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The New Litter

Mission Superliga Odense has had a fantastic season and yesterday’s result against strong AC Resen was yet another example of that. AC Resen is one of the best team in the league and with 3 games to go Odense is still ahead of Resen after a thrilling 2:2 encounter in front of 45.500 spectators at MS Park. Bangladesh superstar Hasan Muhammed scored the first goal of the game after 8 minutes but when AC Resen went one up with 3 minutes to go the fans and Odense coach Serif Bosnjak thought it was all over for the white and blue home team. Victorio Pintos wanted it different though as he scored his first league goal of the season in the 88th minute. “We were the best team on the day and AC Resen was a little lucky to bounce back into the game in the second half” said coach Bosnjak. “We have been both lucky and playing wisely this season” he continued. “V.242 is one of the strongest in Denmark (11 out of 256) and we are proud to have been a top 4 team from day one in our debut season here. We are currently on the verge of securing another season here without having to play a qualifying game later this season. I hope everything fall into places next Sunday so we can start to think about next season” The Bosnian Golden League Legend told the press at MS Park last night.

The journalists got a little piece of the future, and thereby also a chance to see what Odense has to offer for the fans and the followers of Mission Superliga Odense. Club President Pierpaolo Scavo reviled 5 new talents whom had been signed earlier yesterday. “Some of you have noticed that Hoffmann, Svold and Riis has taken the step from Odense Academy Center to the first team and they have done very well so far. Next season we will also give Eskild Dahlberg, Ricky Magnusson and Keld Simonsen the chance to develop in our main squad and we look very much forward to they arrival here at MS Park. We need more player though and fortunately our assistant coach Rune Graversen and head scout Lars Lundgren has been able to find 6 good young talents to complete the squad for the next season. Today I can present 5 of them for you. The last man will join the other to the first training session Monday, but please let me introduce the 5 who are here…”

Jean-Paul Cachia “… is an 18 years old defender from Malta. Jean-Paul is a very quick player and maybe a future wing-back or winger. We think that we got him for a very low price, but that won’t lower our expectations for this young man”

Tomáš Jícha “… We have a strong network in the Czech Republic thanks to our many contacts in Prague and we found 19 years old Tomáš there. He is a good technical player and also has flair for the quick passing game. We believe that if we strengthen both his defensive and playmaking abilities he can become a really good player”.

Yann Lefebvre “… a long time ago Yann Papon was a very important player for us and Lars Lundgren asked him to find us a French man with a personality like his own. Yann aim was to find a player who can do the unexpected and be a keystone in the build up of our game. We are proud to have a new Yann here in Odense and hopefully the 18 years old Lefebvre can be just as loved by our fans like Papon was”.

Nikolas Mpellos “… Nikolas is a 20 years old powerful midfielder and also the nephew of ‘The Greek God’ Dimosthenis Mpatistas. Nikoals is intended to take over from Ørbæk and Ebbensgaard in a couple of seasons and the job to make him a very strong midfielder is his and Serif’s”.

Giorgi Beraia “… is a 18 years old defender from Georgia. He has some impressive defensive skills for his age. he has a great technic and he has the potential to become a great leader on the field, when he gets a little bit older. We are proud to welcome the very first Georgian player to our team and we know that the you all will be talking about Giorgi Beraia very soon”.

“When Qasim join us tomorrow morning we will only have to let some players go and wait for the 3 talents from the academy to have a new talented squad with a experience midfield and attack as the strong foundation and some very talented defenders, goalkeepers and 2 very interesting playmaking talents. Even though we get young players we will still be a strong team – Not as strong as we have been this season, but we will be one season from now and we are very confident about the future of our club” President Scavo told the press before he left the Paolo Baggio Lounge at MS Park, with a smile on his face. The Presidident really like the new litter of Mission Superliga Odense.

