2nd day of Hattrick

Manager Hojris, MSO and FCT will celebrate 2nd day of Hattrick

“Alongside many teams, managers and players around the world MS Odense and Football Club Tranquebar will celebrate and support the greatest football manager game in the world on February 27th. One month later (31/3) MS Odense has been a part of Hattrick for 8 years and Hattrick ha been a big part of my life. In almost 8 years i have enjoyed the advice and friendship of many managers both from Denmark and from around the world. I have enjoyed being part of some great communities. Celebrated many victories and cursed many of the losses for my teams. I have seen and ruined a lot of talents and brought a few to stardom on U20’s, on Hattrick United and even more in my mind. It has been a blast so far and i wouldn’t be without this game. That is why you never hear me complain about supporter prices. I am entertained by this games, my teams, my players and my fellow manager colleagues around the world.

The community here is fantastic. Like other people i have my high and lows in the past 8 years and no mater what the managers of the precious federations i am a part of, has been for me. Following my hopes and dreams on going for gold and glory in both the Danish and India leagues. The same managers has supported my crazy ideas and celebrated with me when i succeeded (it has happened once or twice you know 😉 ). Many of you i have known for years… well known as manager and some of you have become good friends i care about and people i write to almost every day of the year – I love you all to death. But even though the community is special and great fun. I still enjoy the game like i did back in spring of 2008. I still get a little rush when new seasons kickoff and i still get a little angry when i don’t reach the aims i have set my sights on. So how can i not love a game that bring me so much.

Tjecken (i see he is still around), Johan and all the others HTs made a great game – It still is a great game, and that is why i am still here, and why i feel the need to write this and why it makes me happy that someone make these HT celebration days, and it is also why i will spend credits on February 27th and why i will renew my supporter on the same day. I would encourage all who read this, not only to join the credit event on February 27th, but encourage you all to renew your supporter on the same day – At least one month. Show some appreciation for the game. Yes today we the managers are the game, but without the game we wouldn’t have known each other and had so much fun together for all those years. Do it for yourself and for the game too. It is only a small price for what the game has brought to many of us. I will buy 6 months supporter (what i can afford at the moment) and keep on being a manager and support HT for years to come”.

All the best
Johnny Hojris