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Legend Accepts The Challenge

Today Mission Superliga Odense has honored Ivo Vacatko with an invite to enter the clubs Hall Of Fame and also to get a new position in the club as Director Of Sales. We are happy to be informing our fans and the press that Ivo have accepted our proposal after 4 seasons as coach of Mission Superliga Odense. Ivo has made a lot of great results with our first team and was the man who help Emin ‘The Emperor’ Allahverdiyev to become an U20 player by his stay here in Odense. Now he will be in charge of sales and merchandise – Hopefully he will continue to do a great job for the club and this time bring a lot of money to strengthen our main squad in the future.

Mission Superliga Odense would also like to announce a new coach. The man to lead the club on new and difficult adventures in the danish V.series next season will be Golden League legend Serif Bosnjak. The former MS Odense and FC Sigulda 08 striker and the Golden League top scorer of season 1 and 2 is the right man to take our club to the next level and even though we know it will be a difficult task to survive in our new series. We are positive that with his experience, Bosnjak is the man to do it – If anyone can, it is Serif.

38 years old Serif Bosnjak is delighted to get the opportunity to finally take the step from being player to becoming a coach. “I am proud that the board of Mission Superliga Odense have the trust and believe in me to become a coach and i will try not to let them down. I think i got a very interesting squad. It might be a small one at this time but we have people whom can play in different positions and some few good substitutes and two young goalkeeper prospects in Glue Glove and Ke Xinyun – They are both inexperienced and have a lack of skills at this point, but we will work hard to change that and i believe that both players will become decent goalies before next season comes to an end.

Our aim for the upcoming season is the survive and stay in V.242 and we will also like to qualify for the Golden Leagues 2nd stage. I truly believe we can do that and that is what we are trying to accomplish. It require some luck also for us to devalue the national cup – Sad, but we have to pick our choices in advance whit a small squad in hand so we have no trouble doing this. Last but not least i’m looking forward to being in charge of MS Odense when we play FCOB Kamenice tomorrow at MS Park. Kamenice is a very good team and we will be test to the limit in our last match before the new season start on Monday”.


Alfred Burch In MSO Hall Of Fame

One of the Golden Leagues greatest names retired toady and entered MS Odense Hall Of Fame. 32 years old Alfred Burch has played his last game and he join the Hall Of Fame alongside MS Odense Public Relations Manager Tudor Petricã, Football Club Tranquebar Chief Of Talents Peter Ivarsson, Hattrick United Press editor Toke Lundager and MS Odense club president Pierpaolo Scavo.

“This living legend transferred from FC Runenberg to Odense after some stunning performances for the Swiss team in the Golden League’s season 1. Alfred was number 2 on the top score list in the debut season of GL too. Last but not least the name Alfred Burch was one of the great ones in his time as a player and one to be remembered for a long time among HTUM / GL teams. Gold Rushers and Ultras salute this great personality.”

Alfred Burch will still be able to visit the Golden League stadiums in the future as he has decided to become a referee.


Venkat’s Delight.

MS Odense played the last league game of season 52 today and it was a delightful end to the season for the 41000+ spectators on a rainy MS Park. The new improved squad of MS Odense outplayed the visitors and Venkat Variar was one of the players who impressed his coach very much today. The former Zaberdust star scored his 4th and 5th goal in the MSO jersey today and has got the perfect start to his new football life.

“It is always difficult to transfer from a top league like Hasan (Muhammed) and I have done. There is a lot of pressure on players like us but fortunately Odense has bought a lot of new great players these last few days, so there is many who can take the responsibility on the team” the 22 years old striker told the press after the match. The Warrior was not the only one to make a good impression. A total of 4 players scored twice in today’s – The captain Kasper Ørbæk got on 13 goal for the season, while Casado has scored 3 goals in two games for Odense and Florentino Abajo made a good debut with his two goals for the record books. Nils Adamsen scored also scored a goal in the match, witch was his farewell match. Adamsen continue his career at Raszków Revival in Poland.

Next up for MS Odense is the group stage games against FC Eduard United in the Hans Christian Andersen Cup, Monday evening. The coming week also gives the fans a huge Golden League clash at MS Park against FC X-Team. The visitors won the last meeting by 4:0 and Odense can hopefully get a revenge for that defeat.