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Gods Has Been Waiting For This One

For 8 seasons Mission Superliga Odense has played in the Golden League. They have played 94 Golden League games so far! Match number 95 will be against a team we haven’t played Golden League games against in five season. Next week it will once again be time to go up against Evil Incorporated. In the past both teams has been filled with big stars including some great U20 talent. Today it is two teams with much different squads. Both are filled with young talents now. Last time Evil Inc had players like ‘Tinkerbell’, ‘Superstar’ and Jarosław Chrobotny. Back then Odense could send players like ‘Psycho’, ‘EC10’ and ‘El Matador’ on the field. This time around it will be names like Arron McMullan, Mitch Koula and Ian Faulkner representing the Aussies. While it is likely for Odense to use players like Diaa Zaabalawy, Nestoras Rotoklis and Ricky Magnusson.

“Evil Incorporated has always been a very strong team, but in the past seasons they have chosen to work with the youngest talent possible just like us.” Coach Serif Bosnjak stated after the match was officially announced. The Bosnian phenom is looking forward to the match and believe that his team can take the win. “Yes if we play our best we will have a chance. We wont take them lightly though. History has shown us that Evil Incorporated has the advantage against us and we must take them serious or we might lose again”. The last match between the two is the only one so far and the Aussies won 7-2 at MS Park. “Theodor Laursen scored his only Golden league goal back then and Edi Celai was the second goal score for Odense. Both ‘Superstar’ and ‘Tinkerbell’ scored for Evil Inc. “This time it wont be a games with some of Golden Leagues biggest stars. This time it will be teams relaying on good team spirits. It will about players running those important extra meters fro their teammates. Those are the ones to make a difference this time” was the last words from Golden League legend and Odense coach Serif Bosnjak.


Odense Versus Bergamot

Toke Lundager (Studio Pic/left): “Hello everybody and welcome to the MSO TV live. My name is Toke Lundager and i will guide you through an interesting game. To help me here in the studio in Odense i have Mission Superliga Legend ‘The Natural Born Leader’ Kenneth Ebbensgaard to help me with the pre-show and to analyse this evenings two encounters. First we will go live to Italy where our colleges Kasper Ørbæk and Golden League Legend Alfred Burch will do the commentaries from Italy when Odense visit The Bad Bergamot Seeds”.

Alfred Burch (Stadium pic/right): “Thank you very much guys and to our viewers. Welcome to “Where the Wild Roses Grow” arena in Lombardia, Italy. Tonight’s encounter between The Bad Bergamot Seeds amd Mission Superliga Odense is the first between the two teams and it is a Golden League match. My name is Alfred Burch and i have the former Odense captain Kasper Ørbæk with me to analyse and comment on tonight’s match. Let’s take a look at the Odense lineup Kasper. What can you tell about”.

Kasper Ørbæk (Stadium pic/left): “The Odense squad is very inexperienced Alfred, but i tell you they have some good talents. Number 2, the former The Warriors of Sahura talent, Diaa Zaabalawy is still relative new in the squad. He is young and has some good defensive qualities, but he has also scored a lot of goals when he played in Egypt. Still we have to see him score a goal for Odense. Tonight there is comeback to number 13 The Doc – The Australian striker Doc Afaeaki. He has got a good start to his stay in Odense and he can make a lot of trouble for the home team defense tonight. I must also mention number 15 the striker Giovanbattista Luccarini who return to his native country tonight. He is out of shape like never seen before but Odense coach Serif Bosnjak has told me that he is a top striker and it is only a matter of time and a better form before he will be trouble for all coming Odense opponents”.

Toke Lundager (Studio Pic/left): “Thanks guys. We will return to you in the break. Now let me ask you Kenneth. You know Odense and every Golden League teams very well. What do you think about tonight’s game?”

Kenneth Ebbensgaard (Studio pic/right): Well at this time both teams are weak but they have very talented squads. They have different strategies and formations. In this match i see Odense as the aggressive and attacking team, while Bergamot Seeds will try to strike back with some dangerous counterattacks.It is difficult to predict if we will see a lot of goals or if it will be a close affair maybe with a penalty shootout. We have to wait and see. Kickoff is only minutes away Toke and i am ready to see some action”.

