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A New Tiranë Talent In GL

Tomorrow evening MS Odense will return to Golden League and start their campaign in season 4 and they bring many new talents since they lost in the quarterfinal of GL3 to Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno. Almost all defenders from last season are gone and Odense has since welcomed 8 young players to the club, to build an even stronger MS Odense for the future.

The latest transfer came last night as head scout Lars Lundgren traveled to the Albanian capitol Tiranë to close a deal with the agent of 18 years old winger talent Apollon Ziu. Young Ziu was found in the 3rd division club Animatoret and is believed to be as big a talent as Horus Falcons player and fellow native EC10 Edi Celaj.

“We have been scouting massively in Albania for a long time to find the successor of Edi and we also followed the territory close when Edi played for us, so we are extremely happy to finally have found the talent we have been searching for, for a really long time” said Lars Lundgren after Ziu’s agent has signed the contract with Odense on behalf of the young player.

Ziu will arrive in Odense later today and fly to Östergötland Sweden tonight with the rest of the squad and prepare for the game against last seasons Golden League finalists Rising Vikings.


We Are The Future! I

The youngsters in Odense and Tharan- gambadi proved their worth earlier tonight. MSO U18 kept the good play from resent weeks and is now number 3 in HTUM U18 Championship after a solid home 4:0 win against Kamenice Lamers, while Tran- quebar U18 is un- beaten in 2nd teams YL, with a 2:1 win against Tricolor U20 from London.

They are the future of MS Odense and Football Club Tranquebar and Friday night they showed just way the boards of the two clubs expect much from their young players in the future. Two wins against two good opponents and it was not luck but hard work as the foundation for the resent success of the two academy teams.

The history between Odense and Kamenice got a new chapter and it was a positive one for the Danes. Goals from Franck Wichmann, Ejgil Mortensen, Elo Mogensen and Michael Agerbæk was the outcome of the, on paper, equal fight. “We are surprised by the big win, but we were effective in front of their goal. We are in 3rd place now and have a chance to get even on points with the leaders next week. I will be a difficult task for us, but we will try to be successful” said left winger Michael Agerbæk after the match.

In the Tamil Nadu region of India, it was one of the local boys who was in the spotlight. The 16 years old striker Muthupandi Variar, aka The Tamil Warrior, was the man behind both goals in the 2:1 win against Tricolor U20. It was his first goals for Football Club Tranquebar U18 and he is one of the players coach Firoz Wazir expects a lot from in the next 16 weeks before The Tamil Warrior will become a part of the main squad in Tharangambadi. “We knew that he was the one, when we scouted him a few weeks ago. Muthupandi is a good talent and hopefully he will find his specialty and go on to become a huge star for us. He proved himself today in a game where our strikers was more than important for the team. it was a match between a good defense and a good attack and luckily for us, Muthupandi made us the winners today. Next week we will travel to Brunei and hopefully we can continue our unbeaten run and be on our way to win 2nd teams YL with a group of 3 very good opponents” said Firoz Wazir.


A Megastar In The Mist II

India Cup 2nd round
Hyderabad – Tranquebar
0 – 1 Swaroop ‘Moonchild’ Vanga 7′
0 – 2 Manoj ‘Punjabi Tiger’ Prabhu 22′
0 – 3 Aditya ‘Cobra’ Haasan 28′
0 – 4 Rajinikanth ‘Foggy’ Reddy 31′
0 – 5 Rajinikanth ‘Foggy’ Reddy 34′
0 – 6 Vijay ‘The Lizard’ Timmaraju 35′
0 – 7 Manoj ‘Punjabi Tiger’ Prabhu 52′
0 – 8 İbrahim Ali Perk 62′
0 – 9 Varghese ‘Blondie’ Rajkumar 77′
0 – 10 Waleed ‘Airwolf’ Nizami 84′
0 – 11 Rajinikanth ‘Foggy’ Reddy 87′

He did it again! 19,22 years old Rajinikanth ‘Foggy’ Reddy once again proved that he knows where the goal is and he can score. Earlier today he scored a hattrick in the India Cup 2nd round against Hyderabad Heroes and is Tranquebar top scorer with 7 goals this season – That is 7 goals in 2 Cup games!

“He is the the crown jewel of our talent development and we are proud to see that our number one talent is showing why he is just that. You might say Foggy might miss a specialty. We say that his specialty is that he can score a lot of goals and we are positive that he will continue to do so throughout the season” says coach Mahmood Jalalvi after the match.

12000 has found their way to Hyderabad Heroes Arena on a sunny day and the few away fans from Holy Cows, who had traveled to the Andhra Pradesh region to support their heroes, got a big win, but also some minor headaches because of 2 serious injuries to the team fro Tharangambadi.

“Yes we was also unlucky today” said captain ‘Dutch’ after the match. “Both ‘The Illusionist’ and ‘Silverfox’ are out of the next couple of games because of injuries. I asked the referee why he let Hyderabad play so hard, but he did not give a decent answer. It is sad to see 2 of our player leave the field with injuries in a match that we was in total control. Now we have to do without them for some weeks and i think we will do well anyway. Not because they ain’t good players, but because we have some good subs to replace them. Haasan and ‘Gonzo’ showed that they was good replacements today and they could be in the next games too”.

With Tranquebar trough to the next round, it will be time to think about the best possible lineup for a match against Aerodynamics from Chennai. They play in the 3rd division and has a great defense. “We have to be at our best to win this one. They are big favorites to take the win, but we have a chance to reach the 4th round. We will need a lot of luck, but it is not mission impossible and we will do everything to make a dream come true. Myself? I will try to score again and thsi time 1 goal will be enough for me” said hattrick hero Rajinikanth ‘Foggy’ Reddy with a smile, when asked about next weeks Cup match at Fort Dansborg.