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HTUA Winner Transfer To Odense

The former HTUM TALENT OF THE SEASON, global season 48, and former I-League and Langer House striker Venkat Variar made the transfer from Langer House to MS Odense earlier tonight. The 22 years old former Langer House Yuva talent is the first transfer to strengthen MS Odense – The Danish club is set to return to league 5 next season and club president Scavo fell the need to get a better squad.

“We have been i contact with Langer House numerous times to try and sign Venkat and when they made it official that they would sell him we did not have to think twice. He is a superb player with a good mind. An intelligent player who knows where the goal is and we have had a lack of players like that lately. Venkat also has experience from playing the best of the best in the Golden League and we are positive about that being something both he and our team can use when we will face much more difficult opponents next season, than we did this season. Venkat is a classy player and i’m sure that he will be a big contender on the top scores list next season here in Denmark” said Mr Scavo.

Venkat Variar gets shirt number 20 and he will debut as an MS Odense player tomorrow evening in MS Cup.


Club Record About To Fall

For many many seasons the former striker and MSO legend ‘The Special One’ Sam Mahmoud Abu-Aziz has hold some of the greatest club record for MS Odense players but this coming Sunday one of the two greatest will fall when MS Odense play against FC Herlev United. At Sunday 16:00 hattrick time, Kenneth Ebbensgaard will hold the record for most played games for MS Odense.

Kenneth is a product of Odense Academy Center witch include MS Odense U18 too. he was scouted by Palle Storm Jensen around Christmas 2008 and signed a youth contract with the academy at December 28, 2008. Soon thereafter Kenneth joined forces with Kasper Ørbæk on the center midfield on the U18 team and even though they did well together, Kenneth also proved to be a talented defender and played in the center defense as team captain for the best talents in Odense. As you might imagine it was only natural that young Ebbensgaard was handed an offer to become a professional football player for MS Odense when he turned 17 – He accepted the offer and was alongside Kasper Ørbæk a part of the first homegrown project around MS Odense.

Even at age 17 Ebbensgaard was one of the leading players of MS Odense and he managed to play 93 games after his promotion to the first team at May 18th 2009. Just like in his junior years he proved to be an important play both as a defender and a midfielder, but after over 2½ seasons as a senior, and 1½ as a youth player, it was time to move on to another country to gain some international experience. Turkish Kartal Pencesi payed 1 million € for the almost 20 years old all rounder and Ebbensgaard left Odense. Unfortunately the chemistry between the Turkish club and young Ebbensgaard didn’t go as expected and he soon tranfered to Italian Quadraro Football Club and it was the club from Puglia who finished the work for Kenneth to become the quality player he is today. 7 good years with the Italian only came to an end when MS Odense manager Hojris decided to contact the Italians to get Ebbensgaard back home. Back to Odense.

On Christmas day 2012 Ebbensgaard was once again presented as an Odense player and he has played 47 official games since then because he has once again proven to be a very important player to his childhood club. ON Sunday he will break the club record for most played games when he step on the field and play match number 140 in the MSO kit.