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A busy week so far

It has been a very busy week so far. After a couple of weeks with the status as undefeated, MS Odense woke up to face reality after the meetings with Langer House, in the Golden League, and St. Giles United, in the Wanderers Welcome Cup and this seasons MSO nomination for HTUA became official last night.

After some great performance in the last few weeks and an undefeated record in 6 games, Odense played in the semifinal of the Wanderers Welcome Cup Monday evening, and after a nerve breaking penalty shootout, The boys lost to St. Giles United. After 120 minutes without goals, it was time to step up to the penalty spot and find a winner. Most players on both teams had a difficult time controlling their nerves in the shootout, and every player got a chance, some had two, from the eleven meter spot. MS Odense was trailing from behind from the start, even though we had numerous chances to take the win. Paolo Baggio showed his true skills with 2 goals and 3 saves, while Psycho was the big sinner with 2 misses and the final one was unfortunately the decider.

Early Wednesday morning it was time to step on to the field at Wittelsbacher Klasse. The re-match of last weeks 6-4 win in Odense against Langer House was set to be a little different because of the young lineup from MS Odense. Coach Kotakis gave debut to the two former academy talents Johnny Sandberg & Theodor Laursen. With 9 players under 21, Odense had a hard time against players like Satyanaraina, Kapoor, Bhupathiraju and Warrior, so “it was no surprise that we failed on foreign ground”, like Kotakis told the press after the game. “We lost 2-1 to a much better team, but I was very happy to see Theodor score a goal in his debut and I still have good hope and believe in our youngsters”.

Thursday night it became official that MS Odense has nominated 4 players for a HTUM Award this season. Baggio will enter the competition once again and will try to make it 4 in a row when he defends last seasons title as the federations best goalkeeper. The quick and intelligent striker Heinrich-Josef Eidelstedt got his first nomination and wiil try to take the Best Forward award. With a team filled with young players it will be an almost unfair battle to compete in most categories, so Manager Hojris has decided to hope for one of the two talent awards. The talented Spanish defender Isaac Estoles has been nominated for the award as talent of the season, while the 15 years old academy player Bjarne Ploug will try to get the mark as the best youth player, this season. MS Odense has also nominated the VFJ blog and manager Coumos twice in the HU blog categories and gave a blog nomination to the blog of Manager Vgrille and Los Mejores Futball Club. Also MSO has nominated Pig Hunters manager Essenn as Manager of the season with these words “My vote goes to my mate downunder. Finally it seems like he will win Oceania’s V.95 and he also looks like the winner of HTUM Youth League II. I think he deserves to get the award this time”. The winners of this seasons HTUA will be reviled Sunday 23/9.

The only bad news so far this week was last night’s draw for the group stage of the HTUM Challenge Trophy tournament. The draw saw Odense in a group with the defending Golden League champions Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno, the great German side FC iSoccer and terrifying AFC Wirschtlstand from Austria. “are you kidding me?” was the only respond from Manager Hojris while his face showed that he expects the games to be more tough than fun.

Friday morning the training report from coach Kotakis was handed to the manager and it seems like the players are ready for the upcoming games. “”The boys has done well this week. B-52, EC10 & Goldenboy Paolo Baggio showed that they are the leaders, on & of the field” was some of the words from the coach in the weekly roundup and that must be sweet music in the ears of both Scotland’s U20 manager, as they meet a better Belarus team tonight, and Manager Hojris must be very pleased as well, with game of the season coming on Sunday against Iglemose.


MS Odense surprises Stolberg FC

“To be the man, you got to beat the man” and MS Odense did just that yesterday, when they beat Stolberg FC for the very first time. Former MSO Academy talent Magnus Primdahl was the one making it happen with his goal to 1-0 after 40 minutes of play, and 4 minutes later, Odense was in front by three!

A couple of big saves from Scotland’s U20 goalkeeper, Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio, and a great performance from Magnus Primdahl was more than Stolberg FC could handle at MS Park. The goal from the 18 years old defender was followed by goals from The Viking and Eidelstedt, with Dittmer’s goal coming from a corner kick by Primdahl. The 3-0 win setup ‘Match Of The Season’ next Sunday, when MS Odense visit B Iglemose 2004½ Arena to face B Iglemose 2004½. If Odense wins this one, they will be underway to get a qualifying match to stay in Denmark’s 245 series.

5 weeks ago MS Odense had 0 points in the table, but since then we have gained 9 points, with only one loss. Overall MS Odense is now undefeated in the last 6 games, so of cause we believe that we still have a chance to be a division five team next season too.
“Yes we are ready to step up and finish our comeback by beating Iglemose at their ground next week” was the first words from Yannis Kotakis after the game ended yesterday. “but if we should fail to do so, it won’t be the end of the world to us. We have a bunch of young men in the squad who will take the club to a higher level in only a few seasons so I’m quite positive looking at the future of MS Odense” the Greek coach stated.

MS Odense is now getting ready to face St Giles United in the Wanderers Welcome Cup tournament, before they take off to India to play the rematch of last weeks Golden League win against the I-League team Langer House. A win against St Giles United will take the club into the second tournament final in a row. While a loss will give access to the prestigious HTUM Challenge Trophy tournament for the first time. The Golden League game against Langer House will be Odense’s 34 appearance in that tournament, with a record of 20 wins and 13 defeats so far.


A week of celebrations

HTU Managers celebrated their one year birthday and Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio passed his 3rd season in MS Odense by playing his 25th U20 game for Scotland, in their 3-0 demolish of Portugal… and MSO got it’s biggest GL win ever!

This week there was much to celebrate for the players and staff of Mission Superliga Odense. The one year birthday of HTUM gave the manager a moment to look back at the first year as a part of this noble group of men, whom is the foundation of the Golden League and also a group of writers who has some of the most read blogs on Hattrick United. No doubt that Angie, the old munk, the great writing of Horus70 and the fabulous graphic work of Leebebbs has made it a lot of fun and inspiring to visit Hattrick United in the past year.

Intern in the club we once again reached once of those historic moments we all like to have as many as possible off. This week it was exactly 3 seasons since we bought Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio from The Hoss’ Hatchet Men. The price of 800.000$ has been paid back more than once as he has saved us a lot of points, producing many great saves, in his first time in Odense. This week also marked another milestone in the career of ‘Goldenboy’ when he was in the starting lineup against Portugal. The game was his 25th appearance as a U20 player and he rewarded Scotland with a clean sheet for that accomplishment. “We hope he managed to reach 30 games plus, but we know that it’s not just about skills, but about the possibilities for Scotland to advance to the next round in the world cup. If they manage to get through to the next round I think he will make it” Manager Hojris told the press, Friday night at Hampden stadium in Scotland.

Wednesday’s Golden League game at MS Park was a joy to watch for the home crowd, as MS Odense got their biggest win in the competition ever, with the 8 goal victory against Warsaw Scousers – A hattrick from the Dutch Bomber, B-52, was the main reason for the big win, but also a nice performance from Theisen in the goal (Clean Sheet) is worth to mention. Petterson, Müller and ‘The Viking’ also scored in the midweek game. Next week the competition will be much stronger and we hope that we are good enough to match Langer House, when they pay us a visit on Wednesday.