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Suwon day 5: Exit season 46.

At 12:00 local time tomorrow MS Odense will be on their way home to Denmark, so this is the last time we will welcome you all to a press conference at Hotel Ramada Plaza in Suwon. This time manager MS-Hojris will take you back and give you his thoughts on the last 16 weeks and also take a look at the new season as manager of MS Odense.

“It has been an exiting season in Odense. We have earned a lot of money and also used them in an attempt to strengthen the squad. It is obvious that we have been very busy on the transfer market, building up a new team and 27 transfers this season is the result of this, 12 of these involving players coming from our Academy. It was a bit tough to let players like Carsten Bogh and Per Frank Byskov go but we needed to make some changes because we had many troubles getting the wins we thought we deserved. We have done some great things for the club thinking short terms and on long terms too since then. The signing of Paolo Baggio is by far the most important one. The combination of his talent and our promos has given MS Odense more value for the money than expected and he face a future as the most important player ever to play in Odense. I have been in contact with Scotland’s U20 manager last night to get an update on his thoughts on Baggio and just as predicted, on, is still #1 of his age and we are very pleased to get that information from the manager/scout himself.

We have tried to get a powerful IM as well and the signings of Erminio Bonsignore, Toon Boelhouwer and Dimosthenis Mpatistas has giving us that power. We haven’t got much out of signing Jesús Zamarromalo so far, but when he returns to action he will be a big part of our next campaign to gain promotion. We also got Yann Papon to the club and he has proven that a high age isn’t always that bad and we owe him a lot of credits for a very fine performance so far. Morten Skytte, Toke Lundager, Flemming Overskov and Sam Mahmoud Abu-Aiz has also made fine contributions to to the midfield/wing part of the team and they preform well in multiple areas of the field. The other players has done very well and I must mention Damir Delberovic and Kim Kristensen as they have played many fine games in the last 16 weeks. Kim Kristensen being top scorer with 14 goals and Damir has proven his talent and not being far behind Paolo Baggio.

The training of young goalkeepers has been a great experience and we will continue to do so 1½ season. We have a talent to take care of and we intend to do so. With all the fine words about the squad and our Chairman’s word yesterday, MS Odense is ready for the new season and we expect, and demand our players, to be the top team of our division. I know that we will have to compete with some fine teams and that we have to preform on top every Sunday to succeed and we strongly believe that we are able to do so. You have been informed that Yannis Kotakis is on the verge to enter MS Odense Hall Of Fame, and it is only because we expect him to become a passable coach in the next 16 weeks and that is not enough to keep his place. We hope for Yannis to take over as Academy coach when it hopefully becomes possible in a season or two. Papon or Lundager will take his place unless we gain promotion, then none of those two will be good enough to take control of our squad and we will be forced to find our new coach outside of the club. On the player side we will be looking to strengthen our attack and wing positions and it is only be a matter of finding the best possible players worth the money.

We will have a lot of focus on our Academy in an attempt to find future stars of MS Odense and the search for 15 years old defenders has already started. We hope to find the best talents in Odense, no where else. Entering “HTUM Ivitational” next week and “HTUM Youth Leagues” later this season will give our new talents some great competition – We are looking forward to the challenges. Nicki Nørregaard and Joes Graversen will be sold when the time comes. At the moment Kasper Bohl is the only one who can end up being a future MSO star – he is still U15 and has some abilities that match our future training.

On Public Relations it has been a great season and we hope to do continue down that road in the seasons to come. The MSO Blog is a big part of this and hopefully it is possible to make it better and more interesting – The battle for promotion, a good cup run, The Golden League and Baggios hunt for a U20 spot is the priorities”.

– MS Odense Manager MS-Hojris


Suwon day 4: Chairman Ulrich Gehrt

Welcome back to Hotel Ramada Plaza and the 3th press conference on out 6 day long training camp in Suwon, South Korea. We have a special treat for you today as MS Odense Chairman Mr. Ulrich Gehrt will make his first public appearance. Mr. Gehrt will tell you about our financial situation, MSO U19 and talk about the clubs expectations for the upcoming season.

“When your in charge of a club like MS Odense it is a fact that the economy, Youth Academy and plans for the future is a big part of your working hours and I would like to give you a season update on how we did in season 46 and our expectation to season 47. Let’s start with the economy.

MS Odense is delighted to have so many dedicated fans. The match income this season was 31.875.599 d.Kr. and we send a big thank you to the almost 2100 members of “MSO ULTRAS”. Their contributions when playing at home on “MS Park” is very admirable, and we hope that this group of people will continue to grow as a group and in their dedication. Our relations to the sponsors is as always magical and we can’t thank them enough for giving the club 16.262.250 d.Kr. Most of these money we used to keep a very high standard at “MS Park” and we spend 4.255.815 d.Kr. on that behalf. The cost and income in our youth Academy is the most positive economic event of the season. The Academy cost us 3 million danish kroner every season, but this season we had a record breaking result on sales of our youth prospects. The income on transfers was 40.384.501 and it’s the best season ever, looking at the economy. Income and payments on transfers was very high this season. We sold players 59,5 millions and because we needed to strengthen the squad because of changes in training and after we bought Baggio and Delberovic the total amount of money spend on transfer was almost 81 millions. Bonus incomes from former Academy players and players in general was 4,5 millions. We think we have invested in the future plans for MS Odense and -17,5 millions on this account is acceptable.

