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MSOU18 becoming OTF?

There has been quiet around MSO for a long time, but the work by legends has been going on in silence, and now the work starting to show on the field – Especially at Serif Bosnjak’s School Of Excellence and in HTUM Division II. MSO U18 has been losing frequently for seasons, but in the current there has only been one defeat in 8 matches and some sector ratings are at the best in our 34 seasons history for the academy.

12 U18 matches since september 3rd, including 3 friendlies, has giving 8 out of the 20 best attacking ratings for MSO U18 – With 4 of them being the best ever. Fairly good players and top talents in a mix is responsible for the current success and half of the squad with specialities and luckily that include the top talents. It is not a guarantee to succeed but the chance to do something great and make a new positive history is there.

Former MSO players and legendary figures from this blog and the golden league are behind this development. Scavo i academy coach. Bogh, Lundager and Ørbæk do the scouting. Bosnjak, Burch and Baggio make the overall decisions in training and election of training and talents. Players that have done it all on the field in the past. Now their knowledge is being passed on to the next generation.


Six years with ‘The Next Big Thing’

September 14, 2011
9/11 – A day most will remember for the rest of our life. It was also a historic day for MS Odense. In a much more positive days though and it has become even more defining that i could ever imagine. MSO was searching for a big talent. One who could change the club forever. One with a good chance to play for U20 – the first MSO player to ever reach U20/NT.

‘The hoss’ hatchet men’ from Scotland, managed by, the current U20 manager at the time, the Hoss was selling an eye catching young goalkeeper talent. At age 17,16 the young goalkeeper transferred to Odense on the day most of us just refer to as 9/11 today. 800000$ was the price and Scotland U20 was the main aim for MSO and a very young Paolo Baggio. The hopes and dreams for Baggio was sky high and in no time he got the nickname ‘The Next Big Thing’.

The inspiration that made the transfer was mutual for both MSO and Baggio. The idea was to make Baggio as good as Truls Vorgaard – Vorgaard was one of the best, probably the best, U20 goalkeeper in the world back then. Huge ambitions for both Baggio and MSO. He couldn’t match Vorgaard but he made his own legacy by getting 28 matches for Scotland U20, 46 matches for NT and one match in HT Masters. He has been honoured with HTU- and MS Awards and have a lifelong ongoing feud with Rochdale United’s Charles ‘Charlie Boy’ Colbourne. Six years ago there was a little hope and some dreams, but it was never expected to be anything compared to this. The money earned and spend for his transfers in and out of MSO tells the story of a great goalkeeper too – Just take a look at the end of this post. Where historic top 20’s for MSO can be seen

‘The Next Big Thing’ Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio is still active and hopefully he will play a handful of seasons more – only injuries can stop him. three weeks from now Baggio will celebrate his 37th birthday, but is far from done. Today he played match number 201 for MSO and got clean sheet number 81. To mention his two goals scored against FC X-Team and Langer House back in 2012 will be to cruel…. well 😉

MSO is on their way to the best level in the 30 season long history. Baggio started it all six years ago and now he lead the talents to ever better times and greater moments. Even more important is the history in the making. the one i will look back at six years from know 😉

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We Believe.

One season has gone since MSO decided to go all in sold a whole squad to start allover with a bunch of 17 years old talents – Goodbye to big names, superstars and psychotic egos and welcome to team work and real talents.

To start from scratch after a 21 seasons long history isn’t easy. To decide to get your ass kicked every single week for 3-4 seasons isn’t a blast either, but MSO decided to do this and even though the many losses has come, there has also been times for celebrations because of unexpected draws and even wins. MSO ha also been lucky enough to have scouted the best players for the hard work, they have been asked to do, to once again making MSO a winning team. MSO coach Serif Bosnjak and his assistants Alfred Burch, Toke Lundager and Kasper Ørbæk is satisfied with the progression of the plan that was made last season, but the players are also committed and believe in the project.

“It is hard work every day, but we feel we evolve both as a team and as individuals, so i think we can say that we are all happy to be here and we work had fulfill a common goal – To make Odense a powerful team and we want to be the reason why” MSO captain Guruskanthan Mukkamalla told MSO blog before he left Odense to join India U20 in North Lebanon. Mukkamalla made his debut on U20 last week, but that doesn’t mean that he forget about the commitment he has made to Odense. “I am happy to represent my country, but i am an Odense players too and we are on a mission. We might not win the golden league, but we want MSO to be a player among the best once again. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication for us players to make that dream come true. We believe we are good enough to make it happen. We believe we are on the right path and no matter how much we will lose in the next seasons we will continue and we will be ready to set our mark on golden league season 8. We will come not as individuals, but as a very solid team with a common goal” Mukkamalla said.

Former MSO U18 talent Jack Møllebjerg agree with his teammate from India. “It is a joy to watch the hard work of my teammates and it only motivate me get even better and join forces with the rest”. 17 years old Møllebjerg only joined the main squad last week, but he is very positive about the future and trust in his new teammates. “They work hard and we help each other on the field. There is no one more important than the rest. We are one unit with a common interest and that is to make MSO a serious opponent. We must stand together to make it happen and i believe we can do it”.