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Furious Psycho: Sicco Who?

Psycho-Nator movie star and MS Odense midfielder Sami ‘Psycho’ Arsal is not in a happy mood today, after the news about Flaming Wodkas youngster Sicco The Gun was making a fool of him before this weeks Golden League encounter between Bellevue Barrage and Flaming Wodkas FC.

“Who the hell do he think he is? I’ll tell you. He is nothing but a spoiled brat – A nobody” was the first respond from Arsal after the news about The Gun running around DownUnder with a t-shirt with the slogan ‘Bite Me’ and a cartoon caricature of Psycho being bitten by rottweiler. “He calls himself The Gun. Well he better start running as fast a bullet coming out of a gun cause when i get a hold of him. He will be sorry. Sicco you are a fool and i will make that very clear the next time week meet. This goes out to my boss back in Denmark. Give me a chance to show that piece of s*** that he is nothing – Nothing compared to me. That kid is not even in the same league as our reserves. He is a nobody’s fool and I’ll tear him a part when i’ll get the chance. Sicco! Your face will be on my shirt when the game is over. I will owe you punk and you will be sorry!” said Sami ‘Psycho’ Arsal before he was dragged away from the journalist by Odense coach team Vacatko and Graversen.

The assistant coach of MS Odense, Rune Graversen, quickly returned to the press and had this short comment about Sami’s rage and the ongoing Sami-Gate. “We apologies for Mr. Arsal’s behavior and comments at this time. Even though we understand that he is hurt by the unwise actions by an Flaming Wodkas player. We can’t have our players going around acting like this and we will take care of Sami, but i will advice for the board of the Golden League to take a look at the actions by Flaming Wodkas FC. We are so sorry to see that we obviously ain’t supported by FWFC anymore. We have help them i needs numerous time and even financially at one point. We are so sorry to see that they allow they players to make fun of one of ours – One of Golden Leagues great ones. The GL Board has to take action as soon as possible”.


MSO Back In South America

MS Odense is back in South America for the first time in 5 seasons. Not since late April 2011 has the Danish Golden League team been on this fantastic continent, as the meeting with other South American Golden League teams has been held at MS Park in Odense. This time we will not go to Peru, but go further south and take on Verde Esperanza Nunca Pierde, from Argentina, for the very first time.

“I actually believe that this is their Golden League debut. We are very happy to be here in sunny Buenos Aires and we’re looking very much forward to the match. We believe that this one is going to be close and we are certainly not sure, that we will take 3 points with us home to Denmark. We will try to do it though and we will field a strong team, even though we had a tough match against Glostrup Giants only a few days ago” said Odense coach upon the arrival at Ministro Pistarini Internationale Airport.

The Danish team has brought most of their stars along on this trip to the other side of the globe and coach Ivo Vacatko’s squad looks like this:

2. Tue Vikkelsø
3. Esben ‘The Viking’ Dittmer
4. Michael ‘Tarantula’ Pettersson
5. Abdul-Aziz ‘The Ace’ Al-Shamsi
6. Sami ‘Psycho’ Arsal
7. Regnar ‘Air Boom’ Bom
8. Isaac ‘El Matador’ Estoles
10. Edi ‘EC10’ Çelaj
11. António Eurico Pires Ribeiro
12. Arno ‘The Octopus’ Theisen
13. Ralf ‘Le grand Danois’ Melgaard
15. Alfred ‘Alpine Express’ Burch
16. Jarmo ‘Polar Bear’ Suihko
17. Hans Josef Westhoff-Rilke
18. Šerif ‘Mr GL’ Bošnjak
19. Marco Carneiro

These are the 16 men to defend the honor of MS Odense and also the ones who must continue the good start to the 3rd season of the Golden League. A start with good results, but it has also been a start with a lot of trouble surrounding MSO star midfielder Sami ‘Psycho’ Arsal. MSO blog was ready to welcome Mr. Arsal to Buenos Aires. We asked him what is the latest to Sami-Gate and the fact that MS Odense can be forced to leave the Golden League before the end of this week. “Talk to the coach. I have no comment at this time” said Sami coming out of the airplane.

Coach Vacatjo had no comment either and with President Kotakis and Manager Hojris not being on the plane from Denmark to Argentina. It was impossible to get further comments on Sami-Gate at this time. “We are here to play an important game and that is the only thing we will concentrate on at this time” said Odense Academy Center head scout Rune Graversen. Mr. Graversen is joining the team as assistant coach this week. We have seen Mr. Graversen in that position a couple of times and usually MS Odense has played well in those game. We will have to wait until very early Thursday morning (CET) to see if that statistic continues.


Odense leaving the Golden League?

Yesterday, Flaming Wodkas FC president Peroni told the world that “No player at any of our wonderful Federation teams should be allowed to say such things, and no club should condone them… at least not without a penalty. I am certain my compatriots at the other GL clubs would agree with me. Enough is enough. If there is no statement from Sami and MSO, then I will go to the Golden League council and seek sanctions”.

The president of MS Odense, Mr Yiannis Kotakis, has now responded to the message by Mr. Peroni.

“It is with great sorrow that we, MS Odense, has read the statement by Flaming Wodkas FC and Mr. Peroni. It is obvious that Mr. Peroni and his club has a different opinion on how to deal with person politic. It is also obvious that Mr. Peroni and his club is trying to take advantage of their position as founder of the greatest tournament in hattrick and hattrick united history. It is obvious that Mr. Peroni and his club wont respect the freedom of speech and they will try to sanction MS Odense.

We, at MS Odense, respect the freedom of speech, and we feel that every player and staff member of the Golden League has the right to say what they want, as long as they don’t make personal attacks on players or clubs in the world of hattrick. MS Odense do not believe that Sami ‘Psycho’ Arsal has scammed any players or clubs participating in the Golden League. He simply just told the other Golden League teams to stop talking and get into action. MS Odense believes that the other Golden League teams has heard his words and the Golden League has more than doubled the games to be played next week after Sami’s statement, and we believe that his voice has been heard and that the clubs are now getting into action, in stead of just talking about it.

In our presidents statement Thursday evening. MS Odense supported the words made by Sami, and we still believe that there was nothing wrong with his statement. MS Odense still support Sami and the right to have freedom of speech. We will stand by that right and we will fight for it until the day we aren’t around anymore. We do not think that sanctioning teams is the way to go for the Golden League, but if the board decides to do so. We will live with the sanction, but it won’t chance the way our club is run, when it comes to human rights and the freedom of speech. MS Odense won’t be silenced by threats and especially not ones made because of some clubs having a predetermined attitude against Sami ‘Psycho’ Arsal.

We will protect our players rights, as well as our own. Should that be a problem of any kind for the other clubs of the Golden League? That will be their problem. Not ours. As long as our staff and players don’t make a direct attack on other players or clubs. We will stand by them all the way. We still haven’t heard from the board of the Golden League, but let me make it totally clear. If MS Odense will be forced to leave the Golden League after next weeks game against Verde Esperanza Nunca Pierde we will do so. Why we haven’t heard from the board yet. I don’t know, but maybe it has something to do with the trouble Mr. Peroni has in his own backyard, cause it seems like FWFC has a person inside the club they can’t control! A problem we don’t have here in Odense. The question is – Where does it leave the final decision of Sami-Gate and will the new trouble in Raszkow lead to more sanctions for a Golden League member?. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens”.

Mr. Yiannis Kotakis
President of MS Odense