The talent work at the Academy gave us some financial strength and we would like to thank every player coming out of MSO U19. We face some difficulty finding talent this past season, but there will be a chance of strategy in our youth team in the next season. Our scouts will start looking for 15 years old defensive players because of our change in training in the A-squad 1½ seasons from now. We need to find some talents to take the place in our senior defense when the time comes. One of our main goals on this matter is to get some serious competition and we will start this coming Tuesday when we enter “HTUM Invitational” as a warm up to HTUM Youth League, begining in December 2011.

The seniors had a fine season and made a huge comeback to win the Championship for the first time in 4 season. We expect to gain promotion next season and continue the development of “The Next Big Thing” Paolo Baggio. Damir Delberovic will be giving a transfer sometime next season. We need to get 2 players more, and maybe 3 to get a stronger squad, also we have made a deal with Yannis Kotakis to enter The Hall Of Fame sometimes next season – Toke Lundager or Yann Papon will be his replacement as Coach of MS Odense it all depends on injuries and the form of these 2 old players. Going for the win in the division, we also returns to MS Cup and The Golden League next season and we will do our best to make an even better performance in those two tournaments. In the Danish cup we made it to the 4th round this season and would like to repeat that or even going a round or 2 more”.

– MS Odense Chairman Ulrich Gehrt

Tomorrow MS Odense Manager MS-Hojris will take a look at the new season.


Suwon day 3: “No fun, but expected”

Once again MS Odense welcomes you to Ramada Plaza Conference hall in Suwon, South Korea. Today we will give you our thoughts on The Golden League game we played yesterday and look towards next season. Club representatives this time will be Coach Yannis Kotakis and Midfielder Erminio Bonsignore.

MS Odense played their 6th Golden League game yesterday at Waegari Park. The 2262 spectators got a very one-sided game as MS Odense failed to produce any major chances and with the home team, AS Uijeongbu 07, playing very well, the outcome of the game was easy to predicted.

AS Uijeongbu 07 – MS Odense
1 – 0 Liao Hanguang 7′
2 – 0 Nuh Pakel 30′
3 – 0 Hasan Muhammed 40′
4 – 0 Aybars Uysal 41′
5 – 0 Aybars Uysal 60′
6 – 0 İsmail Aydıner 63′
7 – 0 Ahmadi Ali 64′

MSO lineup 4-5-1 normal:
Kristensen, Lamhauge, Skytte, Lundager
Overskov, Bonsignore, Kotakis, Mpatistas, Papon

62′ Abu-Aziz > Papon (Injury)

“I think the result tells the story. We had nothing to offer and we knew it before coming on to the pitch. The team gave so much of itself in the game against Lüthje Trading, so we had no believe in making a good appearance this time, but we wish we could have. You have to be reasonable looking at this game. We played match of the seasons 2½ days before, had a long flight down here. We had nothing to offer and are very sorry that Uijeongbu and the spectators didn’t get the game they were looking for. The hosts has a great squad and maybe they would have won anyway, but I think we could have been quite equal if we had been on top. Hopefully the will visit Odense in the future and then maybe everyone will have the match they expected”.

– MS Odense player Erminio Bonsignore.

MS Odense will now take a break from The Golden League and make their return when they finished their run in the Danish Cup. The opponent in the first round of the Danish Cup was found yesterday. MS Odense will play Sönderjylland HFK at “Stade de Sönderjylland”.

“We shouldn’t have too many problems with them. This will be a game where almost every player should get a chance to participate and we will properly not meet any teams notable before entering the 3th round. We haven’t played at home in the cup in a couple of seasons so I hope we will get the chance this season. This competition is very important to us this season as it could earn us some money to strengthen the squad and also we would like to make a good impression as a team as well and at least make the 4th round again.

To make the 4th round we need to get hold on our injured players, and hope not to get more. Papon is out of action for at least a week, and properly more, as he was unfortunate to get a knee injury yesterday and with Zamarromalo out too, we might get in trouble when the new season starts because of a very small selection of players. I don’t think we will buy new players at the moment but if more injuries appears we will be forced to act on transfers. None of our future opponents in VI.979 has made any notable transfers so far, so I’m still confident that we will show some serious strength when the we meet Union America next week.

Talking about the squad. MS Odense sold 17 year old Lucas Kinnerup, Wednesday morning. Lucas signed a contract with Foot Marseillais in the French 6th division. We wish him good luck and all the best in the future. We hope that he will make us proud and become a great player. We have 2 more youth players on sale in the weeks to come and I know that we have some great news about our youth team when our Chairman will appear in public for the first time tomorrow.

I have nothing much to say about our training sessions. Yesterday we got ready for the match and today we took it easy. We have two days before going home and we will concentrate on getting the players in shape and then have a good time”.

-MS Odense Coach Yannis Kotakis