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Goldenboy Replaces The Next Big Thing

Last night at Robert Adams Park, in North Ireland, Paolo Baggio finally showed some class at an international level and got a ‘real’ clean sheet in his 6th international appearance, when Scotland won 1-0 away. Baggio was replaced, as usual, by Eric Brady after 89 minutes of play and had no trouble living up to his new nick, Goldenboy.

“A couple of months ago i had a chat with Mentor C about ‘The Next Big Thing’ and the matter that he wouldn’t be ‘next’ very soon and the search for a new nick started. Yesterday the decision was made and we think that the new nickname is very suitable for a player of his caliber and also we had a chance to pay a tribute to The Golden League at the same time and that is why both Paolo and Yann got their official nicknames yesterday. From this moment and on they will be known as Paolo ‘Goldenbay’ Baggio and Yann ‘Golden Bomber’ Papon. Manager Hojris told the press after yesterdays 1-2 loss at home in HTUM Youth League 2. He only had a few coments about that game. “Unlucky was what we was in that game, but we admit that Xuturo and co has a gift to make extraordinary results from time to time, both in the senior and junior ranks. Our team did well and we know that Dolleris and the rest of our boys will have their revenge very soon”.

The upcoming HT week has 4 very exiting encounters waiting for MS Odense. Sunday we will play at home against Iglemose and we will go for 3 points and hopefully take a big step towards survival in V.245. A unexpected opportunity this early in the tournament, but it only tells the story of a small but strong squad in Odense. “It’s a huge game for us and we can make another upset this season tomorrow, but we have to play our best or else we will lose and get into a fight for survival for the rest of the season” told coach Kotakis after the last training before the match. The Greek coach of MS Odense has a full sqaud to chose his starting eleven from and with many players showing great form at the moment MSO looks good and will have every opponent working hard not to get run over.

Monday we will play against Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno in League Of The Titans and after the 1-0 to FC Prague Silvers this week, we have to win with a couple of goals and hope for Prague to kick AS Uijeongbus ass in Korea at the same time if we still want to be a part of this tournament. Not an unreachable goal, but it’s gonna be difficult and we neede a lot of luck to get trough to the semifinals.

Wednesday we play at home, in the golden league, against yet another strong opponent and it will be a close encounter against Super Troopers FC. The Brits looks very strong and is also at 100% with it comes to taking points in their golden league campaign this season. We are number 6 at the moment, with the troopers just behind us and both teams looks like top contenders this season, so the predictions will be tough to make, but we will go for the win like we always do and then they have to show that they are good enough to get into the fight.

Friday night will properly be a night of for ‘Goldenboy’ when Scotland takes on North Ireland in the two nations on going training sessions between each others, but we truly believe that when we reach global season 49, ‘Goldenboy’ will be the number one goalkeeper for his native countries U20. Friday night is also Youth game time and if MSOU18 wants to be a part of the battle for promotion we have to win in Belgium against Lokomotiv Veltems youngsters and it won’t be an easy task for us. Our team is still searching for new talents to get even better and promotion looks difficult this season, but if Mørup and Dolleris continues to preform like they normally do, we have a small chance, but most important is the development and training to get the young players ready for the main squad and also to get players ready for transfers. We had a chance to get some words from our leader of Odense Academy Center, Mogens Lauridsen.

“Sofus Mørup is ready to play as a senior player two weeks from now. He will be a powerful striker and solid in scoring when he promote and we hope that there is a Golden League team out there who needs a future star. He will be ready for transfer on April 13th and we like to see him as a Golden League player, so please let us now if Sofus has any interest. The academy looks strong when looking at the future at the moment, but as a team we lack a bit of power on the midfield and it is doubtful if we will chance that at the moment. Dolleris, Primdahl and many more has great potential and we have many upcoming golden league stars, but we are still losing too much – We simply need the luck and also integrity to keep up the standard and it shines through when you look at our matches against Fledglings and X juniors. Something is missing but the quality is here for sure, no one can question that with that stats we are producing at the moment. To be fair to my boys i have to say that at this moment we are a part of a strategy to produce the best talents for the main squad and it will always make troubles when looking at results, and they are second choice this time around. Next season we will benefit from our work getting the youngsters ready for Golden league and hopefully division 5 football as well”.


