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GL1 Playmaker Back In Odense

Back in time when the Golden League was in its first season, Odense was one of the major players of the teams participating. Baggio, Skytte, Lamhauge, Zamarromalo, Papon, Bonsignore, Boelhouwer and Abu-Aziz was some of the most important players of MS Odense. One name is missing. The name of a player who was a regular on HU-Press’ Golden League team of the week. That players is like the rest, not a part of our past. Our old general is back in Odense to finish his career here, but also to yet again be a part of the Golden League. Mission Superliga Odense is proud to welcome back Dimosthenis Mpatistas. The Greek God is 32 years old now, but the history he have with this club is the reason for his return. “Mpatistas was a great player for us from season 46 to 48 and he was the keystone in our foundation back then and even though he is a bit older now, he is also more experienced. We are very proud to welcome back Dimosthenis to Odense. He is very treasured by our fans and both the fans and the club is looking forward to his return this coming Wednesday in the Danish Cup” Odense manager told the press earlier today.

Dimosthenis Mpatistas has played 58 games for the club so far and scored 11 goals.


MSO Successful in V.242 debut

Odense #10 Muhammed

It was expected to be a close race to gain 3 points and it was, when Mission Superliga Odense got a debut win at home in Denmark’s V.242. 3:0 was the final score but it don’t tell teh story of a very even game. Odense did manage to keep Party Startes away from Glue Gloves goals and the by winger Roar Jensen (2) and Hasan Muhammed was enough to seal the victory.

“We were very effective in front of their goal today” coach Bosnjak concluded after the 90 minutes of play at a very well visited MS Park this Sunday afternoon. 44430 spectators had found their way to the stadium at Aasumvej in the north eastern part of Odense and they got what they came for. A home side victory. “I have to take my hat of for Roar today” the coach said and continued. “Even though he might be the best transfer we ever made. He continue to amaze us with his scoring abilities. 16 goals in 36 official games is quite good for a player like him and i am sure that we have not heard the last from him this season” said Bosnjak to the many journalist attending the mixed zone at MS Park after the game. Roar Jensen scored twice in the game and it was two early goals that might decide the outcome in a game between two recently promoted teams. Jensen’s goals was scored in the 16th and 19th minute.

The former AS Uijeongbu 07 striker Hasan Muhammed also got on the score sheet today when he scored the goal to 3:0 after only 29 minutes of play. The striker from Bangladesh has had minor trouble scoring after his move to Odense but he got his second goal in 5 games and he feel that he finally has found his place both in the club as well as in his new private life in Odense. “I had to get used to stay here in Denmark and i finally begin to feel at home here. I have scored two weeks in a row now and i expect to score many more goals this season” Hasan told the press and added “We have 3 important games coming next week. Tomorrow against Bellevue in The Hans Christian Andersen Cup. It will be a good test for us before the 2nd round game in the Danish Cup later this week and the we have a big match against FC ZeitGeist next Sunday” said MSO’s number 10.


Dynamic Duo: Never Been Better

At a stage in MSO history when the scouting was close to perfect and some of the clubs biggest talents was found on the local schools of Odense. Palle Storm Jensen and Svend Havlykke was two of the scout doing a great job at that point in time and they found the two players, who is leading the team in the V.series 15 seasons later. Back then the two scouts was paying attention to the many games played at the schools in Odense and they found gold. Palle Storm Jensen found a young player called Kenneth Ebbensgaard and a few weeks later Svend Havlykke told manager Hojris that he should take a closer look at a young man named Kasper Ørbæk. Hattrick News has caught up with the two to have a talk about the new season.

The sun is shining at MS Park this Friday morning. A perfect morning to pay to pay a visit to the training facilities of Mission Superliga Odense, where the squad is getting ready to face Party Starters at MS Park on Sunday. The spirit of Ebbensgaard and Ørbæk seems very positive as they sit down and talk with our journalist. In seconds their are off to talking about the youth years back in the days. “I remember us playing as midfielder on the youth team too” said Ebbensgaard before Ørbæk takes over and start laughing quite loud. “That was before we became seniors and you didn’t have the resistance to play the midfield. Then you was removed and played as a defender”. The two player laughs loud and Ebbensgaard defend himself by saying that defending takes courage and also a good mind for the game. It is obvious that they have a mutual respect for each other and also get along very well.

Our man in the field try to take the interview in a more serious direction and ask them how it felt to comeback when they both rejoined MS Odense after 8 seasons away from their mother club. “Well 2 season has gone since we returned so it is all back to normal now, but i remember it like big news in the press and among our fans too. There has been a lot of changes since then and Ricco and us is the trio left before this season” Ørbæk tells us and Ebbensaard continues “We have strengthen our team a lot lately and hopefully we can get it all together and perform on top for most of the season. I fell like i’m in the best form of my life and i’m ready to show that on Sunday”. Ørbæk tells that he is also in best physical condition possible at this time. Has it something to do with the new coach you might ask yourself. When we ask the two players they start laughing again and then they look at coach Bosnjak, who is instructing Hasan Muhammed on his shooting on the training ground. “The training is easier every season around here. We always start by running behind our coach. he is a old man you know” Ebbensgaard laugh out loud as Bosnjak responds with a smile and by saying that they can get 10 extra round if they don’t behave them self quickly. “To be serious we have never been better. Serif was a great player and he has proven to be a good coach too. I’m sure he will make us perform great throughout the entire season” Ørbæk tell us.

Now we have found out that the mood in Odense is great and the harmony in the squad is perfect. Will the season be perfect too then? “We have to see about” Ørbæk says before he takes a break to think about a good answer. “We are in a very strong V.series and we will have to work hard in every single game to avoid relegation. I think the first 3 to 4 games will tell us how it will all turn out in the end” the team captain tells us. Ebbensgaard agree “The start is very important to us. Especially the home games is must-win matches and it would be nice to get some rounds in the cup to. It will be difficult though and sad if we once again must be robbed for a home game in the cup. It has been a while since that happened” says Ebbensgaard. Sunday has a home game coming to Odense. Will that be a guaranteed victory. “Not even close” Ebbensgaard respond quickly and he continues “Party Starters has many good player and i see it as a very even game between two new teams in V.242”. Ørbæk add that they must at least get some points to get off to an acceptable start and a win is needed if they shall have a chance to go through to the 3rd round of the cup.

Coach Bosnjak now tell his 2 players to join the rest in Friday mornings training session. Ebbensgaard and Ørbæk say goodbye to our journalist and as they go back on the pitch it is obviously for them to stop fooling around and act like professional football players again. They have to do the same on Sunday to win, but no one near this training ground this morning can be in doubt. Odense’ dynamic duo personified by Ebbengaard and Ørbæk is ready for the season debut in the league, both physically as mentally.