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Mpatistas and Odense takes the lead

The Danish League VI.979
MS Park Attendance: 35021
Time MS Odense 6 1 Union America
6′ P. Ivarsson 1 0
23′ A. Wiesenthal 2 0
34′ D. Impatistas 3 0
35′ K. Kristensen 4 0
57′ D. Mpatistas 5 0
79′ 5 1 W. Cintra
82′ P. Ivarsson 6 1

MS Odense showed an intimidating strength in against last season’s number 2. 35021 spectators defied the rain and were witnesses to a game where the home team had no trouble at all. The prelude to the match was affected by uncertainty about the strength of the two teams but Odense quickly put a stop to these thoughts, and showed great strength in defense and midfield. Swedish Ivarsson has on several occasions shown his ability to score while the Greek midfielder showed great quality as both scored 2 goals in the match and Mpatistas was exited about his performance.

“I am enormously pleased to contribute to the success we are experiencing right now. Goals have been lacking on my part and it is a relief to contribute to the size of the victory. I think we perform at a high level against a good opponent and as long as we can play like this we will be difficult to beat and I hope I can keep my place on the team and score more goals during the season”.

– MS Odense player Dimosthenis Mpatistas

The promising start to the season gives MS Odense the impressive score of 15-1 in 2 games and Odense taking the lead in VI.979. Next up is the cup tie versus Eskebjerg FC and it shouldn’t give to many sleepless nights.


“TheToon” led the way in 9-0 victory

Time Sønderjylland HFK MS Odense
5′ 0 1 M. Skytte
17′ 0 2 S. M. Abu-Aziz
22′ 0 3 T. Boelhouwer
23′ 0 4 T. Boelhouwer
62′ 0 5 F. Overskov
65′ 0 6 T. Lundager
71′ 0 7 E. Bonsignore
78′ 0 8 F. Overskov
84′ 0 9 T. Boelhouwer HT

MS Odense kicked off the new season with a solid performance at “Stade de Sønderjylland” and is ready for the 2. round in The Danish Cup. Full back Morten Skytte started the show after 5 minutes of play and “The Toon” sealed the victory scoring the last goal with 6 minutes left of the game. The 7000 spectators got a one-way game with Sønderjylland HFK being over matched in every part of the game and on all positions on the field.

“We are very pleased with the result and got the start of the season we where hoping for. We got a couple of yellow cards and a shocker with Baggio being rough handled in the start of the match so it was not all easy as it might seems. I know we shouldn’t complain about a game like this and on a personal matter I did well, but you never know what happens in these games and in some parts we got lucky today”.

– MS Odense hat-trick hero Toon Boelhouwer

The game started very well but Kotakis got a bit worried when “The Next Big Thing” Paolo Baggio was laying on the ground in pain, after 12. minutes, but the talented Scotsman got back on his feet and finished the game and again he managed to get a clean sheet. Winger Flemming Overskov got a fine start to the season too scoring 2 times today and Odense icon Sam Mahmoud Abu-Aziz once again showed his skills, scoring the second goal of the game and being MOM

“We wasn’t tested today and that’s the truth, but it is always nice to get a big win to kick off the season. Come Sunday and it will be a much different opponent – That’s what we should be thinking about. Today we just did as expected. Nothing more, nothing less”.

– MS Odense icon Sam Mahmoud Abu-Aziz

In the second round of The Danish Cup MS Odense will play Eskebjerg FC at “Eskebjerg Park”. The game i scheduled to be played next Wednesday 16:45 CET and another victory should be possible. First up is the season debut in the league against a very familiar opponent – Union America will guest MS Park this Sunday and it will be a most important match to win in the attempt to gain promotion this season.

In other news today:

MS Odense is delighted to announce that Paolo Baggio was awarded with “HTU Awards Talent Of The Season” and one of our blog posts was awarded “HTU Awards Blog Post Of The Season” today. MS Odense would like to thank the members of the “HTU Manager” federation for this awards.


The Danish Cup: Sønderjylland HFK – MS Odense

MS Odense will make their first appearance of the season, when entering the danish cup later today. The defending VI.979 champions will try to stay in the cup for as long as possible this season and gain promotion too. This first round encounter will be played at Stade De Sønderjylland and MSO should have no trouble getting a ticket to the next stage.

“We won’t take them lightly and we’re going for a big win. Our strikers need to get a good start to the season and we like to continue the fine work rate and performance we showed at the end of last season. Also we would like to send a strong message to Union America prior to our clash on Sunday.

– MS Odense Coach Yannis Kotakis.

The Greek has nominated a squad of 15 players to the cup game.

1. Paolo Baggio
2. Morten Skytte
3. Kim Kristensen
4. Kim Lamhauge
5. Peter Ivarsson
6. Dimosthenis Mpatistas
7. Yann Papon
9. Toon Boelhouwer
10. Ambrosio Wiesenthal
11. Flemming Overskov
13. Erminio Bonsignore
14. Toke Lundager
15. Sam Mahmoud Abu-Aziz
16. Damir Dilberović
99. Yiannis Kotakis