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Match number 374

Today it is time to get the new season going for real and there has been a lot of activity in Odense to get ready for the first of many big games this season. Hutli Hut will visit MS Park this afternoon, in the division 5 debut and MS Odense has to take the role as the favorite today. A thing that will be very uncommon only weeks from now, so the players have to enjoy it when they get the chance. Today’s match is number 374 since MS Odense was established and for many season the 5 division has been the main goal. MSO Blog had a chat with team manager Hojris this morning about today’s encounter and a bit about the future.

‘We look like the better team today, but you can never tell for sure in the first game, so it is going to be very exiting to run on to the field of MS Park, for the players today’

Said manger Hojris at the arrival at MS Park earlier this morning. The man in charge of MS Odense has had a busy day so far, getting ready to welcome the sponsors to the big day and also to sign two new contracts!

‘It is a special day for us. We have been fighting hard to get to this point and we would like to give our sponsors and fans a good experience. We wanna show what the new kids on the block in Denmark’s V.245 is all about. We are not here just to make it, but to win and make an impression. Also we are preparing for the future with the signings of 2 of our young players from the academy.We are delighted to have signed long term contracts with Kasper and Michael. They have been in our a part of our strategy for a while and even though it is possible that Kasper will be transferred, we would like to see both of them in the club for a long time. The plan for both of them is already made and i think they could make the starting eleven in 1 to 1½ season. Michael has been the captain og our U18 team and Kasper is an all-rounder and could end up as a new Kenneth Ebbensgaard, even though he don’t have the specialty. But of course they have a long way to go before getting getting the chance in the league, but both of them will get to play in the cup and also get a lot of experience playing in the Golden League later this season. Today they will be presented to the fans at halftime and we hope that Ultras will accept the two new young faces in the squad

17 years old Kasper Bohl gets shirt number 15 while Michael Pettersson gets number 17. Kasper is an OCD/DM and looks like a man that will be trained to play in different positions, just like Kenneth Ebbensgaard did before he got a transfer. Pettersson has been the leader and captain at Odense Academy Center. He has a disadvantage looking at his age, but he expected to be the successor of Morten Skytte, 3 seasons from now.

Today’s game against Hutli Hut will not be an easy task for MS Odense. The visitors from Greenland! has been a constant part of the top games in VI. for many seasons now and despite that they also make their debut in division 5, it is expected that they will anything to get a good start and thereby a great result at MS Park later today. The home team will be hoping to see Baggio, Wiesenthal and inform midfielder Jesus Zamarromalo to reach there top level if they want the 3 points today. The MSO Blog got a chance to talk to Zamarramalo last night and here was his thoughts on today’s game.

‘We have a fair chance to take the 3 points in that game and think we will do so. From my own point of view it is great to be fit and ready this season. I’m in the best shape of my entire career and really looking forward to the season opener and I hope that i can continue to my streak and score for the 4 game in a row, that would be a great start for me personaly. Ambrosio and Jelko also has got a great start to the season, scoring 3 goals and if Paolo plays like he normally do, we will be a tough opponent for Hutli Hut.

16:00 (HTT) MS Odense – Hutli HUt [Match-ID=373905059]


Baggio and Scotland Got A Draw.

Last night the real debut as a U20 player became a reality for ‘The Next Big Thing’ Paolo Baggio and the talented goalkeeper played a fine game as Scotland and North Ireland ended with a draw, 1-1.

16445 spectators watch a close encounter at Stade de Force in Strathclyde, Scotland. A friendly with the future stars of Scotland on the field and beside a fault on the right side of the field that lead to the goal for the visitors, the new breed of Scotland did a great job. The young midfielder, Ronan Smith, scored the goal for the home team only 8 minutes after North Ireland went one up.

Baggio played the first 89 minutes of the game and was substituted by Eric Brady with one minute to go and it looks like Eric will get the chance to prove his worth next week, but it is no secret that MS Odense think that Donrobson (Scotlands U20 manager) should give their talent as much time in the goal as possible and it will only help Scotland’s chances in the next qualifier.

