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Derby victory

Traditions, honor and glory is the trademark of MS Cup. This is the 5th time the tournament is played and MS Odense has participated in all of them and we got a successful start in this season’s edition. The derby against Buffon Garlic Gang was won on 2 late scores, but it was more due to a brain hemorrhage from GE than coach Kotakis choice of tactics and substitutions.

“GE made some funny things today” said Manager MOD-Hojris after the game. “Lamhauge playing as a striker, Papon out after only one minute and Ambro didn’t play – Very strange”. The game was played in front of 1692 fans at MS Park in very wet conditions and therefor it was no surprise with Jesus Zamarromalo as goalscorer today. More surprisingly was the fact that it first happen after 75 minutes against a team of inexperienced players from the visitors. “The special one” Sam M. Abu-Aziz was the man behind the second goal, after having enough misses today. 5 minutes before the end he was first on a lose ball coming from BGG goalkeeper Karsten Bundgaard – 2:0.

3 points was most important and with the strange things happening today a clean sheet to Hjorth was much welcomed – The first one as a senior player and maybe the only one for weeks because the competition is getting strong.

4/1 MS Odense – Fodboldklubben
11/1 FC Bird is the word – MS Odense
18/1 GrassAttack – MS Odense
25/1 MS Odense – Hotshot BK

If we managed to end in top 2 we will advance to the semifinal, but to be honest it will be a huge surprise.

Gruppe 1: K V U T +/- P
Fodboldklubben 1 1 0 0 3 : 0 3
FC Bird is the word 1 1 0 0 3 : 0 3
MS Odense 1 1/td> 0 0 2 : 0 3
Buffons Garlic Gang 1 0 0 1 0 : 2 0
Hotshot BK 1 0 0 1 0 : 3 0
GrassAttack 1 0 0 1 0 : 3 0

HU Press – New Blog is up and running.

Minor things like size of pictures etc. needs more work but the transition with HUP going from a “newspaper” into a news blog is now at a point that the site can be reviled and editor Pierpaolo Scavo is ready to make new stories and deliver all the latest news from Hattrick, HTU Managers, Golden League, HTUM U18 Championship and much more.

A few stories from the newspapers has been added and also the latest GL stats is on. Not all links are ready to go but take a look around and comment if you have something to say. Please remember to bookmark the site and participate in the ongoing vote – Thanks. (link will open in a new window). If you want to know what the main topics will be in the future make sure to read “HU Press up and running” on the blog.

This blog will continue to publish stories about MS Odense and maybe show some teasers from HU Press News blog.


Low activity? I don’t think so.

Eight days without a new post from either MS Odense or HUP is a very long time and I don’t think it has happen in the last 6 month. Now those of you who know me from within hattrick might think that it’s because of my newly MOD status but it isn’t and it has nothing to do with holidays either.

The reason is the i have been working on a blog for HUP outside hattrick united. One week after the first release of HUP i send a request to hattrick about getting the chance to change the template on this blog but my wish was not granted and i have had many thoughts on what to do about it. Let there be no doubt that i support hattrick and hattrick united – I will keep using the MSO blog for my team and to make a connection to the new home of HUP.

The reason for doing all this is that it takes a bit of time to make the “newspaper” and even thought i enjoy making them sometimes it a matter of time, to many or few stories, pictures, design an much more. The use of a news blog to HUP, who is all about yours and my work, is by far the best way to do it, if it shall be done and that it up to both you and me.

The next few days i will continue to work on the design and to take old stories and features out of the earlier releases and make them available as posts on the blog. Sometime in January all issues and stories from HUP will transfer from this blog to the new one, but before i do that the re will be some chances for most of you to vote on different ideas on what should be present on the new HUP blog.

I hope you will keep up the support of HUP when it moves on, as GL stats and everything else will continue only a few days after new years eve.