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Another Loss & New Challenge

Last season AC Resen wasn’t strong enough to take a victory against the white and blue from Odense. Today they were strong enough and won 2:0 at home against a young MS Odense with their normally dangerous strikers as wingers. “This is how season 54 will be for us most of the time” coach Bosnjak told the press after the game. The Golden League legend wasn’t sad though as the defeats is expected and he looks more long term than just this season. “We have nothing to do in league 5 this season, but give us a season or two and you will all witness the best MS Odense team ever in the late summer of 2014. You saw what we accomplished last season and soon we will be better and with more than a 5 years younger team average age than last season. We are on our way to get stronger but as a team we are very young and inexperienced right now. The club has accepted that and I have taken the challenge to make the best MS Odense squad ever” said Serif Bosnjak.

One might think that it doesn’t matter how the team preform but it isn’t like that if you ask the coach. “We still want to fight and when we lose we will die on the field doing it and then maybe once in a while we can get our moments once in a while in the next ½ year” he said and reviled that the lady luck might look at Odense sooner than later. “Wednesday we will kick off our GL5 campaign against our long time rivals and friend Raszkow Revival. I do not expect a win but we will try to give our guest a good fight on the field. We are not going into the Golden League to be a walk over. We will fight and we want to make it to the masters again, but we know most of the points will come late” said Mr Golden League.


A Golden Generation?

For many season MS Odense U18 has had a lack of talents. Normally there has been one or two at Odense Academy Center and that is why the blue and white stripes from Odense never has been a real championship contender in the HTUM U18 Championship. But that might change in 2014 because the scouts has been doing a great job lately and now the number of talents in Odense starts to raise. “We have only had Eskild Dahlberg, Ricky Magnusson and Keld Simonsen to lift the team through hard times, but now the talent mass is getting bigger and better” the longtime academy coach Mogens Lauridsen told Hattrick News today.

“Today we have signed a youth contract with Ben Nørregaard. It is a signing we have been searching for, even though we have signed some very talented guys lately. Kaj Bach turned 16 on Friday and he looks like he could become a good winger. Heino Lauersen is 15½ years old and might be a future defensive inner midfielder. Halfdan Kruhøffer will turn 16 at Christmas eve and he, just like Kaj Bach, looks like a very good winger talent with som talent to play as an inner midfielder too. But like I told yoy today we have signed a contract with Ben Nørregaard and he might be the biggest talent ever we have scouted and with his age in mind we hope to have found some gold for the future. A player whom can make great headlines about MS Odense once again” Lauridsen told Hattrick News.

People at Odense Academy Center is talking about a new golden generation in Odense is coming and that the talents is as good as Kasper Ørbæk and Kenneth Ebbensgaard was back in their youth years and all the way to the end of their careers only weeks ago. Ben Nørregaard is expected to make his debut later next week when his team plays Nippy Mints in the HTUM Youth Cup. With a win against the mints, Odense can take the 5th place in the cup after a surprising 4:3 away win in Scotland 3 weeks ago.


2 Giants Retire

They have played on MSO U18 together. They left the club and came back 3 seasons ago. They have both been on a great run with MSO.

Two leaders with big roots in the heart of Odense has played their last match – The captain and the natural born leader has gone into retirement and the experience from 275 matches in the blue and white shirt is gone. Kasper Ørbæk (103 games) team captain and MSO top scorer the last 3 seasons has played his last game and will soon become a part of the MSO board. Kasper entered the clubs hall of fame last night and was joined by his long time friend on the Odense midfield Kenneth Ebbensgaard. They played together on MSON U18 more than 15 seasons ago and they did the same the last 3 seasons of their career. Only this time it was in the main team and not the U18 squad. Both players are 32 years old and even though they where highly skilled. It was time to stop.

“Kenneth and Kasper was not only good high skilled players. They were also extremely expensive to have in the squad and this is the right time to cut on the expenses and only have our minds set on some new talent, without thinking about wages. Kasper and Kenneth will be missed though and the loss of them will mean a lot of defeats on a short term base, but MSO will return as a competitive team very soon” club owner Hojris told the press in attending at MS Park this morning. Hojris also said that Hasan Muhammed and Venkat Variar must now be the new leaders of Odense.