to our squad today and we had to pay for that, but to be honest it was not an apology for a poor effort from our side today. Venkat and Hasan should have done a lot better, but you can’t win every time” said Bosnjak before he was asked about what his two star strikers should have done different. “They should have scored some goals. It is as easy as that. They both work hard though and alongside Kasper and Kenneth they did what they could today. It simply wasn’t enough to stand up to our opponents” said Bosnjak.

Odense number 10, Hasan Muhammed, was obviously not enjoyed by the big loss today, but he was happy by his own 10 star performance and the fact that new talent has been brought in. “We have a high average age on the team and we need to find the talents for the future, so we can continue to be a strong team. Anton and Jørgen did okay today. It was their first senior apperance. They are 18 and 17 years old and they have some attacking forces in their style of play that will come in hand some seasons from know. Jørgen has already shown his potential in the matches for the HTUM youth league championship. He was last seasons top scorer and I am sure that he will be top scorer of this team one day too”.


MSO Welcome New Defense

In the past week MS Odense has change the squad to be ready for the competition next season. If you are a regular reader of this blog you already have heard about the signing of 3 strikers – Muhammed, Variar and Casado. Today it is time to welcome the new defensive lineup and the players to stop the opposites attack.

“We are very pleased to welcome Flavio Garifullina and Fraser Makepeace to the club. Flavio was considered to be a huge talent in his days as a talent and even though he might not be an international superstar is a very solid defender, to play both in the center defense and as a wing back. We bought Flavio in A.C. Sgasula – An Italian 4th division club – and he will without a doubt strengthen our squad and we see him as a good substitute for Kasper Ørbæk when it comes to set pieces next season. We made a really good deal when we bought Fraser in Portugal the other day. His price was 700.000 to 800.000$ below average and we could not say no to a deal like that. Looking at his skills he might be the best defender to ever pull the MSO jersey over the head and we are delighted to have signed a powerhouse like Fraser Makepeace. His specialty might not be the best for his position but he is by far the best multi skilled player we have ever had here in Odense. We hope that the signing of Fraser will set a new standard for whom we will sign in the future” said MS Odense club president Scavo to the press before the training started this morning.

The latest signing was made today. The club decided to sell former MSO U18 goalkeeper Poul Klemmensen this morning and the replacement has already arrived and has joined his new teammates in today’s training session. “Ke Xinyun is the first Chinese to enter our squad and he has been playing as a defender in Finland since he was released by his childhood club. Ke has a big wish to become a goalkeeper and we will like to help him with that. He and many other know the history of the many great goalkeepers to come out of Odense and we are sure that Ke Xinyun will become a great goalkeeper. A great one for Odense, for China and we also believe that he will become somewhat an attraction in the Golden League too. I like to welcome the new Odense number 1 to the club and i hope the fans will do the same” said mr Scavo before the players started today’s training session.