Mr. Golden League

Did MS Odense end an era yesterday, when they played FC Sigulda 08. Properly not, but the Danish defense made sure that no one noticed that Sigulda star player Serif Bosnjak was on the field, and the man on the front page of the newspapers this morning is the 37 years old striker Yann Papon.

With Odense down by one after only 7 minutes of play it was time to fight hard to get back in the game and the very experienced Papon became the man of the hour when he scored after 61 minutes and from that moment and on, it was all Odense. It looked like a draw between the two teams when Yann got a chance to score twice in the game with only 6 minutes to go and he didn’t disappoint his teammates and secured the win 2-1 at Camp Randall Stadium.

“We are very happy to have Yann in the squad and of course he is a very important player to us and he has made us forget that Wiesenthal has had injury trouble this past few weeks. We consider Yann Papon to be Mr. Golden League cause he has played in 13 of our 15 golden league encounters and he has scored 8 goals. He has a special gift that makes him shine against the big teams and his two goals yesterday proved that once again, and i made me think about the 4 goals he scored against Warsaw Scousers last season. Now let me remind you all that he has scored 6 goals against 2 of the top competitors in this tournament. His actions speaks for itself” said Manager Hojris after the game.

You can see all the results of MS Odense in the golden league here


The End Of An Era

“We don’t want to disrespect the talent he had and we acknowledges what he has accomplished and what he has done for the tournament, but everything comes to an end and to begin a new era you have to finished one. It is with both honor and sorrow that we are going to Latvia to end the Serif Bosnjak era in the golden league and let Jelko Indihar get his time under the bright lights”

This was the final word from Odense manager, Mr. Hojris, after the press conference that announced the very first match between FC Sigulda 08 and MS Odense. A match that will be a part of next weeks golden league fixtures and if it goes like they expect in Odense, a new era of the golden league will begin. One might have hoped for a calm week at the blogs after the wordfued between Mr. Essenn and Mr. Hojris prior to the game between Pig Hunters and MS Odense, but the straight talking from Odense might once again take the golden league by surprise. We asked Mr. Hojris if he provoke the opponents on purpose?

“No not at all. We don’t have a need to do things like that. We’re just being honest and tells it like it is. I see nothing wrong with that and if you can’t take the heat, maybe it’s time get out of the kitchen” Mr. Hojris said with a little smile on his face. “You know if you want to take the title you got to believe in yourself and we backup our words with the play and results on the field”. Bosnjak is a golden league legend, the first of his kind and maybe the only one, so why try to ruin that?

“What should we do? Lose” was the angry respond from Mr. Hojris before he continued. “Prove us wrong if you can, but you won’t succeed. We had a rough start in the first golden league season, but our run in global season 47 tells everything. We only lost one golden league game in Basel and we were not particular lucky in that game. Now we have a chance to continue that fine run and go for more than we got out of our first golden league campaign”.

Sounds like Odense expect to be unbeaten in season 2. “Not all we ain’t stupid and unrealistic in out thoughts. There is many great team who can make things miserable for us and a handful of teams who can give us a fight to the end of this season, but we can handle the pressure and the squad is looking good. We believe in our self and why shouldn’t we. Why? – Yes we have respect for Sigulda, Falcon, VFJ, KKK, Evil and all the other teams in the golden league, but let’s face the facts, When you can get a 2-2 result at Waegari Park, you ain’t that bad a team…. please correct me if I’m wrong. Come Wednesday next week and we will show you that we can and will backup our words – Like it or not”.

13:45 cet, Camp Randall Stadium