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Since the first round, we hade no wins against a non-bot teams, so it was with great pleasure that coach Yannis Kotakis could handle the pressure and get a 3-0 victory at MS Park against Union America.

“It is a huge redemption, and most of all a victory for the morale on the team” he said with a big smile. The old technician who took the plunge for the post as head coach last season, has started a huge project involving both fairly pitch success and extremely focused on talent. “I knew what I went into and development in the squad goes as planned – Look at Byskov today. Yet again he is up there up testing the opposing goalkeeper and Bogh continues his magnificent development even though he was a little injuried today. I have no reason to sleep poorly, and certainly not when we give the division, on paper, second best team an overhauled as we did. ”

MSO Trainer also took notice of Naser Ibn-Faysal after another fine effort that was crowned with the seasons 5 goal from him, including friendlies. “Faysal is the team’s undiscovered diamond. He looks like a piece of coal, but he has so much to offer and most opposite players struggles against his speed.” Faysal Ibn-scored to 3-0 after 72 minutes and and got an assist in the 1-0 goal as Abu-Aziz handled the ball over the line after a half hour game. “Aziz is simply indispensable for us. 102 goals in his career and 52 for us in less than 90 matches – it inspires respect from opponents and even more from his teammates. This is his fourth season at Odense, and the third after his return, and he has 3 topscore titles within the club and one in the division on his conscience – if I think he is top scorer in this season too? The answer is a loudly yes” – Coach Kotakis

Aziz and Co.. now looks ahead at Wednesday’s derby against Kickers Revolution and Sunday’s tough away game against FC Bolhede, who won the reverse match in Odense earlier this season. A battle which, with a victory could send MS Odense up as bookmakers’ favorite for the division’s 3rd space, despite a mediocre season, which has had the club tempted a life near the bottom most of the time.


Union America guets MS Park

On paper, today’s showdown against the guests from Union America the most unpredictable game of the season for MS Odense. The teams has a history of some close and exiting matches – 5 out of 7 showdowns has produced a minimum of 3 goals. Union occurs mostly in a 3-5-2 lineup, normal, and I would be very surprised if they come with another set-up for today’s encounter.

MS Odense has not lost to The Union at home since 16/5-2010 and I expect to get out of the match with 3 points today. After a good week of training it looks like the season’s best States is coming today. The frequent changes in the squad means that although this is 8 showdown between the 2 clubs only 2 players on the team, MSO coach Yannis Kotakis & Ibn-Faysal, has manage to score against the Union and this is in spite of 11 scores in earlier meetings between the 2 teams.

It is indisputable that we need 3 points today if the team is to be found in the top 4 at the end of season and although we are in a building phase we want to be up there. MS Odense coach Yannis Kotakis have selected the following squad for the match:

1. Rupert Westerterp
2. Morten Skytte
3. Kim Kristensen
4. Kim Lamhauge
5. Per Frank Byskov
6. Naser Ibn-Faysal
7. Ronny Vad-Jensen
8. Carsten Bogh
9. Sam Mahmoud Abu-Aziz
10. Toke Lundager
15. Kent Holland
16. Ole Martinussen
17. Ambrosio Wiesenthal
18. Peter Ivarsson
19. Fritz Kongsbak
20. Lenny Rohden


A great week.

The results of this week’s training update arrived Friday morning and it was very positive. On the form / fitness, it was a combined plus this week and it is overshadowed by the expected rises to Ole Martinussen & Toke Karlsen – Ole is a fine player for the team while Toke continues the struggle to remain a part of the squad.

Ole Martinus’s rise was one of the reasons why he was bought to the club and although he is the last of the 3 young newcommers, he is still in play for a spot on the first team. The battle between Holland, Kjaersgaard and Martinussen on site as being 3 central midfielder is very close – Kjaersgaard is put some back into it because of his 3-week injury and he’s already set back despite the fact that he is the youngest man of the three.

Toke Karl’s level is lower than the other players, but as a product of our youthteam he has a great significance. He certainly does not look like a player who ever gets a permanent place in the starting eleven on Sundays but there must also be a part reserves around the team and players like that can make a rational effort by injuries and cards. No clubs can have 20-22 titanic players, nor MS Odense.

Next week’s training is one of the better in club history. Two of the club’s greatest talents is to pop, also is probably a pop on for Ronny Vad-Jensen too. If the 3 pops come in next week, I will focus on getting players into a better shape. I think it has been marked noticeably the immense difficulty with the general fitness of the team because of the hard training and we has got a lot of goals against us at the end of the matches – A No-Go if the team goes wants further up in the divisions. But it is a balance between talent and sporting ambitions to go into a higher unity.

This week we have an exciting match to be played on MS Park Sunday afternoon. Union America comes to visit and it is the most unpredictable matches over our 4 seasons period in VI.979, especially after we sold out of the team who missed promotion to the fifth division at the end of the season 42nd.