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A Mirage In The Desert

Maybe it was the Golden leagues biggest surprise to date. The minors from Sahura got their biggest win in their short history when they beat MS Odense 5:3 in front of 1066 fans at Per-Usir and the scouts from various Golden League teams present had to be impressed by the home teams 17 years old Antonio Candelli’s performance. The Italian youngster crowned a good game with scored 2 goals in the middle of the first half.

“It will be a big lie to say that we came to lose in Egypt this week. We knew that Sahura wanted the win and there performance was outstanding. We played a good game too and i see a lot of perspective in our squad. We lost one match but gained more than a win can give us on long term.” MS Odense president Scavo told the local press after the home coming at HCA Airport last night. “We knew that it would be a close encounter and to be honest we are not troubled in anyway by the loss. We lost to a better team on the day and we and we had other agendas than 3 points per game at this point” he told the press.

Rearranging MSO

This weeks Golden League game for MS Odense gave debut to 3 young men at a midfield with veteran striker Alfred Burch and the 3 youngster did well if you ask mr Scavo. “Some might say that we played a poor game, but take a look at the 11 men Vacatko chose to play the game. Nicklas played his first senior match and his performance gave him a contract with a Polish 5 division side today. Øvlisen and Leijonblad had only been MSO players for 24 hours and they played in totally new positions and we have big plans and expectations for those two attacking players in the future. Also this was the game where we said farewell to two of the biggest names of the Golden League. They might not be in form anymore and got a but slower, but Alfred still found the net and proved just why we bought him 2½ seasons ago. Serif also played well and it have to be said that he was bruised and no young man anymore. Yes we did okay if you ask me”.

“We said only days ago that changes are coming to Odense these days. We have to think about the future. We will face better and better teams and to be compatible we have to evolve on different areas. To get new younger and stronger players into the squad to replace Burch and Bosnjak before is an absolute must before next season and we also have to acknowledge that our midfield ain’t the youngest too. We have a lot of talents in our squad though and they will get B2B training weekly in the next 2-3 season and that should make MS Odense better than ever. That is our plan and what we believe in” Scavo told the journalists.

Flexibility and unpredictable

It is not only in the squad that there has been plans of changing. Odense also wants to become a tougher opponent to paly against. “Our history tells two things about Odense. We often play the same formation and we make a lot of transfers and thereby we have a lack of continuity. We have a squad with many younger players and some very experienced players too. It might be the best mix of players we have ever got and some of the young ones will become very good players in a couple of seasons. It has also been a wish for seasons to become more flexible when it comes to tactics and formations and we will try and be that for the rest of the season and see how it goes. We want to be unpredictable. We want to be difficult to read for the teams who meet us on the field. That is not something we can chance over night, but we have the material to do it know. The young players only need 2 seasons more so we can see it in full affect, but the show begins now and if we have to take some loses to get better on long term we will take em” was the last word from Scavo last night.



“Everything has an end. An earthworm it has two” is a very famous line in a Danish song and i don’t know why i write this, but it is very appropriate as a start to this story. A Dane will understand… Trust me. Well i haven’t wrote this story to talk about earthworms or whales, witch is what the song is about. I write this story to end a legacy… no two legacies.

Sometimes you have to chance things around your team and sometimes those chances comes quicker than expected. Sometime things are going so well that the time is right to think more about the future than the exact we are in. Tonight the sporting management of MS Odense has decided to switch the training more than once for the rest of the season and it is time to get some new and younger blood into the squad. That also mean that we have to say goodbye to some.

“We are in a process of making a much better MS Odense than ever seen and Baba, Mojo, Rex and the rest of the young players are being guided well so they can take over from Ørbæk, Ebbensgaard and others in a couple of season. Looking at how the season has been until know we know are on the verge to face some serious competition in the coming seasons and that is why we act now. The time is right with the strength we have vs the other team in our division. Because of this situation we are on the transfer market right now to find new and younger attacking players. That is also why we have come to an agreement with two of our legends to retire and enter MSO Hall Of Fame. It is both with a bit of sorrow and also with great pride that we can announce Serif Bosnjak and Alfred Burch to be our new Hall Of Fame inductee. Both players has done very well for Runenberg, Sigulda and us. Both players has proven them self as great strikers and without a doubt they will retire as Golden League legends too. We can’t thank Serif and Alfred enough for the work they have done for the team, for the club. We can’t thank them enough for their many goals and also for making us a lot better than before they joined the club” said manager Hojris at a press conference at MS Park only minutes ago.

The legendary duo will play their last game in Cairo on Wednesday. When MS Odense takes on The Warriors of Sahura. At the same time MS Odense would like to welcome Ivan Leijonblad to the club. The Danish talent will be joined by a striker or two in the days to come.


This Is Why

MS Odense is going for promotion this season and we are pretty comfortable that it will happen. Why is that you may ask. Well as the the headline and the picture says. This is why!

After last weekends top match against number 2 FC Rohans it was pretty clear that MS Odense will be almost unbeatable in VI.949 this season. After the FC Rohans game, MS Odense dominated Team Of The Week with 7 out of 11 players and especially the strong midfield shined last Sunday.

This week it is time to play against our good friend The Remix and manager mdsuper-smart’s team can’t be happy to take to take on MS Odense at this point in time. The Remix might have the strongest defense in the series but their lack of midfield and attack almost overshadow the good defensive stats. Their results tells the story too. The Remix has only won 2 out of 4 games – The 2 wins has come by walkovers and the two other games has been lost. It is hard to see how they should manage to get some points with them home from MS Park this week.

Odense coach Ivo Vacatko ain’t taking The Remix lightly though and the opponent must expect to see a strong MS Odense on the field, just like FC Rohans did last week. “We have stated earlier this season that we want the promotion this season and we wont take any team lightly. We will bring the best of the best to MS Park on Sunday and we will be stronger this week than last week because Mads Grønholdt will play this weekend instead of the injured Kenneth ‘Drillo’ Tverberg – That will not be an advantage for the visiting team. Right now we are in a position where we can gain promotion in week 11 and we will go 100% for that”.