The Unpredictable Carlos Hindsberg

It is only a few weeks ago that Jack Møllebjerg was promoted form the academy to the main squad, and became a part of coach Bosnjaks training program. This week the home grown talent will joined by one of the greatest talents from the academy ever. May 5th Carlos Hindsberg will celebrate his 17th birthday and he will also become a member of the main squad.

“We have signed a contract with Carlos today. He is a very good talent. A talent we will like to see grow and help our club back to greatness. He is unpredictable as a player. He has some decent skills in both the defensive and attacking part of his game. He favorite position is wingback and we believe we can make him even stronger in that position. He will join our defensive training program, but it is a wish for both the club and Carlos, that his future is as a winger” coach Bosnjak said when the contract was signed at MS Park earlier today.

Carlos Hindsberg had not much to say about himself, but he is proud to have signed the contract. “I just wanna do my best and i have dreams. I will keep them for myself though. What i will say is that i am happy to have signed the contract and i am happy to follow the footsteps of club legends like Arsal, Çelaj, Baggio, Ørbæk, Ebbensgaard and Abu-Aziz. Player who has done great for this club. If i can be just half as good as them, my career will be successful”.

Hindsberg will play in this weeks Golden League match against Rabid Rabbits.