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Primdahl signs with MSO

Followers of MS Odense has seen this coming for a while, but earlier today it became official. MS Odense has signed a new contract with OAC talent, Magnus Primdahl, and he is now a part of our main squad.

“Magnus Primdahl has been on our academy for a season and has shown that he has the talent and also has the abilities to be a part of our main squad. We have high hopes for Magnus and he will become a major part of our upcoming changes on the training ground. We haven’t had a quick player like him for a while (since Bogh and Byskov left the club) and we are sure that he will bring some new positive elements to our game.

It is expected that Magnus will get the chance to play first team football midway trough next season. and we believe that he will serve the club just as well in the future, as he has done in the past”.

– Yannis Kotakis, MS Odense coach

Magnus Primadal gets shirt number 18


LIVE: MS Odense – Stolberg FC

Take a good look at the picture above. That is what MS Park will look like when the defending champions of Denmark’s V.245 series comes to Odense later today.


Stolberg FC has been on a roll lately, with 2 very impressive wins against Iglemose, and a crushing defeat of Fodvortene last week. The 3 wins sets Stolberg in second place.

One point behind the champions is MS Odense, The surprise of the season and the V. series debutantes has done remarkable well so far, with Stolberg FC, and the leaders from Lokomotiv Gentofte, being the only ones that have managed to take a win against the newcomer.

The first encounter between the two ended with a 2-0 victory at The Black Hole. Fullback Jancat and striker Meluon scored for the home team. While Mpatistas and Baggio was the best players from Odense at that occasion.

Midfielders Edi ‘EC10’ Celai and Sami ‘Psycho’ Arsal can make their debut in the Danish series, if they get on the field today.

Defender Kim Kristensen is joined top scorer alongside Ulf Flindt (from Iglemose) and Jørgen Martinussen from Lokomotiv Gentofte.

This weekend it is exactly two seasons since Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio’s made his debut for MS Odense. The 19,22 years old goalkeeper has played 45 games since then – 10 of them for Scotland’s U20.

LIVE coverage:
MSO-TV will transmit the game LIVE at 16:00 HT time.
Commentator: Toke Lundager.

16:19 “Finally, after some technical difficulty, MS Odense and MSO-TV in association with Golden League TV, Welcomes you to the beautiful stadium, MS Park, on the north east side of Odense. My name is Toke Lundager and i welcome you in attendance with a sold out stadium. 42.554 fans has come together in the fantastic weather to see the game between MS Odense and Stolberg FC, in the Danish V.245 series.

The lineup for the two teams goes like this. Stolberg FC has Pizarro in the goal, Götterup-Tang, Usmi, Jančať as the defenders, Perazo, Miarons, Sugihara, Metodiev, Peseiro on the midfield and Douro and Meloun in front. The home team has, of course, Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio in the goal, Kristensen, Skytte, Ivarsson, Lamhauge in the defense, Mpatistas, Zamarromalo, Bonsignore, Boelhouwer, Chatzisiros on the midfield and 19 years old EC10 in front. A 4-5-1 against a 3-5-2 formation just as expected.”

16:23 “Unfortunately we just received the message about Iglemose, who got a WO against Hutli Hut and that, makes Iglemose going just 2 points behind Odense on the 5th place that gives a nerve breaking qualifier at the end of the season. Odense has to put some pressure on Stolberg, to get 3 points today – and they do. Stolbergs Perazo with a harsh challenge on Morten Skytte, but the Dane can continue so far. Perazo get’s a yellow card from the ref”.

16:25 “Big chance to Meloun, who scored last time the two teams collided, but Baggio prevent a goal and gives a corner. Fantastic save and great shot from Stolberg striker too”.

“We have past the first half hour and Odense still haven’t had a chance yet, but the conditions for a chance or two, to the technical wonder Edi Celai is there and with the pressure his teammates are laying on the guests. This match is very hard to call at this time”.

16:40 “40 minutes are gone in a very tight encounter. I feel the tension on the field and the spectators is feeling it to. 42.554 is chanting ‘FORZA ODENSE’ over and over again. What a game and what a crowd we are having here at MS Park today. Only a goal for Odense is missing”.

16:45 “Half time with the score 0-0 and Odense is controlling the game very well. The home side has the ball position by 62%. If yoau take the solo raid from Aldolf Meloun waya. The most notable action from Stolberg FC was the substitution of striker Douro, who was replaced by fellow striker Hahn, after 40 minutes of play. The half time results from the other games in Denmark’s V.245. Rytter – Lokomotiv Gentofte 0-6. Jan Larsen got a hattrick in that game so far. Toppers UN might face another setup this season as they are down 1-0 to Fodvorterne at Vorteparken. Those results moves Toppers UN out of top four, with Iglemose in fourth position now. Top three is still Gentofte, Stolberg and Odense, with Rytter and Hutli Hut still in the bottom two. Let’s see what the second half will bring when we return at 17:00”.

