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GL Shock: MSO Defeat Tranquebar

MS Odense shocked the India sister club Football Club Tranquebar when the two clubs meet at Šerif Bošnjak Arena in Odense. A decimated home team won unexpectedly over a club with a bigger budget and better players. MS Odense has made big changes to the squad in resent weeks and are still not set for the upcoming season.

3000 fans followed the match live and it was a match of international standard. The two teams have 131 U20 matches and 39 NT matches combined and spread over eight players. MS Odense got the best of it with a surprisingly easy 3:0 win in a match with two defensively oriented lineups. Odense played an unexpected 5-3-2 formation with Armenia goalkeeper Shmavon Dolmayan playing a big match and stopped counterattacks by Tranquebar’s Sudeep Bokil and Hyun-Min Ko. Dolmayan had good reason to be proud because Hyun-Min Ko was rewarded with the HTU Award Forward of the Season before kickoff. If coach Joakim Morgansson had any doubt about the quality he has in goal it was gone after the match. Odense has two talented and strong goalkeepers.

“We are proud of the result today” Morgansson said after the match. “Kenmogne and four with a past in our academy should have been tested more today, but they helped Dolmayan to a clean sheet. They controlled a match against a better team, so even though they obviously tested some new things today, we can and must be proud of this win”. The coach also promised the fans of MS Odense, that the club ain’t finish getting an interesting squad together for the next season. Assistant coach Alfred Burch also confirmed this in mixed zone after the match.

“Players are coming in and out of the club at the moment. The plan is made and being fulfilled at the moment. Our academy will keep filling up the squad with the club’s best talents from a dedicated work at the academy, and in addition I’m think i am aloud to tell you that we’re working on getting some exciting new names to the club in the coming week” was the words from Burch.


AU7 Pushed To The Limit

epicglperformanceinhanguk What just happened?
The two time defending HTUM Masters winner got of to a shaky start in GLX. What seemed to be a walkover for AU7 ended with a small scare before Kyung-Han Park secured the win after an epic performance from MSO.

The records of both clubs and their players says it all. AS Uijeongbu 07; a nine time national champion, four time Korea Cup winner, one time Korea Sapphire Challenger Cup winner and winner of last two HTUM Masters. Their squad for the match had an impressive 138 NT matches, 28 U20 matches and 114 HT Masters matches combined. MS Odense has the records of legend Paolo Baggio with 46 NT matches, 28 for U20 and 1 match in HT Masters. Thirteen season ago they reached the seventh round of the Danish Cup, Two season in V.series or else beneath that and in silence they won the group stage of golden league season three. The stats are non-comparable!

It was a match between experience versus youth. The two MSO legends Bogh and Baggio has been around for ages, but the rest of the MSO players is still under 22 years. 20 of AU7s 25 players is over 30 years old, with Widodo, coach Osman and Gu being among the eldest in the squad. Coach Osman was in the starting lineup with GU and Ahn. Goalkeeper Vachir and Baek played too, but also the three youngest players in the squad played the whole match. The much younger and inexperienced squad from Odense gave golden league debut to Lars Trier, and had the powerhouse Thrysøe as the lone striker in a 5-4-1 formation against the hosts 2-5-3.

A surprise opening to the match set the tone for the rest of the match. AU7 wasn’t at their best and MSO took the chances they got. 16th minutes into the match AU7 took the visitors too lightly. Lars Trier got a chance and scored the first goal of the match. 16 minutes a counter attack almost send MSO up by 2, but Bogh mistimed the shot. MSO was on a roll and AU7 looked stunned and it took an injury to chance it. Abildgaard replaced Langberg a few minutes before the halftime break; Abildgaard to inexperienced to play centre midfield on GL level and AU7 coach Osman would balance the score of the match.

In the second half AU7 took control of the match. Baggio was playing his best in the goal, but Ahn got the better of their fight and scored twice. Thrysøe made it 2:3 with 12 minutes left of the match, but Park scored on the following attack and then it was over. Au7 won and Ahn was voted man of the match by the fans at Waegari Park and he deserved it after a good second half performance and he was the one to turn the match around in favour of his team. Win or lose, the performance from MSO was epic. Can they do it one more time when AU7 visit Šerif Bošnjak Arena next week?



The prediction for the season was nothing but defeats, but MSO fought bravely all season and got 1 victory and 4 draws in the league. Those results gave the club a 7th place in one of Denmark’s best VI.series. The club is very satisfied with anything else than the bottom position at this point in time, so the season can be considered as a success.

The club ain’t fooled by the 7 points achieved this season. MSO is still without notable stats on the midfield and that goes for the attack too. Therefor the club has only scored 4 goals in 28 appearances. Christoffer Lyngsø has scored 2 of the goals. Alex Bahnsen one and our only newcomer this season, goalkeeper Mouhsine Boujemaa, scored a goal in his debut for the club, only a few days ago – Some might consider it as a rough season, when a goalkeeper is number 2 on the top scorers list. The sporting management of MSO didn’t expect any goals this season, so again it is a success.

MSO had an esy season on the transfer market. Mouhsine Boujemaa made a 1.8 million$ transfer from Fantalastra in Italy to Odense. The 20 years old goalkeeper from Morocco will fulfill the defensive lineup and has already given a test on where the MSO defense is, with help from the other 9 trainees. Moushine is already getting training and is set to become a very powerful goalkeeper. He is already good, but will get a lot better next season. It is save to say that MSO has found the successor of Paolo Baggio and Emin Allahverdiyev.

MSO still has 10 trainees going into the next season. 9 of them has been in the club for 1½ season. Coming to the club at age 17,0 to 17,10 with acceptable to solid defensive skills – They have all reached brilliant to magnificent at this point in time. The aim is to make a team to be able to compete for GL trophies and higher league positions in Denmark. Therefor the training scheme the club has worked on for 1½ season continue and we expect so provide some serious defensive ratings at the end of next season. By then we will decide what to do, to be ready to be a competitor other must take seriously in GL8 2016.

Staying with the current training scheme will make next season yet another walkover for MSO. We wont expect wins and goals. We have higher expectations though. The defense has become strong and in the last series match of the season we held a excellent midfield away from scoring for 85 minutes before we had to capitalize to a corner+head goal. Even though we can’t score goals our self, we expect to keep many from scoring next season. Hopefully it will give us less defeats than this season. That is the aim of success for the coming season alongside not finishing last in the league.

To our many opponents, friends and followers. We would like to thank you for the good matches we have played this season, for the support and for your advice’s regarding the MSO turnaround we started last season.