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Merry Christmas

To our friend and followers. Yes even to you Mr Nunez. MS Odense wish you all a very merry christmas. We wish joy and happiness to you, your family and friends and also good luck in the the games to be played this Christmas.


Goodbye Season 56

It has been a very entertaining season. A season with the best on our own level. A match against a lot of friend – Against a lot of good managers and squads. First of all we would like to say congratulation to Revolution Kickers. You deserve to be the champions of VI.916. but we made you fight to the last day. We had you on your knees. We made you deliver every week and showed you what to expect if you promote to V.series. We you the best of luck in the coming seasons and thank you for the good and serious competition. Lindeparken, Red Panda, Seden, Sønderjylland and Madiba was also great competitors and we hope to see all of you next season.

To our opponents in the Golden League. We were defeated by most of you but to play against The Warriors of Sahura, Bellevue Barrage, FC Runenberg, The Flaming Wodkas FC and many other is always fun and for MSO to reach the GK Masters was unexpected and therefor we succeeded in GL once again. For ten seasons we have fought each other around the world to try and become Golden League Champions. MS Odense hasn’t won it yet but we have out sight set on GL8, but we will also try and win some games in GL7 and the forthcoming season 6. Thank you guys for some good blog post and for supporting MS Odense after the comeback to the blog universe this season. May it be just as fun and creative in the next season.

MS Odense is also a part of the fabulous Mission Superliga federation in Denmark. To be a part of a federation with so many of the best Denmark has to offer in both squads and at the tactic boards is a pleasure. If MS Odense can preform just half as good as most of the other MS teams. MSO will be great. MSO would become a monster. We are still learning after 6 years and we will continue too for many seasons to come.

The sporting management of Mission Superliga Odense has confidence in the new squad we has assembled in the last few weeks. Going into global season 57 we have a very talented squad with an average age under 22 and the “older guys” in the squad don’t have a long future in our club, but 10 youngsters under 21 has and we believe we have finally found what we have been looking for for years. We have also learned from mistakes made in the past and it is time to unleash the animal inside. It is time to build what we have always wanted. It is time to make a dream come true. To compete on equal terms with old rivals like FC Lyssky, Los Sværke Logos il tempo gigante, Horus Falcons and Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno like we did 3 years ago. We want to compete against teams we respect. We once again want to win matches against those opponents. It will take some time but we have started to go down the right path.

On the blogs we also would like to compete again. To match SK Brann on the design. To match the stories of FC Runenberg. To cross blog with the Wodkas once again and to have a friendly blog war with Bellevue Barrage and other from time to time.

Thank you all for making it a good and fun season. Lets continue and make the next one even more fun 😉



… has always been a big part of Mission Superliga Odense history. There has been many though the years. Yuval Haymovic – The first real leader of the team – was a very important player 15 seasons back in time. A wingback, captain and a leader. The man to take all set pieces and thereby also a goalscorer. Haymovic played 75 games for the club and was the foundation for the hunt for characters. Why? Because they are fun to make and they are even better when you don’t make them. If other make them or if they come to life by them self because of their names, faces or achievements on the field and some has had their own life here on my and many other blogs too. There has been much water under the bridge since Yuval Haymovic ruled in Odense and many big characters has been in the club since then.

MS Odense club president Pierpaolo Scavo has been one of the most active and recognizable characters in our history. The technical defensive attacker played 49 games for the club but it was at the end of his playing career he would become a true legend and a character. Scavo was chosen to become the editor of Hattrick United Press and became one of the characters in ‘The Peroni Saga’. A story involving Horus Falcons player Edi Celai. A player whom back then was with Raszkow Revival and later on he became the face of MS Odense too. The saga’s main person was Raszkow club president Peroni. A character whom has often been a part of the headlines on Hattrick United Press and numerous of clubs blog. Raszkow legend Giachello was also a big part of the story and has often been used as a bad guy in stories full of corruption. Oh he has never been mentioned as much as Peroni but maybe he should. Raszkow legends Badiu and Bracke also came to life as a part of “The Peroni Saga” and they would become the faces of Renaissance-TV (Renaissance FC was the name of Raszkow back then).