17:05 “Second half is under way and it starts with another substitution from the visitors. Midfielder Metodiev is replaced by Korva. No changes from Odense at this time and they don’t seem to need it. Still 0-0 at MS Park”.

17:11 “Goooooooooooooooaaaaaaaal! MS OOOOOOOdense. Tooooon Boelhouwer got the ball past Pizarro and people are going wild at MS Park. Odense is back into second place at this moment. Fabulous play by the home team gave The Toon an easy chance. MS Odense 1, Stolberg FC 0”.

17:21 “Goooooaaaaaaaaaaal! Stolberg FC. Beautiful passes and a shot from Peserio got past Paolo Baggio. New score is 1-1. Let’s see if Odense has more to give”.

17:30 “15 minutes left and Stolberg is trying to strengthen their defense by substituting striker Jancat with Mendonsa, who plays in the defense. Another yellow card has been given to the visitors. Miarons hard style of play was to much for the ref”.

17:35 “10 minutes left of the game. Odense has more than once scored the winning goal in the last 5 minutes. Will history repeat it self once more?”.

17:40 “Time is running out. 5 minutes to go and if someone wants 3 points they have to strike now”.

17:45 “Full time and 1-1 between the defending champions of V.245 and the newcomers from Odense. Coach Yannis Kotakis has to be very pleased by the result and the fact that his team has only lost 2 games in the series so far. 2 more home ties to go, against Fodvortene and Rytter, also a chance to take a point from the leaders from Gentodte at their home graound and finally a game that seems to be a WO in the last round – Odense still holds on to the third place in the series and hopefully more points will be added to their campaign next week. With a replay of Toon Boelhouwers goal to 1-0 after 56 minutes of play is the last from MSO-TV this afternoon. We’ll be back Wednesday with some Golden League football, when Odense welcomes Langer House from India”.


MSO-TV: Live From Antrim

Reporter Lundager (middle): “Good evening folks and welcome to MSO-TV, and welcome to Stadium Of Hope in Antrim, North Ireland. We are happy to have the chance to broadcast live from this beautiful studio, witch we share with Scottish TV, tonight. The issues we gonna discus tonight is of course Paolo Baggio, who plays his 10th international tonight. We have MS Odense manager, owner of Baggio, in the studio (left) to talk about Scotland’s number 1, under 21, goalkeeper. We will also keep you updated on the game between Lokomotiv Veltem YC and MS Odense U18, where Magnus Primdahl will play his last match. To the right on your screen we have invited Odense scout Rune Graversen to a talk about finding the talents like Baggio, Primdahl and EC10. Welcome to MSO-TV – Live from Antrim, here in North Ireland”

Lundager: “Fantastic goals we all just witnessed here at Stadium Of Hope. Sharpley was the goalscorer after18 minutes. Mr. Hojris your thoughts on the game, and especially Paolo’s performance, so far”.

Hojris: “Fantastic goal and good play from the visitors so far. Paolo has done well in the first 20 minutes. He has talk a lot about making a clean sheet tonight. We can only hope that he succeeds in his quest”.

Lundager: “We will cross our fingers and hope. Mr. Graversen, 0-0 at the academy against Veltem. Arne just ahd the first chance of the match. Your thoughts on that game so far?”.

Graversen: “We have had a lot of trouble winning games for sometime now, but i hope that the friendly against Mejores has proven that we are heading in a most possible direction. I think the boys want to give Magnus a farewell victory and Arne just showed what it takes to take Veltem down”.

Lundager: “Gooooalll North Ireland. Dickinson just passed Baggio and the score is now 1-1”.

Hojris: “Yes Paolo didn’t look to good in that situation”.

Graversen: “Bom is looking good tonight. He will have to be one of those to take over when Magnus’ new contract will be affective after the weekend. Bom looks really good tonight”.

Lundager: “What makes a talent like Bom and how long can he get as a senior player?”.

Graversen: “It’s difficult to predict. He won’t be a new Baggio or like Edi, but he has some other skills that could be useful in the future. he is fast and has some potential to play on the wing, but how far he can get it mostly his own choice. Skills and personality makes the true stars”.

Lundager: “Nice save Paolo. Dickson should have scored but was denied by Scotland’s goalkeeper”.

Hojris: “That’s how we know Paolo. Fantastic save. It can effect Dickinson badly for the rest of the night”.

Lundager: “1-1 at half time, here at Stadium Of Hope. Still 0-0 at the academy in Odense. Mr. Hojris – Paolo Baggio! What is he like and how does he effect your team?”.

