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A Golden Moment


Feel The Danish Dynamite

MSO – SCA3009 0:2

0 – 1 Marcos Drummond 43′
0 – 2 Miquel Massafont 46′

Attendance: 22438 at MS Park, Odense

For the first time this season Mission Superliga Odense had 3 Danes in the starting line-up and one more was on the bench. All four players has also had a past on Odense Academy Center and have never played for other clubs than this one. The 17 years old midfielder Ricky Magnusson made his debut against the top team of V.242 and that debut marked the return of a young homegrown duo on the Odense midfield. Magnusson / Simonsen is the new talk of town following duos like Ebbensgaard / Ørbæk and Bogh / Byskov. Yes the pressure on Magnusson and Simonsen is sky high as they follow some of the most legendary players to ever represent Mission Superliga Odense. The felling of the homegrown players heart, soul and work rate combined with the national feeling – That is Danish Dynamite and what most of the 22 thousand fans at MS Park felt this Sunday.

Even though there was no excitement about the outcome of the game the home team players and their fans came together and showed that football is much more than 3 points in the end. The presentation of the new number 6 – Ricky Magnusson – coach Bosnjak started with a midfield with Magnusson, Kardar and Simonsen on the centre positions and with Chichkin and Beraia on the wings. Hasan Muhammed was playing on top in a 4-5-1 formation with Cachia, Mynott, Lefebvre and Jícha in the defensive line in front of Glue Glove. Odense lost as expected but the fight shown by the home team players was magnificent and the new midfield and a well playing defence held the guest to a minimum of chances. After the game coach Bosnjak had seen his boys give away only 2 goals and 3 more chances to the best team in the division this season.

“I have to compliment all the players for their effort in this match” Bosnjak said after the match. “We were overpowered on every part of the field. We knew that from the start and I told them to go out there and enjoy the atmosphere and learn as much as possible. I hope they did cause then this match will be one we can use in the future” he added. The game leaves Odense with only one victory this season. That was the mad 7:3 win in the Golden League only days ago. Next up for the team is in the Fighting Cup tournament. The opponent is Porsaspor Tbilisi and it will be a short return home for MSO’s number 2 Giorgi Beraia as the match will be played in his home country Georgia. The game will ben played Monday 16:51 hattrick time. Wednesday MSO will host Brunei team Second Foundation in the Golden League. It will be the 3rd encounter between the two. Odense has won both previous games (2:0 and 6:0) – It is the first time the team will meet at MS Park.

“It will be a good challenge for us at this point in time” Heinz Therkelsen told the press at MS Park Sunday afternoon. “We have a young squad and Second Foundation is getting better all the time so we can’t take them lightly. We are a totally different team since our last meeting. Non of the players from the last meeting is in our club anymore. Only Glue Glove has played against them so we look forward to this match and hope we can take something positive with us when it is over”. The match will be played Wednesday 16:30 hattrick time.


Simonsen’s GL Debut

He is one of the best midfield talents the academy have trained in our 6 years of history. You might remember Per Byskov, Carsten Bogh, Kasper Ørbæk and Kenneth Ebbensgaard. Now you can add a new name to the list of good midfielders coming from Odense Academy Center – The name is Keld Simonsen. The 17 years old midfielder has been the team captain of MS Odense U18 for one season and he has been the center of the team from day one. Now he has deserved a professional contract and he is now the youngest man in the Odense squad. The young Dane is set to make his debut tomorrow when Odense takes on Raszkow Revival at the Raszków Arena in Poland.

“Simonsen is a good talent and we have decided to go on and bet on him to get a good career here” said MSO president Pierpaolo Scavo from tonight’s press conference at Raszkow Arena. The club president also told Hattrick News that coach Bosnjak has decided to give Ricky Magnusson a chance to prove himself too. The 17 years old defensive midfielder will debut next week, but for now it is all about Simonsen.

“He is a leader. Has the highest main skill ever for a player from our academy. It is only fair that we have high hopes for his future here. We are proud to give him his debut match tomorrow. Proud that it is a Golden League match and that it is against Raszkow. You can’t get a much better stage to start you career on when you play for us. We know he can handle the pressure and we know he want this very much”.

Coach Bosnjak is also happy about getting a new talented player in his squad. “Simonsen will not stun the world from day one, but I predict that he will soon be the talk of the town and he will be a major factor in our search for success 2 or 3 seasons from now. Only injures can change it. He has good skills. Has a fantastic personality and he can be both a future captain and coach. Club records might fall big time as he grow older” was the words from the coach on MS Odense new number 8.

The press also wanted to hear the coach about his expectations for the game. “Raszkow is making a lot of changes these days and it is impossible to predict a lineup and what to expect from them. They are the home team though and we come with a inexperienced squad. Also they won the game one week ago so clearly they are the favourite here at the arena tomorrow. We will concentrate on ourself and continue to make the team better and stronger. Results doesn’t matter right now. Training do and then the results will come to us when the we are ready to rock”.

The game will be played Wednesday at 18:05 hattrick time