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MSO ready for GL3

MS Odense had the ball most of the 90 minutes, but was never close to taking the victory in the 2nd round cup encounter against Prugleknabe. A 83% ball possession over 90 minutes was only a perfect setup for the visitors to use their dangerous counterattacks against a young and inexperienced defense in front of a very young goalkeeper.

MSO captain, Kasper Ørbæk, was a very honest man, when he meet the press after the 2-0 defeat at MS Park. “Our strategy was naive and i am very disappointed by our performance. We only produced two chances in teh first half and that was pretty much it. Game over! – When they got their first goal just before the break, they were on their way to the 3rd round and we had a hard time finding the right kind of play in the second half. This defeat is a huge disappointment for us” Ørbæk told the journalists present at MS Park.

The son of Scavo, ‘The Stig’ Djurhuus, played his first game as a senior player today and as expected the opponent was giving the talented teenager a rough start on his professional career. Djurhuus limped slightly after a late challenge in the 80th minutes, but he decided to take the pain like a man and played the match to the end. “It was with mixed emotions, when i left the field today” said young Djurhuus, and continued. “It was a big honor to get my debut in such and important game. 33000+ fans was here today and they gave me a fantastic welcome to MS Park, but we didn’t play well. We owe it to our fans to take revenge and win a lot of game throughout the season. They deserve that after the way they were today”.

Stig Djurhuus is bruised after today match, but he should be ready for action in a couple of days if you ask coach Vacatko. “Stig is ready to play in the weekend i am positive about that and i am very satisfied with his performance today. I have only positive things to say about my squad. We were lucky to get to the 2nd round and we performed well and only needed the goals today. We are in a process with the box2box program at the moment, and we can’t expect to win every game at this time” the calm coach told the press.

MS Odense is know ready to re-enter the Golden League and start the way to the knockout stage, which is the clubs aim for Golden Leagues season 3. Before MSO re-enters the Golden League it is time to play the first game in the Hans Christian Andersen Cup at MS Park. The first opponent will be Golden League rival Shakhtar Donuts, who will visit Odense Monday evening. Sunday Odense will travel to the remixed arena at Amager to take on The Remix in Denmark’s VI.949 series.


The Son Of Pierpaolo Scavo

We have a saying in Denmark which reads “The apple does not fall far from the tree” and when we’re talking talent, he is at least as good as his father was.

The talent has been unquestionable in his 2 seasons at Odense Academy Center and tomorrow the former MS Odense U18 captain, ‘The Stig’ Stig Djurhuus, will debut as a MS Odense player, when MS Odense takes on Prugelknabe in the 2nd round of the Danish Cup. ‘The Stig’ has already made a name for himself in the HTUM Youth Leagues and he is predicted to be one of the brightest stars in the future of HTUM according to…. his own father!

Yes it is true. Stig Djurhuus, known as ‘The Stig’, and the latest talent to join the MS Odense homegrown and fairytales project is the son of Hattrick United Press editor, and former MS Odense technical wonder, Pierpaolo Scavo. It might come as a surprise to some of you, but the trainers in the club and president Peroni has known it all along. Tonight, the night before his debut as a professional footballer, young Stig tells the world about who he really is and why his family background has been kept a secret.

Growing up in the Hunderup district of Odense has brought a quiet and secure childhood for the 17 year old talent and he was born to be a footballer because of his dads daily work as a football player in MS Odense and later as the much traveled editor of Hattrick United Press. Especially the last part is the reason, why the Scavos could keep the secret about Stig – He father traveled a lot, while he went to training twice a week as a kid.

“I have been lucky to get a lot of help from Tudor and Peter” says Djurhuus about his younger years in the club, as he refers MSO PR manager Tudor Petricã and former MSO defender and current player agent Peter Ivarsson, who obviously has help the young boy a lot, with his dad traveling around the world to cover the many stories for the HUP new site. “They have helped me by getting the best training and alongside my dad. They are responsible for what i have reached as a football player til now. I owe them so much and the best way to pay them back is to do my best every week and become an important player for the club that mean so much to both them and i” says the the 17 years old multi skill player, who seems to be in control with the situation and the fact that the world gets to know his family secret.

“My dad thought it would be the best to keep it a secret until i grew up and could handle the press myself and that time has come” says Stig and tell that Djurhuus is his mothers maiden name and that he will keep using the name in the future. “My father i will honor on the field and keeping my mother name is to respect her and it will also keep the press from calling me Mini Scavo and things like that”- Stig is aware that the pressure for him to play well in every game is now greater than ever and that there is no way to stop expectations like that. “Yes i know, but i have a great backup in my dad, when i comes to handling the press” says the confident young man.

MS Odense coach, Ivo Vacatko, has no doubt that the young man can handle the pressure coming from outside the club after the news broke. “Stig is a boy who can take care of himself and if need the club will make sure that he get some time of from the press”. The coach also tell that MS Odense is proud to announce and
looking forward show the son of Scavo to the world of hattrick tomorrow at MS Park.


Skals Jensen destroys Alpe Boys

He had only scored 3 goals in his career before the game, but when Johannes Skal Jensen celebrated his return to the Danish series, he scored twice in the 3-0 victory, that send MS Odense to the top of the table in Denmark’s VI.949.

The 23 years old midfielder returned home to his mother club only a few weeks ago, after 5 seasons away from home.

It was expected to be a tough match, and also one of those to end with a narrow defeat, but the players of MS Odense wanted it differently and destroyed the best team in Denmark’s VI.949 – The incredible Alfred Burch and Johannes Skals Jensen was the goal scores in the 3-0 win at MS Park.

44000+ fans had found their way to MS Park and they became witness to a game were MSO destroyed Alpe Boys from Copenhagen. Skals Jensen proved from the start of the match, that this was one of those days, when he would be a dominant force on the field. He was the first player to get a huge chance, when a shot of his hit the cross bar after only ten minutes. 25 minutes into the first half MSO got their first goal, when Alfred Burch came in from the right, feinted, then sped past the off-balance defender to make the score 1 – 0

Skals Jensen wanted to join the fun too, and even though he is a powerful player, he showed that he can also dribble with the ball, when he caught the visitors defense off guard and got the ball into the net, only seconds after Alfred’s goal. MS Odense was up by two, and that was also the result at the break and halfway into the second half. Then it was time for another solo show by Skals Jensen, who scored his second in the match.

“Johannes played great today and i am impressed by his performance” said Odense coach Vactako after the game and he had a lot of praises to give today. “Arno got his 2nd clean sheet this season. He might be a piece of coal turning into a diamond – Well we have to wait and see if that is true, but he has played some great games for us lately. I want to congratulate Ricco on his real debut today and i also applause the little comeback of Serif , who is beginning to find his form again – Serif could be vital for our success if he get back into an even better shape” said the coach.

Captain Ørbæk was ecstatic by the win. “Alpe Boys is our biggest rival for the top spot in this series, so naturally we are getting high on being victorious today. I’m also relieved that we managed to function as a team after only being together for a short time. This homegrown and fairytale project, alongside the assistants from Mr. Scavo on the box2box program is working out very well. We now have to continue to work on getting better, and also to keep on fighting in every single game we play” said the 29 years old captain of MS Odense.

Next up for MS Odense is the Cup game, at home, against Prügelknabe. That game will see the debut of former MSO U18 captain Stig Djurhuus. The next league games is an away game against number 4 placed The Remix MS Odense is number 1.