Hojris: “Tonight’s game against North Ireland tells the story. Yes Paolo still needs to improve a lot of things, but at age 19,20 he already has the skills to make a difference and often show that in Odense too. He is by far the best player we got and he will get better in the next couple of seasons. The two season we have had him on our team has been great and the best has yet to come”.

Lundager: “No doubt. We haven’t seen the best of him yet. Mr. Graversen your comments on Paolo’s talent”.

Graversen: “He has a special gift and was born to be a star. You notice that in a second when you see him in action. It is very doubtful if we will ever find a talent like that again. My trip to Scotland back then was like a special day and it feels like once in a lifetime to have found a player like this”.

Lundager: “You have been watching the game at the academy very close. A comment on the first half, that ended 0-0”.

Graversen: “Veltem had a bit more play, but i think we looked good and they can praise De Groote a lot for not being behind. Arne and Bom has played a good game so far and the defense with Magnus as the general has kept Kastrup out of work in the first 45. Very impressive so far”.

Lundager: “Odense bought EC10, Edi Celai, earlier this week. He scored in his debut, has signed a contract with Jolly Cola. Why did you buy him and what are the future plans with him?”.

Hojris: “We have always said, that if we got the chance to offer him a contract, we would do that. The chance appeared this week and now he is here. He has a lot of fans i Odense and it was only natural for us to get him to the club, both as a player for the future but also to please the fans. Luckily we also got an offer from Jolly Cola following the signing and now he is the face of the company and we got some money for his work. It’s the first player from us, who has been in a commercial and we hope that more will follow. Edi might not be the most skill full player we got, but we believe that just like Paolo, he is the total package on the long run”.

Graversen: “Yeeeeeeeees! Sandberg has just put our boys at the academy in front. A victory against Veltem will be very surprising to most of us”.

Lundager: “Sandberg? One for the future?”.

Hojris: “No doubt that Rune, Mogens, Yannis and I will have a talk with him in the weeks to come. It’s mostly about what he want, cause the talent he got”.

Lundager: “To casual kind of play from Primdahl there. Mogens Lauridsen looks furious?”

Hojris: “Yes! Mogens has a lot of temper and Magnus has a lot to learn, but I hope he will sign the contract by the end of the week. We still believe in him and accept that young players makes mistakes from time to time”.

Lundager: “An inexperienced tackle by Bjerrum gives him a yellow card? Does inexpediency mean something when you try to sign player like Primdahl?”.

Graversen: “In some matter, but if you have a talent that can uphold the mistakes that you obviously can’t avoid. Then we have no trouble signing the youngest on the market. Look at North Ireland in this game. Even players on a international level makes weird decisions from time to time. They have to perform on a high level in a whole season, not just one match, and once in a while they will fail to accomplish anything in a entire match”.

Hojris: “Justice has been served at the academy. Bom just scored. 2 up with a short time left. It looks like a great evening for us and for Bom. He has been here, there and everywhere tonight”.

Graversen: “Yes he has showed what we know he can if he gives everything he got”.

Lundager: “Bardy replaces Baggio with one minute to go. Expected?”.

Hojris: “Yes that has been a tactic of Donrobson almost every game this season. Paolo didn’t get a clean sheet, but he did well and had a fantastic save tonight. He decides his own future. He can get everything he got”.

“First keeper chance in the WC qualifier?”.

Hojris: “With all the respect for Brady – Yes. Paolo is number one in Odense and Scotland’s U20. Only injuries can chance that at the moment”.

Lundager: 1-1 here at Stadium Of Hope and there is a lot of positive hopes for Scotland and Paolo after this game”.

Hojris: “Next season they must stand the test. We will see what they are made of then”.

Graversen: “Drew and Paolo stood out in this game like many times before. They will be some of the most important players for the new manger in Scotland. They have that little extra”.

Lundager: “2-0 in Odense, 3-2 in Prague and 4-0 in Latvia. Any comments on those results?”.

Graversen: “Our win is the surprise and it gives us a chance to take the 3rd place at the end, if we are lucky. Primdahl was voted MOM, but Bjerrum did very well to and my personal favorite today has to be Bom. A dangerous winger, taht really made the night difficult for the visitors”.

Hojris: “Fantastic game by Primdahl. That’s why we have him as a top ranked player at the moment. I really look forward to see where his career will take him. We will do the best to help in the right direction if he let us”.

Lundager: “Well thank both for taking your time to be here at Stadium Of Hope, this Friday evening and congratulations the two fine results tonight. To you our viewers thanks for sticking with us tonight. We will be back sooner than later and we hope you will be here to follow MS Odense, their talents and star of tomorrow. Thank you and good night”.