With the focus set on last nights encounter, Paolo was very happy to get his chance in the goal.

‘It was great to get the chance and i think that we did well as a team. We have to expect at lot of difficult games in the weeks to come, cause to the minor setback in the team spirit after a missing qualifier only a few weeks ago. We are young and have a great future in front of us and we must keep our mind on developing a good team and spirit before going into the next WC qualifier.’

Even tough he only have played 1 whole game, ‘The Next Big Thing’ is officially noted to have 2 U20 games on his record and that at age 18,70. How much can he reach on that account, in his own mind?

‘I’m not the decider on that issue. I can only continue to get better and show the best i got, everytime i get on the field and it doesn’t matter if it is for my country or my team. I have to perform in every game that i play. That is the only way to reach my own goals – To help Scotland and to get 10 games, or more, for the U20 team.

MS Odense manager once again followed his young talent as close as possible last night and he was happy about what he saw last night.

‘No doubt about it. Paolo and the rest of the team did well and everyone must be satisfied with the game. A new chapter has begone for many of the players, and also for the two nations. We, as a club, also has a job to do with this. We need to make Paolo even better to make the choice easy for Mr. Robson and his successor. Hard work from our staff and Paolo himself is the only way for Scotland and our young keeper and of course it is also good for our team to have a talent like this in the club, and the more games he gets on that level more and more will get a chance to know about the work we do in Odense.

The next game for Baggio will be tomorrows game between MS Odense and Hutli Hut in Denmark’s V.245 series.


Shutting down – Season 47

The final game of the season has been played and, again, MS Odense got a great result, like many other times this season. Few defeats and one draw follow by 25 wins in 30 games is the result of the best season in MS Odense history. I will use this post to slice the best results, performances and happenings throughout this season.Also it is importnat to remember the good thing, now that i will go into a season that will be the hardest on results in maybe 10 season.

Domestic: 13 wins and 1 draw
Domestic Cup: 3 wins and 1 loss
MS Cup: 2 wins and 2 losses
The Golden League: 6 wins and 1 loss

25 Victories:
Biggest win / Domestic: 11-0 (H) against FC Bolhede
Biggest win / Domestic Cup: 9-0 (A) against Sønderjylland HFK
Biggest win / MS Cup: 8-0 (H) against Hotshot BK
Biggest win / The Golden League: 6-0 (A) against Warsaw Scousers

4 Losses:
Biggest loss / Domestic: None
Biggest loss / Domestic Cup: 0-1 (H) to Nøvling Football Club
Biggest loss / MS Cup: 5-1 (A) to GrassAttack
Biggest loss / The Golden League: 2-0 (A) to FC Rünenberg

MS Odense haven’t lost a game in the domestic league for 21 games
MS Odense has scored 122 goals this season (all games included)
MS Odense gained promotion to the danish 5. division for the first time

Domestic: 59-6
Domestic Cup: 20-1
MS Cup: 7-6
The Golden League: 28-5

Top-scorer this season:
Domestic: Ambrosio Wiesenthal – 11
Domestic Cup: Toon Boelhouwer – 4
The Golden League: Yann Papon & Kim Kristensen – 5

Player stats

Paolo Baggio:
* 10 clean sheets in 17 games
* is a part of Scotland’s U20 squad
* Voted HTU Managers “Talent Of The Season” for the second season in a row

Ambrosio Wiesenthal:
* 17 goals in 22 games
* Team captain in 18 of 22 games
* MOM 11 times

Jelko Indihar:
* Bought for 2,2 mill$
* 8 goals in 9 games
* MOM 6 times

Erminio Bonsignore:
* Played in every single game this season
* 13 goals in 30 games
* MOM 6 times

In one week we kickoff season 48 against OlesSlaver and looking very much forward to it.