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Skals Jensen’s Big Chance

Johannes S. Jensen – New vice-captain.

Kasper Ørbæk will be 30 years old at the end of this season, Nils Adamsen is 33½ and Serif Bosnjak is 37 – The list of players with the potential to be team captain is a list of high age players and therefor it is time right to make some new ready to take over and Odense coach Vacatko has chosen Johannes ‘Rex’ Skals Jensen as new vice-captain.

The 24 years old midfielder has played 40 games for MS Odense and has scored 5 goals. Johannes is also a former Odense Academy Center talent and that is why he is the perfect man to lead the team, the day Kasper Ørbæk retire. “I’m delighted to get the responsibility in my hands and also to get a chance to grow with the team” is the comment from the new vice-captain.


Pre-Match: MSO – KKK

Hattrick United Press editor Toke Lundager is your host at MS Odense TV studio at MS Park in Odense.

12:25 Ladies and gentlemen – HT lovers. Welcome to MS park and the pre-match show before the big Golden League clash here at MS Park later today. MS Odense will take on Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno from Poland. Kickoff is at 16:30 CET and until then we will take a look at both teams and talk to some former MSO and KKK players and hear their view on today’s match. Get ready for action for here we go!

12:40 Today’s match in Odense is on the road to Waegari Park in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea – the stadium to host bthe final of the 3rd season of the Golden League. Krosno won season 1 and is also considered to be the favorite to take the title this season. MS Odense has been in top 10 in both season 1, 2 and know in season 3 too. The winner of the game will face Langer House from India in the semifinal. Langer House beat FC X-team in a penalty shootout only minutes ago. Rising Vikings from Sweden is also in the semifinal after a surprising 2-1 away win against Blue Royals 04.

13:00 Here is the place outside the studio where i will interview some former players from both clubs. If you take a look around you can see some of the sponsors for today’s match. The weather is slightly overcast and it is 14 degrees here in Odense, so it is perfect for a good match. I’ll be back with a presentation of the referees very soon.

13:30 The referees chosen for the match has been causing some issues because of the nationality problem. the Golden League council has chosen the 44 years old Dane Yussef Matiku as referee. Rueangsak Kitinaresuan from Thailand and David Arcaya from Chile is the linesmen.

“We have no problem with Mr Matiku being the referee today. We expect him and also see him as a fair and respected man. His nationality should not be a problem”

– MS Odense manager Hojris

Toke Lundager interviews former MS Odense stars Sami ‘Psycho’ Arsal, Former MS Odense and Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno legend Henri Heikkinen has also found his way to Odense and MS Park today alongside former MS Odense and Scotland U20 goalkeeper Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio

14:00 Welcome back to MS Park and welcome to our guest at this time. 3 players who is well know to Golden League managers around the world. Mr Bite Me, Sami Arsal, The fabulous Henri Heikkinen and MS Odense legend Paolo Baggio. Welcome guys and thanks for dropping by. You look exited to be here today. What are your expectations for the game?

“Boy is this a great game we got on our hands today. You can feel the tension here in Odense and knowing some of these guys. They are ready to take this game to the limit. Hey i should be playing here today and lay some perfect passes to Alfred. I invited him and Serif to the premiere of Psychonator II. The movie is even more awesome than this game will be”

– Sami ‘Psycho’ Arsal, former MS Odense Player.

“It is great to be back. It feels like being home again. This match will undoubtedly be a great one. Szloc, Allahverdiyev, Ebbensgaard and many other great players. Allahverdiyev and Maleta will have a busy day at work if you ask me, but they are both great goalkeepers and they can be the ones who decides the outcome. I of support Odense and belive that they will go to the semifinal and maybe even further than that. I the result will be 3:1 to my old mates”

– Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio, Former MS Odense player

“It is truly an honor to be back here in Odense to see my two old clubs collide. My career here wasn’t long, while i was a big name in Krosno and i also support Krosno today. El Nino and Damian will make the difference and i also think we will see a good performance from Fatic today. That guy is dangerous like nobody else”

– Henri Heikkinen, Former MS Odense player and Former Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno and Golden League superstar

MS Odense number 9 Daniel ‘Goose’ Borre

14:35 Player presentation: A solid striker who has formidable abilities in the air. Daniel is 26 years old and his career is on the way to the top with his arrival in Odense this season. He is MSO league top scorer this season with 10 goals. He has only scored 1 Golden League goal, but it was the winning goal in the 1:0 victory against Krosno 20/3-13

Number 2 on Golden League season 3 Man Of The Match list. He has played 123 games for MS Odense and is number 3 on the all-time most played matches.

