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The 8th Wonder Of The World

Lokomotiv Gentofte – The undisputed top team of Denmark’s V.245 came to Odense yesterday. They came with a season record of 11-1-0, and many games with hatstats around 350, but someone forgot to tell the Odense players about these intimidating facts.

Odense coach Yannis Kotakis chose to send the next generation on the field, while Gentofte coach Carsten Bo Kastholdt revealed somewhat insecurity about his own teams strengths on the midfield. Kastholdt decided to play a 4-5-1 CA, exactly like Odense, and that was a big mistake.

With 4 league debutantes on the midfield, alongside Psycho, and EC10 as the lone striker. A counterattack strategy was the obvious tactic choice for a young Odense team and the outcome of the game was almost unbelievable. A fantastic performance from all the players, and especially EC10 and ‘The 8th Wonder Of The World’ Paolo Goldenboy Baggio, forced Lokomotiv Gentofte to a no goal draw at a sunny MS Park with 42175 spectators on the stands.

EC10 had two big chances to get his team in front and one of those hit the post, but it was Scotland’s U20 goalkeeper that ran with the headline after a match with 5 big saves. Baggio denied the 9 star midfielder Franck Kjær Jensen twice in the first half. After the break, the very talented Danilo Piazzolla and the 9½ stars, in form super striker of Gentofte, Jan Larsen suffered the same faith, when they faced Baggio one on one.

“This is without a doubt the best performance ever by Paolo and he is still getting better and better. Also I have to applause our one man army upfront. In the last two games Edi has proved that he can handle the job as team captain of MSO and I think it is only a matter of time before he starts to score more frequently.

– Yannis Kotakis, MS Odense coach

They have to be smiling at Odense Academy Center too. Two of the homegrown players, 17 years old Magnus Primdahl and 19 years old Michael Pettersson, looked very well on the more unfamiliar positions as wingers.

Next up for MS Odense is the ‘Brother vs. Brother’ game against Vollsmose FB, in the Champs Of Notthing tournament, later today, before the team gets ready for the big midweek game on MS Park, against the Golden League leaders from Rünenberg.

“We can win that game if we fight like we did against Gentofte”.

– Edi ‘EC10’ Celai, MS Odense captain


U18 Punished By Fledglings

HTUM youth leagues second season ended tonight, and like many times before in the last 2×10 weeks, Odense payed the price for having an incomplete youth squad.

Academy coach, Mogens Lauridsen, tried to caught the host by surprise with an attacking 2-5-3 formation, but it was the Danish U18 squad who was caught in a Czech trap. Goals Trefny (2), Srejcek, Doubrava (2) and Maxa gave Falcon Fledglings a 6-0 win, and a League II championship.

“We tried to be aggressive but was overstretched by Fledglings today. We miss have been missing a goalkeeper for weeks now and our latest 3 signings has been very bad, so at this time it is fair enough that we ended on the bottom of the table. Unfortunately it won’t be much better next season if our scout can’t find anything better than this.

– Mogens Lauridsen, Academy coach

MSO U18 will now get ready to enter season 3, next week. The big issue for the upcoming season is the return of Australian rival Piglet Hunters and striker Johnny Sandberg looks forward to the challenge.

“We will do everything to get the wins against them and those 6 points will be enough for us, but we need more players to do it. Jørn will leave us after the first game and we have to find some replacement right very quickly. Mogens is doing a fantastic job, but with out further talent, we will end next season as number 8”.


The Next Generation.

4077 spectators got a match worth their pay to enter Camp Randall Stadium, in Sigulda, Latvia. The Golden league encounter between FC Sigulda 08 and MS Odense was played earlier today and two well known players in the world of HTUM, had a huge influence on their respective teams. The 34 years old, Golden League legend, Serif Bosjnak scored two of the four goal for the home team, while the 19 years old Albanian talent, Edi ‘EC10’ Celai, scored one of two goals for Odense.

It was expected that Sigulda would be the best team today, with Odense having 9 players under 25 in the starting lineup, including 5 homegrown player, EC10 and The Hungarian Terminator Sami ‘Psycho’ Arsal, and even though Sigulda had the lead at the break, it was EC10 who got all the attention. Young Edi was robbed from a game against his brother, Geldon Celai (Renaissance FC) today, but got his first match in Odense as captain and was also the man who should take care of all the Free- and corner kicks.

A quick opening goal from Sigulda, after 7 minutes, was a rough start fro the Danish team, but after the goal it was EC10’s time to shine in the rest of the first 45 minutes, and a bit in the second half too. His first chance came only 3 minutes after the opening goal, but his free kick attempt was quite poor, but he would get his revenge very soon. Sigulda’s very experienced goalkeeper Tero Valkeisenmäki, almost looked like a fool, when EC10 started to dribble in the penalty area after 18 minutes of play, and the Albanian wonder boy got the ball past the Finnish keeper. 1-1.

Only 9 minutes later, EC10 had a chance to double the score for the visitors, but the ball hit the crossbar and went out to a goal kick. Sigulda had a very high ball possession today, and when Bosnjak scored after 37 minutes it was only a matter of how big their win would be. Bosnjak got another one in the second half, to 4-1, and as expected there was no chance of MS Odense getting some Golden League points today. EC10 wasn’t finished yet though! He toke a perfect corner kick after 73 minutes, the ball landed, with perfection, in front of ‘Golden Bomber’ Yann Papon’ head – 4-2.

“Edi played a great game today and showed that it was no mistake to give him the chance to be both our captain and creature on the field. I’m very proud of his work out there today, and he showed just how much talent he posses. When Toon and Santiago transferred to other clubs, last night, the reason was to give more time on the field to Sami, Edi and Magnus. Sami and Edi is very close to the starting IX on Sunday’s now, and I know they can do it and with the development of their skills already started. They will be very important players on our team in less than 1½ season from now.

– Yannis Kotakis, MS Odense coach

Next weeks Golden League game looks to be against newcomer Old White Lincoln United from Uusimaa, Finland. No doubt that our youngsters will have to work hard next week again, but Captain Celai and Co. will hopefully get their moments anyway.