Not everyone was happy at MS Park yesterday cause when new players come in, some has to leave as well. MS Odense would like to say that for the big effort and the work done by Abelão Casado, Fraser Makepeace, Luigi Spanedda, Jens Kroppe, Emīls Prikulis and Giampaolo Di Girolamo. They have done well in their short time in Odense and we wish them all the best in the future. The 6 players will have their last day at work in Odense, Monday.


A Struggle for Survival

It has been the best season in Mission Superliga Odense 5 years of history and still we now face a struggle to avoid a relegation qualifications match in the last 4 league games of the season. A bit unlucky loss to BK Carabonara is the result of that. With 4 games to go; Odense has an 8 point advantage on BK Carabonara after their 3:1 win at MS Park. In the coming 4 games Odense will go up against AC Resen and the undefeated leaders from FC ZeitGeist and that is why Odense coach fears for his team to end outside of top 4 after an amazing first half of the season.

“We were a bit unlucky today and now we face some tough challenges in the remaining part of the season” coach Bosnjak told the press after the defeat of his team in front of 46900 fans. “We reached the 7th round of the cup and lost because of my mistakes. We have been a top 3 team in the league since day one. We have qualified for the Golden League Masters for the first time, even though we had the great cup run. Yes it ahs been a tremendously good season and we have achieved much much more than we could have hoped for. That is also why we are very sad to see everything fall a part now. We are struggling in the league and we will exit GL Masters Wednesday at home. Right now we have to set our sight on other things than the results to be able to remember this as a season worth to remember. We have chosen to start the work to get the next generation ready to steer MS Odense strong and safely into the future and also to a higher league level. To do that we have started the work on developing Venkat ‘Warrior’ Variar into an even more dangerously striker than he is today. Venkat has proven himself with his 15 gaols since his arrival 15 weeks ago. We want him to be even better and also get a chance to develop more homegrown players alongside Ricco Pilgaard. We need new and young talents in the squad. Alex Svold, Anton Riis and Jørgen Hoffmann is a part of that project and they will be join by Keld Simonsen and Ricky Magnusson and others from our academy very soon. When we get younger players into the squad we have to let some players leave too. We are now relaying on the most experienced players join forces with Ricco, Venkat and the new youngsters and take MS Odense on new adventures in the coming seasons. Ørbæk, Ebbensgaard, Mpatistas and Muhammed will be the one to guide the young into greatness and the ones to give Venkat time to develop into a the star we know he is”.


San Millán Díez & Co was much better

Yes let us just be honest. FC X-Team was much better than us today and the match in Odense is only a cosmetic thing” said Odense coach Serif Bosnjak after his team was hammered by Iasi’s local heroes. FC X-Team won 4:0 in front of 2880 spectators at Ecaterina Teodoroiu. The home team was in control from the first minute and they almost humiliated Odense in a very one sided game. Schuldt, Makepeace and Ørbæk was missing in the starting eleven and that made Odense look like a toothless tiger with nails and an easy target for a defensively strong home team.

“We had a wish to bring some young talents to our squad today and we had to pay for that, but to be honest it was not an apology for a poor effort from our side today. Venkat and Hasan should have done a lot better, but you can’t win every time” said Bosnjak before he was asked about what his two star strikers should have done different. “They should have scored some goals. It is as easy as that. They both work hard though and alongside Kasper and Kenneth they did what they could today. It simply wasn’t enough to stand up to our opponents” said Bosnjak.

Odense number 10, Hasan Muhammed, was obviously not enjoyed by the big loss today, but he was happy by his own 10 star performance and the fact that new talent has been brought in. “We have a high average age on the team and we need to find the talents for the future, so we can continue to be a strong team. Anton and Jørgen did okay today. It was their first senior apperance. They are 18 and 17 years old and they have some attacking forces in their style of play that will come in hand some seasons from know. Jørgen has already shown his potential in the matches for the HTUM youth league championship. He was last seasons top scorer and I am sure that he will be top scorer of this team one day too”.