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Bosnjak signs with Odense

MSO manager Hojris and coach Vacatko returned earlier today and they had 2 familiar faces with them. When they meet with the local press at a press conference in The Golden League Arena, it was a very pleased manager who took his time with the journalists in attending.

“Welcome everyone. We have asked you to come here today, to tell you about a new signing and the appointment of a club president. Our two new faces shouldn’t be needing any introduction, but let’s do it anyway. MS Odense is proud to announce that one of our former players, and old coach, Yiannis Kotakis has accepted the challenge to be appointed as the first president of the club. Yiannis know everything worth knowing about MS Odense and we are delighted about his return”.

Yiannis Kotakis left Odense only a week ago after his wish to return home to his family in Greece. Waht made him chance his mind and comeback so soon. “That’s football. We have been negotiating for weeks and couldn’t find an agreement, but when i went home things started to move in the right direction and the rest is history as they say. I’m back to continue the work i started as a coach – To make MS Odense a powerful club, with a strong squad”.

20 Golden League goals
The 4th man on the image, joining the president, manager and coach, is truly a legend. The top scorer of both the first and second season ‘Mr GL’ Serif Bosnjak has joined MS Odense in a 400.000$ transfer from FC Sigulda 08. “Bosnjak is a fabulous striker and one that we have been trying to sign for seasons. Finally it happened today and we are extremely happy to make this announcement before you. Bosnjak is a natural bomber in front of a goal. 164 goals in official games, 20 Golden league goals in the first 2 seasons of that tournament, 15 hattricks in his career so far and 20 goals in the league and cup games last season tells everything about this gifted player. We have had trouble getting the ball into the net in both our national league games and in The Golden League. That won’t be a problem anymore. MS Odense will be a part of Golden Leagues 3rd season and we can present the duo Burch & Bosnjak in the attack. They are by far the best best strikers in the history of that tournament and we believe that it will continue to be like that in the next season as well”.

It is expected, that MS Odense will make one last incoming transfer to complete what seems to be a very nice squad heading into the new season.


Negotiations in Latvia

MS Odense manager Hojris and coach Vacatko flew to Latvia earlier today, to start negotiations for yet another Golden League transfer before season 3 kicks off only a few weeks from now. The Danish delegation arrived this afternoon and they hope that they won’t leave the Baltic nation without bringing a new signing to Odense.

“We are here to make a good deal for the player and both clubs, and if we manage to do so, we will have a big press conference at MS Park later this week. We have follow this player for 4 seasons now and we are confident that he will fit perfect into our team and that he and Burch will make a huge impact in our midweek games throughout the next couple of seasons” was the words from the manager, at the arrival at Riga Airport.

“I want this player because he has a lot of experience and he is very respected by my players. A man just like that is what we need to make our squad close to perfect. That is why i told the manager to contact the board to let bus go here and pay what it takes to get him to Odense. There is no guarantees in this world, but we will do everything we can to make it happen” was the words from the coach.

It is a bit surprising to find the two gentlemen on the hunt for a new transfer after the signing of the 30 years old German striker Hans Josef Westhoff-Rilke only a few hours ago, but there is a reasonable answer to that question, and Vacatko had no trouble explaining it. “I already told you that we are here to improve our team for the midweek games. Hans has been signed to make sure that EC10 as a striker won’t be an option for us next season, if Burch get injured or to many cards. We want Edi to keep his mind on the midfield and control our games from a central position. Hans has been signed to make sure that it won’t just be up to Burch to win the games for us next season. Burch can now concentrate on the Golden League while Hans without a doubt will be a very dangerous man for our opponents in the national series”.

More will follow…


The best and worst of season 49

It has become a tradition to end the seasons with a look back on what went well and what to do better next season. Today it is time to take a look back at the biggest wins, losses, ups and downs of the season. This season it will be made as a top 3 for all categories. All player records will only feature players who are in the club at the moment.

Most played matches:
21 Sami ‘Psycho’ Arsal
21 Edi ‘EC10’ Celaj
19 Regnar Bom

Captain most often:
19 Edi ‘EC10’ Celaj
06 Esben ‘The Viking’ Dittmer
02 Regnar Bom

Most cards:
03 António Eurico Pires Ribeiro
02 Isaac ‘El Matador’ Estoles
02 Jørn Muller

Highest rating:
7,0 Marco Carneiro
6,0 Matjaz Berce
5,5 Edi ‘EC10’ Celaj

Most goals:
08 Edi ‘EC10’ Celaj
06 Esben ‘The Viking’ Dittmer
06 Isaac ‘El Matador’ Estoles

01 Edi ‘EC10’ Celaj
02 Sami ‘Psycho’ Arsal
03 António Eurico Pires Ribeiro

13 Wins
03 Draws
14 Losses

70 for
64 against

Biggest wins:
8-0 Warsaw Scousers (H/GL)
7-0 Washburn Utd (A/CUP)
7-0 Chanti (H/FRIENDLY)

Biggest defeats:
2-7 Evil Incorporated (H/GL)
1-6 Taber Altid (A/LEAGUE)
1-6 Toppers UN (A/LEAGUE)

Highest attendance:
42554 Fodvortene (LEAGUE)
40264 FC Stolberg (LEAGUE)
32213 Vejle Razorbacks (LEAGUE)

Lowest attendance:
1899 Rising Vikings (GL)
1908 Renaissance FC (GL)
2068 Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno (GL)