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MS Hojris: Thanks HT

Like many others I have seen a decline in transfer rates through the recent past and feared for the economy and the development of MS Odense and it is with great pleasure that I read the latest editorial from HT-Tjecken.

MSO is confident with eyes fixed on the coming changes in the game. The attempt to halt falling prices and a decline in wages would be a huge advantage for us, like many other clubs around the world.

Especially the announced changes to staff the area is one thing that I’ve waiting too long for. I look forward to more choice for the individual manager about what direction the clubs is developing in. The initiative about use of our own talents will fit great into the future plans of MS Odense as we have followed over the past 2 seasons.

It will be interesting to see exactly what happens over the next 2 seasons.


We want to finish in style.

A long season with many ups and downs have reached the end and MS Odense want to finish the season in style. Today’s showdown against Team Traxx will hopefully crown an impressive second half season and put us at a fine third place after a disastrous first half season.

When I look back at the season over the next 2 weeks, it will be with a strong belief in promotion next season, which I think is very realistic unless there is a team in the division with a strength as T-Jorgensen. It is time to go to the fifth division and test the team against up strong opponent There.

The team has got a good mix of experience and youth and last stage up the team structure is to be completed upon purchase of a good winger. Another is on its way in the beginning of the coming season and the team will be strengthened with those transfers.

Possibilities for further tactical possibilities will also reflect the acquisitions of wing players and MS Odense will be a strong force in VI.979. You will already in today’s match could see the importance of strengthening the team. Flemming Overskov is a strong and significant amplification of MS Odense. I am very satisfied with his arrival at MS Odense.

I expect a relatively safe victory in today’s match and will look forward to the upcoming season where the team itself becomes stronger and a strong player or two will arrive.

In season break the team will be tested against seriously strong opponents . El Barto & Jorgensen IF is the first opponent when MS Odense gets ready for a very important season and against a highly skilled opponent I will get to test some of first team players against a competitive manager with a fine team.



An amazing week.

Another week with victories and good training is completed and MS Odense is ready for the last important game of the season. After the impressive 3-0 victory at home against SC Potter, we got a great win in midweek match against Willsonn FC. Ambrosio Wiesenthal & Naser Ibn-Faysal were the goalscorers in a match which we won deservedly. Next week’s test match, the first game with our sight on season 46, becomes an major task. The Jorgensen effect at Det Falske Sted is an exciting challenge.

Weekly training is done and it was with Niclas Kjærsgaard showing good progress. Stamina has begun to move in an positive direction, so that part of the training is also making good progress, the future will be met with excitement and hope for further development of the team. New tactical options will be tested over the season break and some players will probably get new positions on the team with an strengthening of the team as the main purpose. MS Odense is in continuous development, with eyes fixed on the major challenges for the future.

Sunday’s match against Team Traxx is a battle to finish in the top 4 and we see good opportunities to finish in third spot. A result that will be sufficient for both the club and fans.