Starting XI BBS (5-3-2):
Gioda – Stancarone, Badocchi, Felici Ridolfi, Carbonaro, Mola – Simion, Dalbon, Cicuta – Boccassi, Ricca

Starting XI MSO (2-5-3):
Dahlberg – Rotoklis, Chrzan – Therkelsen, Józsa, Zaabalawy, Cottaz, Hedegaard – Luccarini, Magnusson, Afaeaki

Alfred Burch (Stadium pic/right): “A bit over 10 minutes played and not much is happening here in sunny Lombardia. The two lineups are as expected. Now we only need some chances. I have a report from Per-Usir in Egypt. A Golden League match is played there and The Warriors of Sahura lead by one over the Champions FC X-Team. Martin ‘Atheling’ Søndrål is their man behind the goal…. Oh no! The Bad Bergamot Seeds has scored. Enrico Mauro Felici Ridolfi passed Dahlberg in the 13th minute”.

Alfred Burch (Stadium pic/right): “Halftime in Per-Usir. The Warriors of Sahura lead 1-0 against FC X-Team. Here at “Where the Wild Roses Grow” it is 1-0 after 25 minutes and Odense still hasn’t created any big chances”.

Alfred Burch (Stadium pic/right): “Oh! in the 32th minute MSO almost made it 1-1. Giovanbattista Luccarini got a golden opportunity but he didn’t succeed because of a good save by Bergamot goalkeeper Giuseppe Gioda”… And the the home team strikes again. The Odense attack is follow by an counterattack and Procopio Ricca makes it 2:0 after 34 minutes. Coach Bosnjak and his team are on their way to get yet another defeat this season”.

Alfred Burch (Stadium pic/right): “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Odense. The young Dane Ricky Magnusson gets the ball passed Gioda. 2-1 after 37 minutes of play”.

Alfred Burch (Stadium pic/middle): “Halftime and we are now joined by Odense club president Pierpaolo Scavo. Mr Scavo your team is down by one at the break. Can you see your boys bounce back and take the win?”

Pierpaolo Scavo (Stadium pic/right): “We knew it would be a tough challenge for our young squad but i know our coach Serif Bosnjak has worked a lot with the mental part of the game these past few weeks. I think he is doing a good job and as you might have noticed. We have the ball possession and therefor we are still very much a part of this game and we can win it it if we work hard”.

Kasper Ørbæk (Stadium pic/left): “Pierpaolo. Who can turn the game into our favor in the second half? You know your team and what the Golden League can do to the players”.

Pierpaolo Scavo (Stadium pic/right): “Well we have many good players. I can see Ricky score once more tonight. Rotoklis is also playing very well tonight so i can be a match winner too. But then again all the players can and if they help Dahlberg so Bergamot wont score anymore. Then we have an excellent chance”.

Alfred Burch (Stadium pic/middle): “Thanks Mr Scavo. Lets get back to Odense to hear what Kenneth Ebbensgaard has to say about the first half”.

Kenneth Ebbensgaard (Studio pic/right):” Thanks Alfred. Well i am surprise about the both the games we follow tonight. Sahura are now up 2-0 and looks like a surprise winner against the defending champions and Odense is playing well tonight too. I can see to surprise wins coming this evening and it only show that the Golden League is unpredictable and everybody can beat everybody. Hopefully Odense will prove that in the second half”.

The Warriors Of Sahura – FC X-Team
1 – 0 Martin ‘Atheling’ Søndrål
2 – 0 Venkat ‘Warrior’ Variar

The Bad Bergamot Seeds – MS Odense
1 – 0 Enrico Mauro Felici Ridolfi
2 – 0 Procopio Ricca
2 – 1 Ricky Magnusson

The Artist of FC X-Team, Ştefan Neaga, has been injured and substituted in the 74th minute

Kasper Ørbæk (Stadium pic/left): “Goal! Bad Bergamot Seeds. Procopio Ricca scores his second of the night and the home team lead 3-1. The game at Per-Usir is finish. Full time result 2-0 to The Warriors Of Sahura. The former Odense striker Venkat ‘Warrior’ Variar scored a goal in his debut for the home team. Well done Venkat!”