Back in those days small “tv-stations” started to show up on the blogs. Badiu, Bracke and Renaissance-TV was good entertaining and MS Odense tried to make something similar. MSO-TV was a reality and Toke Lundager was the man to guide you though live transmissions from games with MS Odense and Scotland U20 – Still today i think that those live posts made over 5, 6 maybe 7 or 8 hours was setting new standards on how to blog on Hattrick United. Later on Toke Lundager would become editor of Hattrick United Press and with his 84 games for the club and his media status he is one of the true legends of MS Odense today and naturally a great character.

It was not all characters who needed the media to become famous and legendary characters, but i am sure that the stories involving medias was a part of their stories and also for the blog posts to be better and better for a long time. The characters became well known faces of the clubs and also the primary stories on the blogs. The former Langer House legend Venkat “The Warrior” Variar was one of the first ones in my mind, and also the first non-MS Odense player – He would be later on though – to feature in Hattrick United Press. Today is still believe that the wish for both Azeem and i to make a good character is the reason that “The Warrior” is a household name of HTU Managers today. Many players are… “Goldenboy” Paolo Baggio, “EC10” Edi Celai, “The Ghost” Oldřich Páleník, “The Ace” Abdul-Aziz Al-Shamsi, “The Rock” Alfredo Parada, Dölf Bilon, The Alpine Express” Alfred Burch and the worlds greatest storyteller Georg Casabella. The list is end less. Please take a look of the names who has been with Runenberg, Raszkow, Falcons, Krosno, Sigulda, X-Team, Los Mejores or MS Odense amoung many many other great hattrick clubs.

It has been fun so far and if the lust for blogging has ran out it was all worth it. The history of the clubs, the persons behind them and even some of the culture and exports of Denmark became the most natural thing to talk about… what was it?… bacon! As you might remember MS Odense was once “baconized” by Mentor C’s VFJ, but long before that game there has been a lot of talks about bacon… and some even mentioned rugbrød on their blogs. Yes danish food was on the top of the menus for a long time and it was fun. How did we get there? Characters! Because Mentor is both a friendly person but also a great character and great characters has always had a positive snowball effect on Hattrick United. Oh well not every story need to have a positive view. Just ask “Psycho” Sami Arsal. Now there was a big scale snowball effect because of two words… bite me! The story was voted the best of the season at HTU Awards. Sami is a class example on how to build and use a character wisely but also in a mean and no-bullshit kind of way. There was two reasons for Sami to become this not-so-likable persona. The first one was because of a picture of him with sunglasses and a car at the Renaissance blog when he was playing there. The other reason was because of there was no one blogging and wanted to chance that. I think it is fair to say that i managed to get people back writing stories and it was the best post i have written to date. Sami is a special character i my mind because of that story and i think that i once a month is thinking about buying him back to Odense – if possible – just to write a new good story… and yes also to piss someone of once in a while 😉

I hope we all get back to business and start to blog again so we can get good stories like Filips spotlights on HTUM members. Take a look at the federations blog and read about some great managers with great personalities. The real faces behind some of the great characters we have created. Some of those faces are incredibly good writers. They has´ve shown us time and time again. Last but not least we need new characters to keep writing if you ask me. We need a new Bosnjak. We need a new Llosa. New heroes and bad guys. We need new names to blog about. Do i have some of those with MS Odense or FC Tranquebar? Maybe there is a story ii Diaa Zaabalawy. Is there a character hidden inside of him? I believe there is, but the story has to come from inside of me to be good. Rizwan Kardar, Keld Simonsen, Luc Closener and Doc Afaeaki might also be new faces on this blog in the future. We just have to wait and see if it happens or not… If not – This blog will be dead.

What about your blog and club? Is there any new stories and characters in line? I would like to hear about it that i can promise 😉

(Thanks to Sir S for getting me back writing after this story)

manager of the not so mighty but proud MS Odense 😉