15:10 Player presentation: ‘The Natural Born leader’ Kenneth Ebbensgaard is one of the best players to ever come out of Odense Academy Center. The quick midfielder is an obvious choice in the MS Odense starting lineup. He will become the player with most played games for Odense in global season 52 and is naturally a nominee for MS Odense Hall Of Fame in the future. Ebbensgaard is also a HTUA nominee for Odense this season.

Toke Lundager talks to Football Club Tranquebar president Yiannis Kotakis and MS Odense President Pierpaolo Scavo.

16:00 30 minutes to kickoff and we continue this pre-match coverage with some words from MS Odense former president and the current head of MS Odense. Yiannis welcome back to Odense. tell us a bit of your new club and what you expect of the upcoming quarterfinal.

“Thank you. Things are going good in India and we have started a fanclub (Holy Cows) for Tranquebar. The 75 members has come with me and my two associates to Odense to feel what the Golden league is all about. We will be a part of season 4 and i would like for our fans to get a taste of it. Today’s match between Krosno and Odense at MS Park is near the perfect introduction for Tranquebar fans to this great tournament. We support Odense and you will here the holy cows getting loud from the start of the match. Odense is on the verge of something big and we are here to celebrate with them”

Mr Scavo. Big day for MS Odense today and you have a big challenge coming. What are your expectations before the match?

We won Group A and has done well in the Golden league this season. We never thought that we would make it to the quarterfinal, but now we are here, we want to fight to get more. Krosno is surly the favorite, but we will give them a fight worthy a Golden League final and hopefully that will take us to the next round. the road to Waegari Park is still open and we will do everything to get one of the spots in the final of the Golden League. It will be quite a battle to make it, but if we doesn’t try, we won’t make it for sure. I believe in my boys and think they will do well today”

16:20 Kickoff 10 minutes from now. Read more from the game tonight or tomorrow.

MS Odense Lineup:


Grønholdt, Danke , van der Westen
Ørbæk,Ebbensgaard, Adamsen, Köppl, Jensen
Skals Jensen, Borre


Holy Cows Support at MS Park

There was a pleasant surprise waiting for MS Odense at Odense Airport in Beldringe earlier today. An airplane from Tharangambadi landed with with 78 passengers on board and some of them was familiar faces. FC Tranquebar president Yiannis Kotakis, Tranquebar Academy boss Peter Ivarsson and FC Tranquebar PR manager Viggo Falch has invited Holy Cows to Odense to cheer the Danish side in Wednesday’s big Golden League clash at MS Park and Holy Cows spokesperson Vijay Rakesh is trilled about supporting the mother club of his new found joy Football Club Tranquebar.

“We are happy to be here in Odense and we are ready to support MS Odense in the game against the Polish team. We know that Odense has a lot of great players and even though we don’t know anything about the opposite team but we are positive and believe that Odense will go into the semifinal of the Golden League. We are also here in Odense this week to let everybody know about FC Tranquebar”

said Vijay Rakesh who had to admit that Holy Cows know only little about Krosno.

“I think they are from some Eastern European country or something like that”

Tranquebar president Kotakis was also happy to be back in the city who has giving him so much in his career.

“Yes it is great to be back in Odense and i look forward to return to MS Park. I am also on a mission though. FC Tranquebar is in Odense this week to let you all know that we will enter Golden Leagues season 4 and do the best we can for our team one to remember around the world. We also wanted to give our fans a night to remember and Wednesday night could be just that if Odense can beat Krosno”.