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Goodbye to 2012

The year of the Gangnam Style is coming to an end and 2012 has been a great tear for MS Odense. In this post i will take a look back on transfers, matches and more.

V.245 & Paolo Baggio
2012 was the year when MS Odense debuted in the Danish V.series. I had been waiting for that moment in a long time. To reach the V. series was the main my aim when i started playing HT back in 2008. Back then, there was IX series levels in Denmark, so V. seemed as a decent aim back then. Season 48 (from February to June) marked the debut and MS Odense did great, with only 2 league defeats that season. Way past my expectations. The next big thing, Goldenboy Paolo Baggio, was the main reason for my success. The former Scotland U20 goalkeeper reached 28 games for his country before it was time to leave Odense in a record breaking 6,35 million dollar transfer back to his native country.

The Gun, Sicco Botzen, will leave MS Odense today and it is the 76th transfer in 2012 and even though i was proud of the Baggio transfer giving me the number 2 spot on the most expensive transfers list that week. there has been many good transfers this year. April 22nd was the date where i bought EC10, Edi Celaj, and Psycho, Sami Arsal. I bought them for 600.000$ and it might be the best deal i have ever made i HT. Both players has had a huge impact on MS Odense this year. Sami-Gate ruled Hattrick United for a while and involved more than a handful of managers around the world. Edi is the star of the team and with 23 goals this season, so far. It is without a doubt two players synonymous with MS Odense today. The signings of Edi and Sami also marked a period in time, when MS Odense developed into a Golden League All-Star team. Edi, Sami, Heikkinen, Stijepović, Burch, The Ace and Serif Bosnjak came to Odense in 2012 – Some has already left the club again, but will be remembered as some very special players to both me and the previous owners. The year has ended with Ebbensgaard and Ørbæk coming back home after a couple of years in other clubs – I look very much forward to see them in action, in 2013

Golden League
In the first 2 seasons of the greatest tournament in HT/HU history, MS Odense has been a team just beneath top 5. Some would say that it is a decent result, but when you play to win, a place outside top 5 is not good enough. I always seems to start the GL seasons with a bang, followed by what seems like a meltdown. Season 3 is a bit different and i am positive about MS Odense reaching the final 16 in 2013. MS Odense is just an outsider for the GL title this season and i can win this time either, but i’m getting nearer and nearer to the title i want the most.

Federations and friends
2012 has been a great HT year for me and i still loving the game, with only a few month to MS Odense’ 5th birthday. Mission Superliga in Denmark is where i get the knowledge about the game and HTU Managers is the place where i get inspired. To all of you out there, all my hattrick buddies – You guys are great and have my respect. MS and HTUM must be the greatest federations in HT.

To all of you and your families. Happy new year – I wish you the best i 2013. In HT as well as RL :)


Welcome Home Kasper Ørbæk

The greatest talent to ever come out of Odense Academy Center has returned to his mother club after 10 seasons away from home. Tonight President Peroni has presented the latest signing for MS Odense and just like a few days ago when Kenneth Ebbensgaard made his return in blue and white stripes, it is once again reunion time.

“MS Odense is proud to announce that we have signed another former talent from our academy. We are proud to announce that Kasper Ørbæk once again will wear our beautiful stripes. We are happy to have accomplished our transfer hopes before next season. A season where MS Odense will have 10 former academy talents in the main squad. The 10 includes Kenneth and Kasper – They played center midfield together on our academy about 11 seasons ago and they have also played in Odense as seniors before. Kasper was 18 when he left the club, but still has 27 official games for us, as a senior player, and combined with the 93 from Kenneth, we have brought some experience, class and legacy back to the club these last few days.

We are going into the next season with a positive attitude and with believes about making a return to the 5 division. The Ebbensgaard/Ørbæk on the midfield with Petersen/Oawayran upfront also gives Edi, Sami and our other talent some time to concentrate on training and keep getting better. Especially Sami and Edi has been under heavy pressure as the top players this season. Now they have some new friends to take some of the pressure” The president told the press in attending at MS Park.

Kasper Ørbæk has been giving shirt number 8 and is also the new vice-captain of MS Odense.


Serious Reinforcements

3 days has gone since the return of Kenneth Ebbensgaard was made official at MS Park and tonight President Peroni can present 2 new Danish strikers.

25 years old Søren Petersen has transferred from Spanish EADS and he is a part of the strongest attacking duo in our clubs history. “Søren has had a real off season struggling with bad form and with only a handful of goals on his record for the Hattrick anniversary season. We are confident about his skills and willingness to work hard and dedicated for MS Odense and we predict that he will be a success as soon as his form gets better” said Mr Peroni after the contract signing of MS Odense’ new number 9. Former #9, Sicco The Gun Botzen has been given a transfer and roomers is sending him back to Polish Flaming Wodkas FC.

Søren Petersen wasn’t the only new face at MS Park tonight. He was joined by the 27 years old Dane Farook Al Oawayran who transferred from Danielrf1988. “Farook is happy to be in Odense after his stay in AArhus and he is looking forward to join MSO and keep on scoring goals. We believe that he can do a lot better than his 9 goals in the Danish VI series and with our new attacking duo, we feel ready to start our journey back to division 5 and if we are lucky, we will be a established V. team sooner than we expected one season ago”. The arrival of Petersen and Oawayran has started roomers about Alfred Burch and Serif Bosnjak being released from their contract in Odense, but that hasn’t been confirmed official yet.

Sa and Guglielmone is already the past of MS Odense and they are both scheduled to leave tomorrow and it is expected that President Peroni will present two new signings in the next 24 hours following the two exits.