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The Beginning

Here they are. Seven of the golden ten – The ten young players to be the future of MS Odense. A Paolo Baggio transfer have made it possible for the club to take a few of the best young talents and combine them with seven foreign under 21. Two talented goalkeepers, five midfield talents and three young boys from Odense will be the new foundation of MSO. The boys to defend our honor in the Golden League as well as the domestic league and the national Cup.

“We welcome our new players to MS Park and hope that they will bring us many victories in the future. We are aware that they face some difficult challenges in Golden League 6 and in the Danish league next season. We are positive on the outcome when we look two to three seasons into the future” MSO President Pierpaolo Scavo told the press at MS Park Thursday evening. IT was a night were the President could announce that ‘Goldenboy’ Paolo Baggio had made a 7,8 million transfer deal and left Odense. “We wish Paolo the best in the future and hope he make Scotland NT soon. He is a great goalkeeper and without a doubt the most talented player we have ever had i our club. We wanted something new though and a few days from now the 30+ average age for the squad will be a under 20 average instead. It is a decision we have made because we want to get away from the lowest league level in Denmark. We wont take the easy way though. We will build a strong team. Work hard for seasons and we belive that MSO once again will win trophies and move up in the rankings in 2015. We have also taken action because we want an old dream to come true. For more than 10 seasons MS Odense has been a part of the Golden League. If has been fun. The opponents has been though. The wins has been delightful and the defeats has broken us down. We will not stay down though and have set our sights on a new big goal. We want to win Golden League 8. The final will be played in the infamous year 2016 – We want to go to the top. No we promise we will win season 8” Mr Scavo revealed before he presented the new players to the journalists present.

“Welcome to our two new goalkeepers Maxime Desclos (almost 19 years) and Kaoru Arai (19 years). They will join Anton Ernst in our first goalkeeper trio. Desclos and Arai are very talented and will be trained 100% in the coming seasons. Ernst stay with us and will be the 3rd keeper but also a regular in our Golden League 6 lineup. We haven’t looked much at specialties but we have looked for some leadership for the team. That will help us in cups and close encounters in the future. We have also looked for some players to represent different parts of the world and got some players from nations we have never have had represents from before. Phuc – Phạm Phúc Trường – is from Vietnam and is the one with the lowest level, but we are still positive about our fans welcoming him to MS Park and to the Golden League. Pires – Asdrúbal Lopes Pires – is 19½ years old and from Angola. We believe he has a good potential and we expect a lot from him in the future. 19 years old Chow – Chow Yifeng – is from Hong Kong. Again an exotic nation in our point of view but he is also the highest skilled player we have bought this time so naturally he will be a key player from day one. Italian Andrea Sanginario is also 19 and his force is that is is a good header. He is already a good midfield player too. That is a priceless combination and we believe we payed a fair price for such a good talent. Last but not least i would like to welcome Zamel – Hana Hadad Zamel – to our club. He comes from the small HT nation Palestine and he is like Chow a high skilled player we expect to lead the team from day one. Zamel was our first new transfer and he was because we have faith in him and his talent. Of the three homegrown talents. Two got their senior debut this week in the game against The Bad Bergamot Seeds. Christoffer Lyngsø is a 17 years old midfield talent with solid leadership. Naturally he wont rule the world from day one, but he is indeed a very interesting local talent. Knud-Erik Salin is a 17 years old unpredictable winger from our academy. He also played against The Bad Bergamot Seeds this week. The 3rd homegrown talent is the 10th and final talent in our new training program. Khamidi Sanda is still at our academy, but he will be ready to debut against The Flaming Wodkas FC next week. Khamidi is a technical forward, but we will know have to learn how to defend. That was the the presentation of the golden ten. Welcome to all of them and we hope they make us proud in the future” said Scavo.


Baggio in Club 100

It has been way to long since you have heard anything from Mission Superliga Odense but today is the day we are back on the blog again and it is with some celebration. The face of Odense, Goldenboy Paolo Baggio is the 7th players in our history to make 100 games for MS Odense. The Scottish Wall came to Odense from the hoss’ hatchet men in 2011. Then he went back to Scotland one year later and made his return to Odense in March 2014. Yesterday he played his match number 100 for us and got his 40th clean sheet for the club. We salute Goldenboy and all the other great players in Club 100

# Name Games
1 Kenneth ‘The Natural Born Leader’ Ebbensgaard 172
2 ‘The Special One’ Sam Mahmoud Abu-Aziz 139
3 Morten Skytte 128
4 Kim Kristensen 118
5 Kim Lamhauge 112
6 Kasper ‘The Captain’ Ørbæk 103
7 Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio 100