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Mads Grønholdt to MS Odense

MS Odense has been busy on the transfer market tonight and a couple of days roomers has just been confirmed. MS Odense has signed a 912.000$ contract with the Danish defender Mads Grønholdt. The 27 years old player has played for Horus Falcons in Prague for 5 seasons, but he felt that it was time to return home to his native country and luckily he ended up with Falcons Golden League rivals MSO.

“Mads is a magnificent player and one we have followed in all his time at Falcons, so when we got a chance to sign him there was no doubt in our minds” said MSO president Scavo at the contract signing a few minutes ago. “We see Mads as the perfect defender for our team at this time and we hope that he will spend the rest of his career here in Odense. He fits perfectly into the training plans 5-6 seasons into the future so it is all up to him” was the last comment from the president.

MS Odense coach, Ivo Vacatko, is very pleased with his latest reinforcement and Grønholdt is no stranger to the Czech coach. “I have seen Mads play a lot of times, when i was a coach home in Prague and he has impressed me many many time and i expect him to do so in the future too. Mads is a good defender with some skills that match perfectly us and he will of cause strengthen our defense a lot. This is a very good signing for us”.

Mads Grønholdt is also happy to be in Odense. “I have had some great seasons with Falcons and played with some great teammates, but it was time to return home and Odense seems like the most obvious choice. I will still be a part of the Golden League and i will also be a part of a team with some good players. I know the team very well and i look forward to play alongside Burch, Bosnjak, Ebbensgaard and Ørbæk” said the new MSO player at MS Park earlier tonight.

Mads Grønholdt get shirt number 4.


5 years with MSO and HT

5 years video. Enjoy :)


We Have Succeeded.

“We have played them all and won against them all throughout 6 HT seasons. We have succeeded in our quest to play against and even won games against some great teams – Yesterday was no exception”

said MSO Manager Hojris after yesterdays 1:0 win against the former champs and favorites to win Golden League 3.

The last few weeks of Golden League 3 has been a joyride for MS Odense. Victories against Los Mejores, Horus Falcons and now Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno has made it some very special weeks, because Odense has never won against those teams before. Yes we know that MSO is going for the wins while other still use the GL games to train their second best, but that doesn’t make the victories smaller. A win is a win no matter what and to win against some of the best teams Golden League has to offer is pure pleasure.

“I recognize that we have a fairly good midfield with Ebbensgaard and Ørbæk and they have a huge impact on our fine victories. I also think that we have an experienced coach who has played with formations in resent weeks and that might have given us some unexpected points”

said MSO president Scavo at MS Park last night. The Italian commander in chief is very satisfied with the choices his coach has made recently.

“Ivo said to me that we had to out our youngster project on hold and just concentrate on Emin and Ricco for a season or two. So even though we have made some huge squad changes lately, we continue the good play on the field and we owe a lot to Ivo for making that happen. He is in control and that is why i make him do just what he wants too. A winner is always right you know”

Coach Ivo Vacatko has been in an attacking mood lately and yesterdays games was no exception. 3-4-3 was the new sort against Krosno and it was enough to take the win. The men behind the goals was once again Kasper Ørbæk and the high flying goose Daniel Borre. The combination of Ørbæk’s quality corner kicks and the Goose specialty (using his head) gave Odense another fine win. MSO Golden league top scorer Serif Bosnjak had some chances throughout the game but failed to score and getting closer to be GL top scorer for the 3rd season in a row. Another GL legend was even more unfortunate as Alfred Burch was injured late in the game and probably wont make the next big game, when Langer House visit MS Park next week.