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Ace Scored In Defeat

“We expected a huge defeat, but managed to put up a fight against Pig Hunters. We are satisfied with our performance today though. Ace is on the rise. Guglie and Paulino got there Golden League debut. Yes we are satisfied” said MS Odense manager Ivo Vacatko after this weeks Golden League game against our nemesis from the Australian mafia.

And Vacatko continued “You can’t win them all and even though, this was one of the games that MS Odense would really had like to win, we also accept a defeat to a strong opponent – An opponent who is both our friend, but certainly also our nemesis. This weeks travel to Victoria, Melbourne, was with a defeat in mind,but after the match it was clear that we could have won with a slight different approach to the game”.

MS Odense took the lead, in a very even encounter, after 76 minutes, when Abdul-Aziz ‘The Ace’ Al-Shamsi toke matters into his own hands and scored a beautiful goal, but the lead would only last for 6 minutes before the equalizer from the home team was a fact. 1-1 was the scored after 90 minutes and the game went into extra time. Pig Hunters Alex Tingwell scored the finale goal, 3 minutes into the second half – 2-1 Pig Hunter.


Vacatko: Cheated By The Referee

The comeback kids from Odense was behind 3 times and still got 3-3 against Godwin United. The referee has a negative impact on the game as he awarded the English men 2 penalties, but new signed ‘Guglie’ and EC10 scored for the Danes. MSO is now on top of the table in Group B of the Pharaoh’s Cup.

“We felt cheated by the referee more than once and on the bench we was talking about the possibility that he had made a pact with the devil, or maybe we had just had been struck by the curse of the might Pharaoh. We will never know, but fortunately we have Edi to take care of things, when the going gets tough” sais Odense coach Ivo Vacatko after a thriller of game that ended with a goal for each team in the last 3½ minutes.

After only 9 minutes of play the ref pointed towards the spot in the Danish penalty area and then it was no problem for Godwin superstar Jacob Konrad to get the ball passed Polar Bear and the same thing happen after 75 minutes. Luckily this was the game when MS Odense gave debut to the two latest signing Paulino Sa and Maurizio Guglielmone. The two 18 years old players toke control of the flanks and Sa got a chance to score after a miss by wing back Matjaž Berce after 20 minutes of play, but Sa failed to control the shot and MSO was still behind.

After the break all hell broke lose in a very entertaining game, where both teams rolled an all out attck against the opposite goal. Odense was the first team to score – Guglielmone showed some good moves on the right flank and made the equalizer after 62 minutes, but there would only go 13 minutes before Konrad scored his second goal from the 11 meter spot and gave Godwin a 2-1 lead. With only 15 minutes to go in a game with few open chances, it was time for Odense to work even harder and put even more pressure on the opponent. They did and Odense got a free kick on the edge of the penalty area – A true treat for captain Edi Celaj, who did not let his team down as he leveled the scoreline with 11 minutes to go.

Manuel Lopez scored a goal for Godwin United, with out help from the referee, with 3½ minutes to go and many thought that the game had found it’s winner, but Edi Celaj wanted it differently and he showed just why he have scored 20 goals in official games this season. He stepped up to the challenge and made a beautiful goal with under 2 minutes to go. The 3-3 scoreline puts MS Odense on top of the table in group B, after 4 drawn games so far.

“We made a great comeback today and it was in a game where we played 11 against 12. We are happy to have played another great game in the Pharaoh’s Cup, but it will be very difficult to advance to the semifinals now. Baad MB is a great team and with the other game between Godwin and X-Team in mind. We can’t afford to lose next week. We might have to play the best match of the entire season to advance. We will try to do so, but it will be a tough game and it is impossible to predict who will win” said MS Odense captain after the game. A game where The Ace once again missed to impress, but that is about to chance if you ask his captain.

“Ace has been working hard this past few weeks and is finally beginning to get in shape. He can be the key to the semifinals for us and a possible game against Horus Falcons is something he won’t miss. Lookout for him next week as he can be the one to make a difference” said Edi Celaj.


Talents Comes And Goes

“With our eyes set on the future strength of our main squad, we had to do something that we didn’t want to. On the other hand, we have renewed and brought something to our club. Something we have thought about for 1-2 seasons”.

These was the words coming from MS Odense President Aldopaolo Peroni after the release of vice-captain Dittmer and Johnny Sandberg. The two young homegrown talent has been sacked in the last 12 hours to make room for two 1.000.000$ signings. Not the most logical choice made, with the homegrown project in mind, but Peroni has explanation on why MS Odense did it.

“It was a tough choice to let them go. We like having academy talents in our main squad, but we also wanna have a strong and competitive squad in the future and that is why we chose to sack Johnny last night, and Esben this morning. Both players has become the last one in the food chain of MS Odense and with because we would like to get a new power duo to the club, like we did when we signed Sami and Edi, we had to let them go” said Peroni on the release of The Viking and Bulldozer.

The big question now is if MS Odense has dropped the homegrown projects and will go back to buy a whole new team, but Peroni assures it will not be an option.

“I promise our fans that, that wont happen. We still want to use the best talents from our academy and even with our new signings there will be training spots for both ‘Glue Glove’ and Bjarne Ploug next season. they are both good talents and has a great future in Odense ahead of them, but it will only be the best who will get the chance to get a contract in the future. Fortunately they are in the best category and they will play in the Golden League and our national league next season. We still have some good and promising homegrown talents in the squad. ‘Tarantula’ is a regular among our best lineup- ‘Grand Danois’ is a talent among the best and his position as trainee wont be threaten by our new signings. ‘Air Boom’ has some skills that we don’t have much of. Yes he has got some competition, but we still believe in him. Last but not least – Theisen will start to get training again and we are looking forward to see him get better and better. His position is then club is more than safe”.

So now we know everything about releases and the remaining young trainees in the club. Who is the new players and what has been renewed?

“MS Odense is happy to announce that ‘El Matador’ will not leave the club next season, as earlier stated. We have chosen to keep last seasons HTUA Talent Of The Season instead of our vice-captain. Isaac is still a good talent and a great defensive player for us, but also a player that has some attacking skills and you will get to see more of that side in a season or two.

Our two new signings is type of players that we have searched for a while. MS Odense has been very weak on the flanks. That has changed a bit this season, but we want more and now we have the players that will give a more complete squad in 3 or seasons. Maurizio Guglielmone and Paulino Sá already has some fine skills and we will build more on them to make them just as important to us as Sami and Edi is.

Both ‘Gugli’ and Sa know what we expect from them in the future. They are the 2nd and 3rd most expensive talent signings in our history, with both player transfer being over 1.000.000$. They must, and we know they will, commit them self 100% to MS Odense and then we will replay with a future that includes both national and Golden League trophies”.