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Getting Better And Better

4½ seasons has gone since former Golden League Council candidate Søren Olesen scouted the current number one goalkeeper of Mission Superliga Odense. Back then the 15 years old talent could only have dreamed of being a safe last man for his new club. Today it is a reality. Odense reached the 7th round of the national Cup this season and is currently number 3 in the 12th best V.series in Denmark, furthermore Odense has the second best defense in the series according to the score of the teams in Denmark’s V.242. A big part of this success can be related to the youngest member of the main squad in Odense – Ricco ‘Glue Glove’ Pilgaard. Two seasons after he got a pro contract with the club, Ricco has 11 clean sheets in 51 games and he is on the hunt to grab club record from MSO goalkeeper legends, and U20 keepers, ‘The Emperor’ Emin Allahverdiyev and ‘GoldenBoy’ Paolo Baggio. He has today played more games for the club than Allahverdiyev and he will reach Baggio on that list next season. Regaring clean sheets, he is halfway there. Will he make it? If you ask Ricco the answer is yes and he is ready to work hard for a long time to reach his goals – To win the HTUA Goalkeeper Of The Season award.

Hattrick News caught up with the 19 years old talent after the training Friday morning to have a talk with the only player in Mission Superliga Odense squad to never play for other clubs than the one his is with at the moment. Young Ricco was originally a striker in his youngest years as a football player and last season he proved that he still can find the net, when he scored 3 goals in 2 league games, but he also showed some great potential as a goalkeeper with his 6 clean sheets in the same season. Last season was also the season where he became the number one goalkeeper in Odense and for 12 weeks he has proven himself worthy as the replacement of ‘The Emperor’ Emin Allahverdiyev. Ricco is not the same talent as Allahverdiyev or Baggio, but his feelings for the mother club and his training rate lift his game to an impressive level, when he enters a field in the MSO kit.

‘Glue Glove’ also think, that having two very different goalkeepers in the club is good for his own development as a player. Ke Xinyun has some forces, where Ricco is not that strong yet, but he truly believe that he is the better of the two. He also know that he has to continue to work hard to keep the Chinese goalkeeper behind him in. Competition is good and it makes him more fit, sharper and eventually better in the games and that goes for Ke too. Being in as tough a Series as Odense is this season, it is good to be two good keepers cause like Ricco say, he like to be ready and fully rested for the big encounter every week and that can only happen if Ke performs on top in the games he get to play. So far Ricco and company has done great in V.242 and on Sunday they can take a baig step closer to survival and a new season in the strong series if they can win the home game against Drugless United. If you ask Ricco he is 100% sure that Odense will take the win.

Oh yes and then there was the talk about the HTU Award as the best goalkeeper of the season. Will he take it this season? Ricco do not believe so, but in a season or two he believe he will become a contender. If it is enough to knockdown the great Charlieboy down from the throne. We will have to wait and see about that.


GRC: The Perfect Start

Last night Mission Superliga Odense entered the first Gold Rushers Cup. A great tournament with teams representing Europe, Oceania and South America. Teams like Jenever FC, FCOB Kamenice, FC Sigulda 08 and FC Runenberg makes the competition rough and it gets even harder when you add Bellevue Barrage, Rising Vikings, Los Mejores Futbol Club and FC X-Team to the list. the are a great amount of star quality in these teams players and that also goes for many of the others, so MSO will have to work hard to play for the title later on. We want to be a contender and we will try and take it in the end. To be fair we have to admit that Odense isn’t the best team entering this great tournament and we consider FC Runenberg, Jenever FC , FC Runenberg, Rising Vikings and FC Sigulda 08 to be better all over, but we are not far behind and can take the win as much as they can.

The Gold Rushers Cup – 16 teams in 4 groups. Fighting for a place in the KO stages. Mission Superliga Odense made their debut in Group B last night. Polish minors Jove was the opponent and even though Odense was a huge favorite going into the game. Jove put up a good fight in the first half hour of the match. then Odense found them self up by two and nice and easily they dominated Jove and won by 5:0. Nervik, Makepeace and always dangerous winger Roar Jensen was three of the Danish teams goal scorers. Odense captain Kasper Ørbæk scored twice and was like many times before the architect behind a blue and white victory.

The next opponent in The Gold Rushers Cup will be Rising Vikings. The battle of the Scandinavian throne will be a lot tougher than the first round win. Our Swedish opponent and friends has proven time and time again, that they can beat every team in a tournament of this standard. The Odense staff are not naive and are aware of a possible loss against the vikings, but the Swedes know our team well to and know what power of Mission Superliga. The match is a must follow and you can do so next Monday 19:17 hattrick time


Hasan Return To Kickoff Festivity

H. Muhammed

Late Wednesday afternoon, Odense made a shocker in the Danish Cup, when Sankt Mort was defeated by 5:1 at a filled MS Park in Odense. 54.200 fans had found their way to follow the white and blue home team in the quest for a place in the 6th round of the national cup, for the first time and Serif Bosnjak’s boys did not disappoint the huge crowd assembled at the stadium in the birth town of Hans Christian Andersen. Odense captain was, as usual, a key player for his team and as he toke all the excitement out of the game with his 2 goals in the last 20 minutes, but it was Hasan Muhammed who kickoff the festivities with the opening goal just past the half hour mark – The 29 years old former AS Uijeongbu 07 striker made his return to the team after two weeks absent because of an injury and he proved his worth by scoring against a top team from the Danish 4th divisions.

Yes it has indeed been another good week for Bosnjak as coach of MS Odense. The former Golden League top scorers debut season as coach has very impressive as Odense has won 8 out of 9 games so far this season. The club has never had such a good start to the season and it is visualized with the ticket they got to the 6th round of the Danish Cup – A new club record. Bosnjak’s boys has also got a fantastic start in Denmark’s V.242 and is currently holding the 3rd spot after the first 4 games. “The boys has played incredibly well and we have had some a great deal of luck to. We have got the biggest win of all in the league so far, and we only lost 1:2 at the leaders field in round 2. Our main aim for the season is still the same like before the opener 5 weeks ago. We want to stay in the league” Coach Bosnjak told Hattrick News earlier today.

MS Odense will face 2 new big challenges in the coming HT week, when they take on BK CARBONARA (number 5) in the league on Sunday. BK CARBONARA is much better than the league position shows and Odense will once again need some luck to get a good result from the match. In the Danish Cup, Wednesday, they will face Blodsugerne IF, whom is lead by the former Danish U20 manager AiR-VladTepes. The teams is currently playing in the Danish III series and it will be yet another difficult task for MS Odense to overcome.