Alfred Burch (Stadium pic/middle): “20 minutes left of the match and Odense is struggling to create chances. Maybe it is the heat that create trouble for the visitors. Odense talent Heinz Therkelsen among others are having a hard time on the field”.

Full time:

1 – 0 Enrico Mauro Felici Ridolfi 13′
2 – 0 Procopio Ricca 34′
2 – 1 Ricky Magnusson 37′
3 – 1 Procopio Ricca 61′

Toke Lundager (Studio Pic/left): “We are back in the studio. Odense lost the game 3-1. What do you think of the game Kenneth?”

Kenneth Ebbensgaard (Studio pic/right): “It would have been nice with a win for my old team tonight, but it should be today they turned it around. Odense only has a few wins this season and today we see why. An inexperienced squad and little luck. Then it is tough to get the wins needed. I think we are seeing some improvements in the team though and they are without Glue Glove, Simonsen and Kadar today. Those are the top players and there is a significant margin to the next talents from the top 3. But some did great today even though they lost. Doc played a good match. Ricky did too and then i also have to mention Rotoklis and Chrzan. They will be very interesting to follow in the next couple of seasons”.

Toke Lundager (Studio Pic/left): “Now we are going back live to Italy to get a comment from Odense goal scorer Ricky Magnusson. Ricky you look happy even though your team lost?”.

Ricky Magnusson (Stadium pic): “Well i scored a goal tonight and i am very happy happy to do so. Also i think we are getting better and better, so even though we lost i see no need to be in a bad move. We are a young team and we know we will lose once in a while”.

Toke Lundager (Studio Pic/left): “You only have 3 wins this season Ricky. 2 against Second Foundation and one against Raszków Revival. Don’t you want more?”

Ricky Magnusson (Stadium pic): “There are two teams on the field you know and we can’t decide who win by our self. We will get stronger every week though and Golden League 5 is a 3 season adventure sou don’t count us out yet. We still have our sights on Golden League Masters, but we know we need some look to get there. We will try and be both lucky and good though. Golden League hasn’t seen the best of us yet”.

Toke Lundager (Studio Pic/left): “Well thanks for talking to us Ricky and congrats on a good performance from you tonight. That’s it from us folks! Thanks for following the match. We are out of here…”.


The Only Way Is Up – Not!

“We have to go down to go up” was the words from Odense coach Serif Bosnjak after the 8th defeat in the league this season. Mission Superliga Odense lost 4:0 to number 6 Parly FC. They are now in top 4 and MSO is isolated in the bottom of the table with no chance of getting a qualifier. That is a fact! But an expected fact as part of club 16 – To lose , lose and lose for 16 weeks before a turn around. “My squad has a lot of potential, but at this time we have zero power and we must take the hits and bumps before we can try and get back on a winning streak sometime next season” Bosnjak told the press after the game. This season MS Odense has only 3 wins so far and the 3 victories is against golden league rivals Raszków Revival and twice against Second Foundation. “Such a season is no fun. We have to look further than the next two seasons though and that is what we do” the coach explain.

“Ricco ‘Glue Glove’ Pilgaard, Diaa Zaabalawy, Kevin Józsa, Fabrice Cottaz, Rizwan Kardar, Keld Simonsen and Luc Closener are some good talents and many of them are some of the best the club has ever had at that age. We just have to keep training them the best way and continue to develop their skills. Then we will be major factor in the leagues we are in once again. We also have players to trade and give us some money and strengthen our economy later on and finally we have a plan. A plan we knew would bring us many many defeats this season and then we can start turning things round again”. Bosnjak also reminded the journalist present that even though all the players are young; some of them has been in the clubs plans for a long time. 20 years old Ricco ‘Glue Glove’ Pilgaard is one of them. The young goalkeeper is the most experienced player on the team, even though is isn’t the oldest. Glue Glove will play his match number 79 as a senior player this coming week and he will then enter the top 10 of the players with most games played for MS Odense.

The Top 10 list will look like this

Name Games Played
Kenneth Ebbensgaard 172
Sam Mahmoud Abu-Aziz 139
Morten Skytte 128
Kim Kristensen 118
Kim Lamhauge 112
Kasper Ørbæk 103
Peter Ivarsson 93
Toke Lundager 84
Ambrosio Wiesenthal 81
Ricco Pilgaard 80