MSO won Odense derby

It has been weeks since our last activity on the blog. The reason has been a catastrophic start to the new season after a good first week. Inexpiable defeats and loss of points has been going on for a couple of weeks now. Therefor the sporting management and the players had decided not to accept any interviews before the clubs was brought back on track again. MS Odense had a record of 1 win, 2 dawn and 3 defeats in the last five games before today’s match. We expected at least two more wins so the disappointment in the faces of our employees has been significant since the start of week 2. We have been working with our players focus, physics, formations and strategies to turn things around before a game we consider to be the most difficult away game of the season. Our Mission Superliga derby against our long time sister club Revolution Kickers. Kickers stadium Rayno de Navarra is placed under 3 miles from MS Park and therefor our encounters is quite special.

Kickers and MSO has been supporting each other for almost 10 seasons an the board of MSO has followed Kickers closely trough the years. This weeks game was the first since global season 45 – Back then MSO got 3 wins. Much has changed since then though both clubs has had their ups and downs. This season the two teams fro Odense is some of the top teams of Denamrk’s VI.916. But maybe more important. This time we are more rivals than supporters. That is why MS Odense has had the focus on this particular away game. We want to be the best in Odense. We want to prove to our fans we are the best in Odense. We want to show Revolution Kickers who the best in Odense is. That team is MS Odense – That’s a fact!

26747 fans had found their way to Tornbjerg in the southeastern part of Odense to follow the derby of the season. They wanted to see the battle of the superstars. Constantin Buiciuc from Revolution Kickers and Scotland NT goalkeeper Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio from MS Odense. We don’t want to hold anything back so let it be known that Goldenboy got a clean sheet against Kickers. Michał Wrzodak had the chance to score an equaliser for Kickers in the 36th minute. But Wrzodak failed to challenged Goldenboy as the shot went well wide. Only minutes before that chance MS Odense went one up in front of an upset home crowed. A corner from MSO striker Eusébio da Rosa found the way to the head of Carlos Días de Arcaya. The Belgian winger didn’t not fail to hit the target and MS Odense took the lead. MSO defenders Eirik Johansen, Murat Kurman and the man with the assist to the first goal Eusébio da Rosa had chance to score more before halftime but they failed to do so. Eusébio da Rosa got a new chance to score after the break when he rush down the field in a counterattack after 49 minutes of play. This time the Portuguese 35 years old player showed that he is still quick and know how to score. MS Odense went up by 2 and from their they concentrated on locking down their opponents. They did and there was no more open chances in the game.

“We really needed this win after our dreadful lose to Asina FC and our horrible draw with Søndervig Beach Boys. We should have been on top of the table by now but we ain’t” Goldenboy told the journalists after the match. “With this win we are back in the game for the top spot and we are a contender for a promotion after the season” he added. Goldenboy himself has had a good season so far. He has represented Scotland NT twice and in the last two league games he as been awarded 10 stars ratings by the Hattrick Football Association. Hopefully Goldenboy will be back in Scotland’s lineup when they meets Ireland at Dombo Arena Friday evening. Next up for MS Odense ids the Golden League game against Rising Vikings from Sweden.